Bun Toons.

cat toons

mighty isis


Isis has shown up in the BUN TOON a few times over the years….here’s one of them from 2013.

moron isis-websize

Very tough week around my house.

Ty the Guy OUT.




Click the rabbit above for the last BUN TOON.

14 responses to “Bun Toons.

  1. Will Emero II

    Sorry for your loss. Condolences.

  2. Allan Hoffman

    I know what it’s like. My heartfelt sympathies.

  3. Sorry for your loss. Never easy…

  4. I’m very, very sorry for your loss. Eighteen is a magnificent age for a cat, but it’s never enough.

  5. Will Shetterly

    Very sorry. Stuart MacBride is right.

  6. Really sorry for your loss; you have my sympathies.

  7. Isis looks like a magnificent cat, and her loss will tear a real hole in your family for a while. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  8. Ty, we are very sorry for the loss of Isis. Please accept our condolences.

  9. Daniel Williamson

    Hope you can feel better soon Ty.

  10. Good innings, etcetera, but still… They’re family, aren’t they! 😦

  11. Sorry to hear of your loss. I heard Siamese cats can get neurotic and mean to other cats. But they mean well.

  12. I think you included her in a sketch you drew me. She was lucky to be so loved 🙂

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  14. Such a nice strip but my condolences

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