All About Ty

About a brief bio of Ty Templeton

Appearances a list of upcoming appearances; conventions, signings, etc.

Art Pricing and Info just what it says…

Ask a Question just use the comments section for this page to leave a question

Credits for Ty’s various creative endeavours

Internet Entries Ty on the ‘net…blurbs, interviews, etc.

Recent work recently published or released work.

Requests for Interviews

Requests for Work

Videos Ty on the ‘net in video form…interviews, teaching, etc.  Still haven’t found footage of him from Police Academy IV or The Campbells.  Or his old McDonald’s commercials…

Workshops a list of upcoming or ongoing workshops Ty is teaching.

4 responses to “All About Ty

  1. Hi. I never herd of you or your father until today, thanks to the promotional about the movie. You don’t need to apologize to humanity. And you definitely can’t apologize for anyone else, including your father. All are accountable for themselves. But you know that already.

  2. oops… sp: heard

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