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BOO Toons! YAY!

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Y’know- without the bunny ears, cartoon ghosts look a bit like sperm.

I’m a world traveller, and as a result, I’ve learned things NO ONE else knows.

Swedish Halloween

It must be true.  It’s on the internet.

Ty the Guy OUT!

The BONUS Bun Toons for today include a couple of my favourite Halloween Memories:


That story is absolutely true.  This was a long time ago, before Gal Godot was a household word and movies had yet to discover Stan Lee.  Yes, there WAS such a time.


As you can see, my family opts for traditional Swedish costumes during the holiday.



The golden age of everything is twelve.  This comic came out around the time I was twelve, so it’s probably my fave Halloween cover.


This one came out when I was in my late forties.

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For last week’s philosophical Bun Toon, click the image above.


Like a Zombie Jesus on All Saint's Day, I return from the dead.

Like a Zombie Jesus on All Saint’s Day, I return from the dead.

Sorry to be away from the Bun Tooning these last few weeks.  Killer deadlines for Batman vs. Green Hornet pierced my cartooning heart and laid me to rest, and then, JUST as I was getting some time off, I was re-attacked by Steve Gerber’s KIDNEY LADY and cursed with excruciating stones.

But I am back, gentle Bunny people.  Today, as we all recover from last night’s dark reverie, I share a story of the parts of Halloween that we carry with us long after the holiday has past…


halloween leftovers small



The ears never fully grew back, by the way.  My cartoon bunny is a lie.


Ty the Guy OUT!

Just in case you need to see it…

my satan head

The only photo of me from that day.  We settled on lipstick instead of wax for the numbers.  The paint is starting to come off from around my nose because it’s later in the evening, and I assume it was something to do with cocaine or the sniffles.

This is what I had looked like the day before…

long hair ty

So it was a bit of a transformation.


For those of you in the Toronto area, come on down to the COMICS LOUNGE at College and Clinton.  I’ll be there all day Saturday raising money for DRAWING FOR DEB.  Deb was a friend of ours who passed away this year from complications of epilepsy and myself and Fantastic Four superstar Leonard Kirk will be there.   Click on the link to see what the fuss is about.

debra jane shelly

And my wife (the room mate of the actress) is hosting a 12 hour COMIC BOOK MARATHON at the same location, in the BACK SPACE!  Come on down, and help raise money for epilepsy research, pass out drawing comics for twelve hours in a row, or recover from your sugar high amongst cartoonists!  Either way, it’s something to do that’s not in your house.

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For the Bun Toon Archive, click here.


One Fine Set of Bun Toons! YAY!

If only I had more fine days in the week!

If only I had more fine days in the week!

There’s no escaping it.  The dreaded DEADLINE DOOM is still with us (though it will be over in a matter of days).  That means I STILL cannot spare even eight minutes this weekend, without making it impossible to make my Monday deadlines.

Since it’s such a fine day, I thought today I would re-run all my Bun Toons that start with the phrase, “One Fine Day….”.  I did a lot of those in the early years of the Bun Toon, firstly because it was an homage to Don Martin, but mostly because it meant I didn’t have to have continuing characters, or a point of view, or my own comedic voice.

These are a few of my favorites of the “ONE FINE DAY…” Bun Toons.


Is there anything as timeless as an Adam Lambert reference?

bus stop

My kids have pointed out to me how very odd it would be to have a young person reading a book.  It should have been a Kindle.  Live and learn.


It’s funny because cancer.

I shall be back next week with an ALL-NEW BUN TOON, I promise.  Unless there’s some sort of natural disaster or the Earth opens up.

Ty the Guy OUT!

AND as your Bonus ONE FINE DAY…I even have one about Halloween, which is coming up, so it SEEMS timely.


This last one is actually true, by the way….so it’s also an HONEST TO GOD TRUE LIFE ADVENTURE….another series within Bun Toons, I shall save for some future deadline doom.


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For last week’s “Best of the Bun Toons” deadline re-runs, click here.

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For the Bun Toon archive, a sort of Best and Worst and Everything in between…click here.



Happy Halloween!

Halloween Bun Toon from this weekend (if you missed it)


Here’s one from a couple of years ago!

halloween true life websize


But wait!  There’s MORE!

Click on the Bat-Pumpkin to see more Boo-tiful Boo Tunes from year's past!

