It feels like barely three years has gone by…

Hey folks.

Long time, no rabbit.

Been busy.

But I’ve had some spare time recently…because, well…..

So, I’m going to be having the fuzzy, floppy-eared, FUN kind of Cancer. I’ve decided.

I’m not looking for sympathy — my experience of chemo and radiation (so far) has been quite tolerable — and I’m fairly confident I’m coming out the other side of this, alive and hopping, later this year. But I wanted folks informed, so they don’t wonder why I got SUPER-lazy this year, and just stopped drawing Batman Adventures Continue (and why I missed a couple of deadlines late last year too!).

Special shout out to Andrew and Monica, who had to take up my slack when I just couldn’t draw for days at a time, and for Paul and Alan who wrote such wonderful scripts that I pulled myself out of bed and drew them anyway.

This ain’t the last of me playing in Gotham City, I promise….but for a while, I get to be a fan just like everybody else. I have to have SOMETHING to read while they hose down the linear accelerator.

Ty the Guy OUT! (for a brief while, then I’m back.)

If you missed any of these “Batman” comics I’m talking about, then Hoo-Boy-Howdy, are you in for a treat. There’s already a bunch of ’em I got done before the tumor fairy came and got me. Ask for ’em by name!

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  1. Well, you have my sympathy anyways. Best wishes, hang on, and we’ll see you at the outcome, whatever that might be.

    BTW, ‘disrectful’? Disrectal Freudian slip? How Maus is this going to get?

  2. Wow. It is both a pleasure and a horror to have you back again! Nothing but good thoughts coming from here. The Bunny has been missed. Really.

  3. My Money’s on the Bunny. Kick this thing’s ass, Old Chum …there are stories to be told. Just thank the Myriad and Sundry Gods you didn’t conract Ploits, for which there is still no known cure. Much love to you, Mrs. Bunny, and all the little and not-so-little Bunnys.

  4. Best of everything, Ty. My wife has been undergoing chemo for breast cancer for some time now, and we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I wouldn’t say it’s been fun (at all), but she’s getting better and stronger, and is now cancer-free. She’s on a regimen of oral chemo now (this is after the infusion chemo and radiation) to dramatically decrease the chances of a reoccurrence, and although it’s kicking her ass, we’re both just grateful that cancer is far from the death sentence it once was. I guess all of this is to say stay strong, and never lose your sense of humor. That’s what has gotten Judy through this thus far. Cancer deserves no respect, so you express yourself however you want. Best wishes and positive vibes to you and your family, and we’ll all look forward to seeing you back at the drawing board in no time.

  5. Thanks! Stay safe!

    On Mon, Jun 14, 2021 at 1:02 PM Ty Templeton’s ART LAND!! wrote:

    > Ty Templeton posted: ” It feels like barely three years has gone by… Hey > folks. Long time, no rabbit. Been busy. But I’ve had some spare time > recently…because, well….. So, I’m going to be having the fuzzy, > floppy-eared, FUN kind of” >

  6. Pascal Ponton

    Good luck! With all this time at hospital, It will give you some time to read all your Star Trek books.

  7. All my best for your treatment and recovery! Keep those bunny ears up, bright and strong.

  8. I wish you were posting for a better reason, Ty, but I’m also glad you are in the Canada healthcare system. It may have faults, but it still works. You have enough on your plate without worrying if you can AFFORD treatment.
    Sending good karma your way.

  9. Wishing you all the best Ty!!

  10. Happy to read your comics again, very sad to seè the reason. Yes, bunnies can talk about cancer. Best wishes for a total recovery! Jack Ruttan, Montreal.

    On Mon, Jun 14, 2021 at 1:02 PM Ty Templeton’s ART LAND!! wrote:

    > Ty Templeton posted: ” It feels like barely three years has gone by… Hey > folks. Long time, no rabbit. Been busy. But I’ve had some spare time > recently…because, well….. So, I’m going to be having the fuzzy, > floppy-eared, FUN kind of” >

  11. Rod MacDonald

    Glad you’re back Ty! I’m sending you all the positive energy I’ve accumulated over the decades to beat the shite out of your cancer. Medicinal advancements get better every day, and, I’m sure I needn’t remind you that our facilities, and treatment centres are the best in the world, but the best part is you’re a Canuck, and we don’t take shite from anyone, or anything, so, Fuck Cancer!, and know we’re ALL in your corner for you!

  12. I think the bunny is EXACTLY the way to talk about this. Get well soon. Sending warmth and hugs from California.

  13. Positive karma coming your way. Rita had colon cancer 34 years ago and she is still going strong. 15 years cancer free for Glenn. Stay strong.

    • I’m using you as a reference when it gets troubling. Knowing your family history with this particular disease, I have examples on how to, and where to kick things.

