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  1. Hi, I have just purchased this great piece of original art and was wondering if you are the artist?
    If so, can you give any history with regards to it?

    Thanks, Darrel

  2. Nope, not me. My style is closer to the sort of art you’d get out of Dave Gibbons, or Curt Swan…a kind of realistic/silver age style. This piece is very cartoony, or what’s often called “bigfoot” art. I notice that the art references the film “Comic Book Confidential” which I worked on…and the signature is somewhat similar! I’d hate to think this was passed off as my work, but it is, as you said, a nice drawing. If you like it, you’re happy with getting it! Good all around.
    If you hop around this site, you’ll see what I do…and it’s not that similar. In fact, just glance at the top of this page. The header up there is from a bunch of my covers over the years.

  3. Hey man,

    Huge fan of your work in general, but especially of Batman Adventures Vol. 2. Will we ever find out what you were going to do? I’d kill to know who the Red Hood was…

    • Thanks!
      I have consistently said that the reveal for THE RED HOOD storyline is Dan Slott’s to reveal. Though we were writing the series together, that element of the story was Dan’s, and it’s up to him to give away the ending. Though…there’s no possible way to ever finish that story, it’s still Dan’s to reveal, sorry. (Dan is on twitter, and facebook, so he’s easy to get in touch with…)

  4. You’re the man Ty, just bought Stig’s today, still working on it, but I love it, man.

    • Aw, thanks. If you bought the graphic novel (the one with the blue cover, including Stig being shown his pants….not drawn by me) then you’re missing some of the issues and stories. If you bought the original seven issues, then you’re doing fine by Stig. The graphic novel version (not authorized by me, in fact an illegal, pirate publication) is missing many of the stories….but YAY! You can read them online…simply by clicking the STIG’S INFERNO button at the top of my blog, and following the link. It takes you to the online archive of Stig’s Inferno, where most of the stories are available for FREE!

  5. Oh wow, how does something like that happen; the pirated graphic novel, I mean? No, I have all the issues, now, and have read them. I’m such a fan of all of your work, but this is especially good, sir. I tried squeezing the answers out of Mr. Slott but he didn’t budge, and apparently he won’t. I’ve heard rumors that there’s going to be a BTAS-related project coming out if all this Batman Beyond stuff is a success, but I doubt Mr. Amazing Spider-Man Himself would be able to afford the time (or the contract he has with Marvel) to tie it up. I think you guys did an amazing job on all of it even if I’ll never know how the story ends. I thought the closure a lot of the big named guys received, or were slated to receive just turned out really awesome and faithful to the show. I that it was so awesome how you explained Catwoman’s change in appearance in Gotham Adventures: classic Selina. It seemed better written to her character than what a lot of the guys on the show were able to do after her first couple of appearances. You also gave a really amazing explanation as to why Poison Ivy was altered in the revamp and her subsequent Justice League/Gotham Girls appearances. Alec Holland… awesome! Did you guys ever have anything like this in mind for the Penguin or the Scarecrow?

  6. So how would an ex-girlfriend get Ty Templeton to add her as a friend? Happy Sad Anniversary. You had the day off; I tear-stained my English test. Heady days. Here I am, a techno-tard, but thankful for facebook for helping me remember what I drank so hard to forget. Hope you and your brood are well.

    • Wait, I’m confused. You’re thankful to facebook for helping bring back awful memories? You’ve insulted all those alcoholic beverages who went to work for you killing brain cells, and this is the thanks you give? As to how to add me as a friend (I assume on facebook)? Ya simply ask…but as of right now, Thursday….my computer is out, and I’m more or less offline for a few days….the ‘puter was fried by a recent power outage, and I only have access to my wife’s hard drive (no, that’s not me talking dirty…). By the start of next week, I should be alive and digital again.

