Has it only been another year and a half? Time flies when you’re desperately ill.

Obviously, there’s plenty more to say about this subject, but for right now, I’m focused on getting back to work again, after a year and a half. I’m incredibly lucky to have editors willing to let this cancer free bunny back into the comics after my lazy, lazy time off. Check out my pages in the newest Miracleman #0, and some upcoming work in Gotham City I probably can’t give more details about yet. It’s good to be back to healthy, and I mean it when I say GET TESTED and STAY ALIVE. I darn well nearly didn’t.

TY THE GUY (not yet) OUT!


  1. Good to have you back, Ty. Hope both of you continue getting back to full strength.

  2. Magnificent!!!!

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  3. Congratulations on your recovery and your wife’s. My wife went through Stage 2A breast cancer treatment recently as well, and I know first hand how difficult – and painful – that can be. So good to hear that you’re both healthy and cancer-free now. It’s great to hear from you again.

  4. What a relief hearing that you and Keiren have weathered this storm and are both in remission! … blue skies ahead, for sure!!! (and can’t wait to see more on that “one year of pooping into a plastic bag” in the BUN TOONS compendium extras!) … :/

  5. Reading this made me smile. Not only for being able to chuckle in the face of all you had to deal with, but knowing you’re still around to do so. Much love to you and your wife!

  6. Welcome back Ty!! Glad, and grateful to know you and the missus are healthy again!! Thanks for your message as it will undoubtedly save someone’s arse, if they pay attention!! Looking ahead to more exciting artwork, and BunToons!!
    Rod 😷👍🏻

  7. Wow, Ty, I have no words. What an ordeal for the two of you! You have my greatest respect. All I had this year was a kidney stone, and a catheter for one day. I thought I would go crazy. I am so thrilled to see your cartoon. Please stay healthy from here on! —Jeff


  8. Omigosh! Welcome back. Ty! Wishing the best to you and yours

  9. Extreme yay that you’re both well — but wow, what a journey. My best to you and your whole family!!!

  10. Sir so glad you are on the mend!!
    And yes, please get the word out. Unfortunately my mom waited to late, and I lost her way to soon. I have been getting tested regularly since I was 32, (50 now) and getting tested regularly has saved my life. EVERYONE, should get tested, you just never know. So thank you for putting this message out there, and I look forward to hopefully seeing you soon at a show!!!

  11. Congratulations. Nothing like a life scare to make one appreciate those around you and I’m speaking from experience.

  12. Nice!

  13. I am glad your health returned. Tom Boughan ________________________________

  14. Been hoping to see this post for a while. Welcome back and good luck for continuing improvement for both of you!

  15. Woo! Yahoo! Other general noises of joy! Who says you can’t find good news on the internet? ❤

  16. Thank you for the good news! I’m so happy for you both. It’s great to have you back.

  17. I am SO happy to read this update! Sorry it was as long and difficult as it was, but so pleased that you’re finally where you are!

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  20. Congrats, Ty! Now, get back to making more awesome comics!! 🙂

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  22. Glad you’re well, Ty. I re-read your lovely piece on Joe Simon and sent the link to my son! Thanks and take care, Jim Simon

  23. That must have been quite the ordeal, still I am happy you both are coming out of it. My best wishes for a great life for someone that turned mine better by bringing the joy of comic making into it ❤️

  24. Hi Ty,
    Back in 2020 (early on in your cancer journey), I told you about my experience with stage 3 colorectal cancer. I was hoping you’d make it and I often wondered how you were doing. I’m so happy to hear that you’re well and getting on with your life (sort of). Life is never really the same after something like this.

    I’m still healthy. If all continues to go well, I will be officially considered cured in another 3 years. I don’t know if I truly believe that you ever fully put it behind you but …

    Keep moving forward.


  25. Congratulation to you and your wife. Just got my colonoscopy and advise everyone else to. Screening starts at age 45 for most people, earlier if you have risk factors.

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