Click on the Bat-Pumpkin to see more Boo-tiful Boo Tunes from Spooky Year’s past!  Including a RARE live appearance from the Ty Bunny!










Hallowe’en 2012

Kellam wanted to try something different and sculpted this skull.

Halloween has come and gone, and though the spirit of Sandy dampened a few trick or treaters, we still make the holiday merry around here or people answer to me.

We begin with the youngest…Katherine.

Katherine had planned her costume for months, including having her hair cut short and dyed blonde. She did a gender-swap cosplay and went to school, and trick-or-treating, as everyone’s favorite yester-cartoon “Callie and Hobbes.” I thought hers would be an easy costume for people to “get” but she reported that the boys at school all knew instantly who she was, but the girls were mystified.  Is Calvin no longer a thing?  Do we want to even live in that world?

Taylor considered repeating his popular Rorshach from last year, but eventually settled on Leon, from Resident Evil. My daughter-in-law Jessica has featured on my blog many times for her incredible decorated cakes, but she also makes the most amazing costumes. Over the years she’s made Jimmy Olson and Rexplode for Kellam to wear, and Taylor was thrilled to discover that his old Leon costume fit him perfectly.

Sean tends to be more of a last-minute costume guy. He used to be all about Spider-Man or knights so we would buy or make his costume, but these days, he puts bits and pieces together mere hours before he goes out. This year, inspired by his newfound Doctor Who fandom he decided on The Fourth Doctor. An oversized Dollar Store cowboy hat, a multicoloured scarf his mother had knit many many many years ago for Kellam, an argyle sweater of Dad’s and a new tie put together with Dad’s winter coat, and Sean was happy. (He had a white collared shirt but decided, in the pouring rain, no one was going to be looking that closely at his costume.) He and Keiren did drive around to a few stores trying to find something to approximate a sonic screwdriver but he eventually decided he didn’t need it, as he needed the extra hand free to both fight time-criminals and eat candy.

 I’m assured this is a costume.  Kellam was dressed as a character from Assassin’s Creed, having just come from The Comic Book Lounge’s Hallowe’en event.  I’m also assured he killed no one, but he’s also duty bound not to tell me if he HAD killed someone, so I’m skeptical.

The grown-ups stayed home with a distant cousin who had gone to Catholic school his whole life, and made him watch Rocky Horror Picture Show.  He’s been seen shopping for garters and mascara today, so it might have had an effect on the lad.

Pictured: Something you don’t see much in Catholic School…but don’t get me started.

Happy Spook Day Everybody!

Ty the Guy OUT!!

Here now, your BONUS Holloween Comic Book Moments:

In case that didn’t seem cruel enough for you…

…then I present the Budwiser Star Trek Float.

…and this medieval monstrosity.

This wins.

Halloween Photos.

I mentioned on the Bun Toons last week that my ten year old daughter, Kate,  was working on her Wonder Woman costume, and she insisted it had to have the Golden Age look to it, with the long pants and the golden eagle, etc.

There we go.

The pants are a teensy bit longer than the originals, mostly to combat a Canadian Halloween, and we decided on nothing off the shoulder for a ten year old in the cold, but the costume scored big with out daughter.  Her mother Keiren did most of the work on this wonderful custom job, I just drew in part of the bird.

But the costume wasn’t the HALF the fun for our Golden Age Wonder Woman…

It was the honour guard that accompanied her.

Steve Trevor,  Steve Rogers, and a gumshoe up to no good in a city that’s got friends in all the wrong places.

Those are her brothers Sean (as the flyboy that looks suspiciously like MacArthur), Taylor (as the two bit cop with a chip on his badge) and their friend Josh (as the proud infantry man ready to mix it up).

The whole 1940s effect was pretty darn cool, if I might say so myself, and as they went from house to house, they  got a lovely reaction.

Who says this isn’t the Golden Age of Halloween Photos?

Our eldest son, Kellam and our daughter in law, Jessica came over and brought fantastic Halloween cakes and cookies that looked like pumpkins and ghosts.

 Beat THAT, Christmas!  You Suck.  Halloween ROCKS.

Ty the Guy OUT!!!

Here now, your BONUS Templeton-Smith Halloween Moment:

Behold the Family Pumpkins! And take note of the smattering of blood up by the door. Attention to detail.