  7. Hello Mr. Templeton. I am a young man who is trying to break into comic books and was hopping too ask you for some advise on how to find an artist, get noticed, etc. I didn’t see you at the toronto comic-con last week, hope you feel better. please if you can, I could use some advise.
    Thank you,

    • From the sounds of your post, you’re primarily a writer…? The best advice for that is that you MUST hook up with an artist and start creating actual comics. There’s no editor (or fan, for that matter) who is likely to read an unproduced script. But a finished comic story is something else entirely. Self publishing a mini-comic and putting it online and putting it out at a convention table are the first two steps after finding an artist. As for finding one…deviant art is like a buffet for young artists, and you can probably get in touch with the artist you need there. If not there, there’s a number of local Toronto places you can look for an artist, not the least of which is the “TORONTO CARTOONISTS WORKSHOP”, an organization I teach at. The various writers and artists who study there are always hooking up and creating projects outside the Workshop. I hope that helps…
      PS: Yes, I wasn’t feeling well on Friday, but attended on Saturday and Sunday…it was a minor flu or something.

  8. Thank you for the advise Mr Templeton.


  9. Hello MR. Templeton. I wanted some advice on how you come up with and pen a great script.


    • YIKES! That’s not a question that can be answered quickly. I teach a writing course that’s 21 hours worth of lectures and workshop time and THAT’S not enough to really teach it. There’s no way to sum it up in a sentence or two, sorry. The best answer is, “Don’t guess…know what you’re doing when constructing a plot. Know the five act structure, the character arcs, the runners, the themes, the message and the point, before you start writing anything”.

  10. I have taken your adice into account Mr Templeton, thank you.

  11. Hello again Mr templeton:
    I have taken your advice and have some idea’s but i do not no where to start for my first comic script. could you tell how you wrote you first script? I could use an example.
    Thank you.

    P.s Iread Amazing spider-man #657 and i was wondering witch pages were done by you spesificaly. I’m still becoming famililar with the different art styles in north american comic books. thank you

    • Well, my first script was written back in the dinosaur age…the 1980s, and I wouldn’t advise anyone to follow the formula I used back then. Nowadays I create what are called “story-maps” before I script stuff…it’s a process that involves dividing the 22 page story into 22 ideas, and working out the order they come in, before I start dialoging or breaking down the pages. It saves a lot of time, and makes writing a fun, rather than frustrating experience.
      As to my pages in this month’s Spider-Man. It’s the camping sequence that’s mine. From the Kirby monster on page 3, to the poo-covered Thing on page 10…

  12. Thanks for the insight Mr. Templeton.

    p.s. page 3 to 10 of # 657 was you? Nice artwork. that was a poo monster

  13. Hi, Mr. Templeton.

    How are you? I was wondering if you have ever thought of doing a buntoon about 2012 with a little H.P Lovecraft in the mix. tell me your thoughts.


    • Do you mean the idea that the Aztec calendar runs out in 2012, or Obama’s up for reelection, or just the year in general? I’ll probably do something on it as the year approaches, but even then, the calendar thing doesn’t run out until December of that year, which is still 18 months away. And I’m baffled as to what Lovercraft of C’thulu brings to the conversation. (Unless Lovecraft also named 2012 as an apocalyptic date of some sort). I tend to think up my Bun Toons the morning that they get put out. As part of my rules to keep them fresh, I’m not allowed to start working on a Bun Toon unless it’s the Saturday they’re due. Sometimes I start them at Midnight from the night before, so I have more time, but more often then not, they’re drawn in the morning when I wake up. (That’s why they go up at 3 in the afternoon some days…I sleep in from time to time!)
      Ty the Guy

  14. hi, Mr templeton.

    I have three things to say.
    1: Thank you for telling me how you come up with BunToons.
    2: Yes, I refering to the aztec calender theory.
    3: What Lovecraft brings to the conversation is the fact that he was always writing about ancient monsters awakening from some kind of slumber: alien creatures coming back to/ coming to earth to do some ungodly things to humanity or some amoral pyseudo super-natural deity, at center of all chaos, who is obsessed with humanity’s end. I just that it whould be sort of funny if the Aztec’s predicted the rise of C’thulu. I do not believe that, but it would make an interesting short.

    Even if you think it would be an od paring, please tell me if what I just said explains how I got the idea.
    Tank you for your time.

