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Deadline Doom Bun Toons! BOO! @#(*&!

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‘Tis the season to placate editors.

The deadline is not just looming, it’s zooming past, and I don’t have five spare minutes to sleep or eat without drawing, so I certainly can’t draw something else….The Bun Toon must re-run this week…I’m out of choices.

Here’s two of LAST YEAR’S holiday themed Bun Toons to satisfy your ravenous appetite for rabbit based cartoon stories.

See you next week, when HOPEFULLY I’m a little caught up.

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In theory, that Bun Toon above works just as well with Mueller as with Santa.

And now, this:

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Merry non-denominational holiday season to you and yours.

Ty the Guy OUT!


To find the answers to these important animal questions, click the link above to last week’s BUN TOON


It’s Jolly Jingle Day!


See you next week!

Ty the Ho Ho Guy

Joyous Nog Day!

2015 xmas message


And a Merry Blue Year! YAY!

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See you guys for the Bun Toon Countdown next week!

Happy happy.

Ty, the Guy.

Happy X-Mas, internet!

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Have a good day opening stockings and eating goose.  I’ll see you guys in a couple of days with our annual BUN TOONS COUNTDOWN!

Ty the Guy.  FESTIVE OUT!

Holiday Bun Toons! YAY!

If there's anything that you want...if there's anything I can do...just call on me, and I'll send it along...

If there’s anything that you want…if there’s anything I can do…just call on me, and I’ll send it along…

I didn’t want to be the one to break this story, but there’s been a lot of controversy lately, and only the actual truth will put the rumours to rest.

north pole babylon websizeI’m sorry if there were any kids reading this.  But we all have to grow up and face the real world some time.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Now, today’s amusing ponderable…

linus with blanket

What was Schultz trying to tell us?  Sparky might have been more subtle than we know…


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For previous Christmas Bun Toons, Santa Lists, and Cover Galleries, click the merry moose above

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time.

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Don’t forget to join us back here in a couple of days, after the merry making has run its course, for a TOP FIVE BUN TOONS countdown.  This year, including THE MOST POPULAR BUN TOON OF ALL TIME!!

Ty the Jingle Guy OUT!

Here now:  Your BONUS KRIS KRINGLY MOMENTS from Art Lands Past:

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