Woof! Bark! Arf! Bark! Bark! Bun Toons YAY!

00 bunny waving blue

The dogs are barking.  I think that means we’re due for an earthquake.

fenrir sings

Fenrir tends to like blues songs or Ringo Starr songs.  She’s absolutely devoted to “Octopus’ Garden” and “Yellow Submarine” and comes running to the piano as soon as she hears the opening notes.

The real trouble with this arrangement is that I have three cats who hang around the living room.

They’re not happy about this new dog thing, but none of them have even TRIED to take the instrumental solo verse when I play, so screw them.  The dog’s in the band.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Dogs and comic books go together like squirrels and nuts…which is to say one tries to eat the other….

But dogs are occasionally the comic book star.


This is a “Who’s Who in DC Comics” art entry from fairly early in my career.  Rex the Wonder Dog, originally drawn by Gil Kane, but drawn badly here by me.  Who doesn’t love wonder dogs?  Writer James Robinson bought this piece of original art from me because he too loves the wonder dogs.


This is some of the art from a series of Seinfeld/Superman ads for American Express that included Jerry’s dog cavorting with Krypto.  I got to do the artwork for the ads, but never got to meet Jerry’s dog even though Jerry’s dog got to meet Krypto.  There are no perks in cartooning like there are in sit-com stardom.


For last week’s Bun Toon, also animal based, click the bunny above

4 responses to “Woof! Bark! Arf! Bark! Bark! Bun Toons YAY!

  1. It is because of Bunny’Toons like this that my love of your grows like a puss filled pimple 4 hrs before your senior prom. Even a tough Bunny cannot withstand the onslaught of an adorable puppy takes the solo in your musical endeavours. I too, am a cat person, but having seen this, my respect for pre-dog puppies soars like an eagle who is not only late for a meeting, but has to pee really, really, bad. That eagle soars mightly more than your ordinary eagle…unless another eagle is late for his meeting and has the runs. That’s a whole new ball game….

  2. You call your dog Fenrir? LOL! I can’t remember my first Marvel. FF#58? Maybe earlier. I was 12 when FF#58 came out.

  3. Oh, previously I said it was JIM#89 was my first. Memory is going.

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