    P.S . I am an amatuer Lovecraft fan and thought it would be interesting
    P.SS Tell if you think it would make an interesting novel or comic book

  15. Mr. Templeton,
    I would like to Thank you so much for listening and answering our questions.
    I really enjoyed your kid friendly comics about Batman, Justice League, Spider-man and everything in between. Including the online and Bun Toons. Wonderful art and I’m sure you are an Amazing person to work with! I’m an aspiring artist and I relly would like to do animation and comic book are since the 2 are closely related the each other.
    Would love to hear your advise when you have time.
    Also I saw this on E-bay:

    Even if you have been to Chicago, I don’t think the fan you sketched Harley for has any tact to be selling the sketch on E-bay. If he does not like it he should contact you and return your art back or work something out. I just want you to be aware of this going on.

    Despite this…Please consider visiting Chicago in the future we have a cool comic shop in the city with the art gallery here is the link: and 2 comic and entertainment related shows a year!
    Thank you for your time and advice.
    Good luck on future projects.

    • I see my free sketches on ebay from time to time, but I’m less annoyed by it than I used to be. Nowadays, I do a free sketch quite quickly (as is clear from the quality of this drawing!), and don’t put the time into them that I used to…they’re more or less a sustained autograph, rather than a sketch. I used to take about twenty minutes to a half hour to do sketches, and was REALLY pissed when people put them on sale, so nowadays I tend to sketch them in about two minutes or so, unless it’s a young kid, or a fan I’ve met before, and they get a more sustained image. I can’t imagine anyone would ebay bid on one of this super-quickies, especially if you live anywhere near Toronto, where they’re as common as dirt.
      As to advice, the best advice I can give you is that you have to work on your skills until you are indispensable…our biz is shrinking at an alarming level recently and less and less creators are able to break in, so the competition is MUCH higher than it used to be for fewer gigs. We’re at a place now where there’s little room to break in unless you’re the next superstar! Animation is a little easier to find work, though and if you’re primarily interested in a full time career, I’d likely head in that direction. A gloom and doom prediction, I know, but that’s the reality.

  16. Hi, Mr Templeton.

    i wanted to know if you will be at the fanexpo saturday.

  17. Hi Mr. templeton.
    meeting you in person was great.
    hope to work with you some day.

    pikaninja2, samurai, cowboy ninja

  18. Hello Ty! I have a batman cover to cover HC book and wanted to know if you are doing any cons this year (2012) or can I mail you the book and get you to sign the pages on which your art appears?

  19. alexanderstevenson

    Mr. Templeton,

    I’m curious as what ever happened to “Northern Guard”…?
    Moonstone Book only has two issues listed for purpose on their website but the description makes it sound like it was an ongoing title.
    If you could let me know the state of the series I’d be much obliged; I’m a huge Johnny Canuck fan. 🙂


    • Moonstone Books only published two issues; it was originally written as a three issue mini-series. Can’t discuss it at the moment–but keep your fingers crossed and I’m hoping we’ll be able to announce something about this in a month or two.

  20. alexanderstevenson

    * whatever not what ever
    * purchase not purpose.
    Can’t type worth a crap today.

  21. Hello Mr. Templeton
    It’s pikaninja2. You remember the samurai cowboy ninja from fanexpo 2011.
    i want you to know that the advice you gave me has had an interesting affect. It gave me the final push I needed to stop holding my slef back and take the next in my writing and crafting my first novel. I have been working on it since August and I am very proud of it So far. It is the Biggest prgect I have ever worked on, so far. i hope to one day(soon hopefully) to put the writing skills I am learning right now to making Eisner award winning work. I have spent many nights dreaming about what to write next. I have Also bstarted to push myself with other in my dasiley life other than just writitng
    thank you for advice Mr templeton. It has really helped.

    P.S. What was writing your first story like?

  22. Were you the artist on Impact’s The Fly? I can’t remember if you were and I’m too lazy to dig through all my stuff. If you were, I thought your artwork was fantastic. Really loved it. So much so that I remember it after all these years……but I can’t quite remember the artist’s name.

  23. Hi Dan,
    Are we going to see anymore Northern Guard?

  24. Sorry stupid autocorrect inserted Dan instead of Ty for some reason?

  25. Hey Ty, I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time and was sorry to hear about your recent heart attack. Your “Everything You Need to Know About Daredevil in Four Panels” was funny, informative, and terrifying all at the same time. It’s good to see your sense of humor s still intact. Hang I. There and I look forward to seeing you back at the drawing board real soon!