  14. Ty the Guy—
    So sorry to hear you’re having to go through this, but every confidence you’re going to be as kickass at it as you are at every damn thing else. (Which is to say, extraordinarily.)

    • So far, a few weeks into chemo, radiation and one micro-operation, I’m doing all right. I’m promised there’s some fairly harsh days down the road, but I was promised some harsher days in the early steps as well, so I may, in fact, but good at oncology patienting.

  15. Charles Bryan

    Ty, I hope that all goes well for you! And the Bun Toon was not disrespectful in the least. The Bunny’s dealt with some serious topics before. Much love to you and yours.

  16. Very sorry to hear about this Ty. I went through something similar thirty years ago and managed a good outcome. Very much hope for the same for you.

  17. Todd Serotiuk

    Wishing you all the best in your treatment. Back in the 80s, when I was an annoying dorky teenager, you were always very kind, friendly and hilarious when I planted myself in front of your table at conventions in Toronto. I certainly couldn’t have tolerated me for that long. I still have a Pogo sketch you drew for me (and inked with a brush!) on my wall here in Vancouver. Your kindness so long ago is not forgotten. Looking forward to seeing you back on Batman when you beat this!

  18. Hi Ty,
    I hope your recovery is as quick and painless as possible. Remember to let others help you and to ask for help when you want or need it. You’re surrounded by loved ones.

    The bunny and this comic was a fantastic way of explaining this. Thank you for doing this. I missed the bunny too.

  19. David Collins

    I have really missed Bun Toons! However, this is not the way I wanted it to come back. BUT….I personally think that this is your platform, and you should definitely use it help yourself get though this. I know I will be here, reading along, and cheering you for your recovery. You can do this!! Bunny is a fighter!

  20. Pace, Richard

    Wishing you an easy and speedy recovery

  21. I survived it 9 years ago. Radiation, chemo and temporary ileostomy bag.
    You’ll be just fine 😇

  22. Ty, all the best for you in this adventure from one of so many students you had; waiting to see you coming back at full speed!

  23. Michael Kraiger

    Best wishes and strength.

  24. Wishing you all the best for your treatment and recovery. Your work has brought me and countless others a lot of joy over the years.

  25. Clay Eichelberger

    Ty, I’ve been a fan of your work since BOOSTER GOLD. All my hopes and best wishes for you in your recovery. We’re all pulling for you out here!

  26. Speedy recovery, and when you beat it we’ll all join you for a hearty “eff cancer”.

  27. So nice to see Bunny Ty back, but wish it was under different circumstances. The very best of luck, Ty. xx

  28. Kick the Big C, Ty.

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  31. Nathan Alderman

    I’ve been a big fan of yours since your one-off stories for Secret Origins. I still crack up thinking about your Mad Dog stories. You’ve got this, sir. We’re rooting for you. Kick its malignant oncological ass.

  32. As a two time cancer survivor, F*CK CANCER. I am rooting for you.

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  34. I’m in your corner, Ty. You got this. Much love … 💜🤟🏼💜

  35. William M Noetling

    Hey Ty! Rooting for ya! I remember buying a page from Tailgunner Jo from you back in the day at SDCC. You asked me who to sign it to and I said “To Me” pointing at my badge, and you signed it literally ‘To Me Ty Templeton”. I just looked at it, fun stuff. STAY HEALTHY! You got this!

  36. I tried posting this reply earlier and it seems to have gotten lost. If it shows up twice, I’m sorry.

    In January of 2020, I was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer. I started radiation and chemotherapy the day after the pandemic was declared. The radiation shrunk my tumor so much that my surgeon had trouble finding it in June. They got all of the cancer with good margins. In September, I started post-op chemotherapy and finished it in December. This past January, I was given a clean bill of health.

    My surgeon told me that it would take a year of treatment and that it would be another year before I would really feel back to normal. I feel fine now but there are still a few small things working their way out.

    I made it and you can too. Take it a day at a time and try to enjoy life as much as you possibly can. I had some challenging days but generally, things weren’t too bad.

  37. Ty, sorry to hear about your bad news BUT glad your doctor is telling you that despite the fact that it’ll be a battle – that it’s a battle that could be won. Hoping and praying for you.

    And THANK GOD you’re in Canada (me too, in Montreal) and have access to socialized medicine unlike our brothers and sisters to the South. It’s hard enough without losing everything in the balance.

  38. Rooting for you to kick cancer’s ass! You’ve brought us comics fans so much joy over the years. Thank you for doing everything you’ve done and will continue to do in the future.

  39. This wasn’t weird. I think you got it exactly right enough for the needs of the moment.

    Good luck and better hunting to you and your medical team.

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  42. Wishing you a smooth and speedy recovery, Ty! Take all the time you need: the DCAU sandbox will always be there, ready for your triumphant return!

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