  26. Hi. My name is Carl Jackson. I know you don’t really do commissions anymore but I was really hoping that in a special case you could maybe make an exception. I want to propose to my girlfriend at the Tulsa Comic-con this October. Wrote are both big geeks and fans of batman. We love your work (batman adventures) because it reminds us of the animated series which is are favorite. So it doesn’t have to be anything large but I was really hoping to commission a piece from you to use to propose. We have always compared ourselves to the joker and harley so I was wanting to find someone to draw joker proposing to harley. Only the letter box would say “would you marry me Tiffany” (my girlfriend ). The rest would be up to your creative talents. If this isn’t possible I understand and will continue to look for someone because I kind of have my heart set on this plan, but I think it would look best from you. Thank you for your time and either way looking forward to seeing you at the con.

    • what sort of budget are you talking about? Something like a cover recreation is five hundred dollars, but a small sketch I can do for a hundred bucks (plus whatever it costs to send it…)_

      • Well just a small sketch would be wonderful but I was really hoping to pick it up at Comic-con. I kind of want to surprise her. Well just walk up to your booth and tell you how much we like your work, get a few things signed. Buy a few sketches, then I’ll ask if you have anything really special. That’s when you pull it out. While she’s looking at it and realizing what’s happening I’ll be pulling out the ring and getting on one nee. But the way I can’t tell you how much this means to me that you would do this. It’s going to be a templeton piece commemorating our engagement. This is awesome.

  27. Hi I’m going to be at the Dallas con in Oct I was wanting to get a sketch on a blank batman 66 cover that I have who do I email and how much is it to get something like batman and Robin climbing up the wall with joker in the window cover I liked that one.

  28. Hey Ty, Any chance you have any original covers left for Batman & Robin Adventures. Love your work! Huge fan!!!!

  29. Thanks Ty. Guess I am stuck with the dealers, just hate buying from them.

  30. Do you know where I can find your Reno CC exclusive cover for Superior Iron Man #1? I think you did a fantastic job on this cover and would love a copy for my collection if possible. Thanks!

  31. Hi Ty, how do you feel about how Harley Quinn has changed in the past few years? You were one of her original writers along with Paul Dini right? Im glad they’ve given the character more independence (though I wish they did more with her when they added her to the mainstream comics with The Joker. More like what we saw in Return of the Joker,) How you do feel about how she’s changed over the year’s?

    • Naturally, I prefer the version from the 90s, not just because it’s the one I worked on, but because I think the character was legitimately FUNNY back in that incarnation. There are varying degrees of success in the different iterations over the years…it’s hard not to like Margot Robbie in the part in the recent movie, though I’m not sure the movie was much good, she was good in it. ALSO: The Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner version is pretty good….but give me Dini and Timm (or Burchett, or Murakami) any day!

  32. Hello sir you are going to be at FanExpo Regina in May, I was hoping I could pre request a carnage commission.

  33. Hello Ty, I just found out you are scheduled to appear at the 2018 Calgary Comic Expo. Are you taking any pre con commissions this year? I had you do a 66 Batman before your last visit, and was hoping for a new one this year. Thinking about the DC Amalgam Dark Claw. Do you have any Blank sketch cover comics we could do it on? Also what are your prices this year. Also hoping to pick up another piece of production art from your work on Batman ‘66. Looking forward to sering you in Calgary again. -Blair Markle-

  34. Are you doing a commission list for SFCC 2018?

  35. Hello,

    Does Ty have a list of original art pages he has for sale?

  36. Is there anyway I can get on your sketch list in advance of Baltimore. I have a sketch book that I get sketches based on Todd Dezago and Mike Wieringo ‘s Tellos And would love to have you in it

  37. Hello,
    Does Ty still have any of his Who’s Who artwork available?

  38. Mr. Templeton, I was curious if your cover to Spider-Man Unlimited 1/2 issue was available?

    Regardless, I genuinely hope you and your family are doing well.

    Thank you for your time


  39. So im curious what you charge for a 9×12 color commision i would love something for my wall and rather buy it directly from you then some reseller on ebay! Thanks steve (ps live near boston no u usually go to that con when there around)

  40. From Heroes of the North I purchased a digital and paper copy of the Canadian Shield a few years ago. Recently my hard drive crashed and I lost my digital copy. Is there any way I can order a digital copy from you? Tank you for any information.

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