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Heroes of the North: Acadia. YAY!

So much of the stuff I work on, I’m not really allowed to show off on the blog, as publishers tend to want to wait, and do that stuff themselves.  That’s why I can’t show you pages from the upcoming Bill Finger book I illustrated, or pages from an upcoming issue of The Simpsons I’m in the middle of, or pages from the Great Lakes Avengers story I have in an upcoming FEAR ITSELF special.

But I DO get to show off a pin-up/poster/cover I just did for HEROES OF THE NORTH, one of the most impressive multi-media super-hero projects (from fellow bacon-eating Canucks) that I’ve ever seen.  They’re a comic book series, they’re a web TV show, they’re a set of cool figurines, they’re a dessert topping AND a floor cleaner, and you can enjoy all the joyous fun HERE at

The project includes a score of creators, characters and stories, spanning decades of Canadian super-hero history.  I’ve contributed a few things for them over the last year or so, including this image of ACADIA,  their invisible  Maritime agent, currently assigned to protect Montreal.

Like everything else in life, if you click it, it will get bigger and you can see the linework.

And because readers have suggested it’s fun to see where an image starts off, here’s the thumbnail of the original little sketch – matchbox sized, just something on a scrap piece of paper, looking just for gestures, movement, etc.

From there, I drew the same gesture on a piece of typewriter paper (about 7×10 inches) to try to add a little anatomy and bits of the costume.

I make sure I never work the small sketch too much, because I’m not looking for a final image, just something that’s more refined than the original scribble.  From there, it’s scanned and blown up to 11 x 17 inches, and traced onto a piece of board, with details and anatomy tweaked as I lightbox it.  If I had put too much detail in this intermediate sketch, I’d be tracing the final image, rather than drawing it, and it would lose energy.  The final pencils should be where the artist finds the drawing, not during the small sketch.

Go visit the Heroes of the North.  They deserve a moment or two of your attention, the work they’ve done is amazing.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your HEROES OF THE NORTH Bonus Moment:

Here’s Acadia in her full gear, about to go on camera for an episode of the live action webshow.


Talk about a collector's item!

Whilst rooting around in the dollar bins at my last convention, I came across the gem you see above.  It’s important for many many reasons:

1)  Unlike issue #1 of this Golden Age Canadian White comic book series, issue #2 is ULTRA-RARE, and I have never even SEEN one in person.

2)  It was drawn by “Ty Murphy”.  (You can see his signature in the lower right, under the Shield’s foot).  Ty was one of Canada’s first comic book professionals, and certainly one of the more consistent illustrators of the Canadian Whites.  And if you haven’t guessed by now, I was named after him by my cartoonist father, who owed Mr. Murphy money and settled the debt by naming his last born son after him, some twenty years after Murphy died.

For more information about the great Canadian Super-hero pictured in this ancient cover go to HEROES OF THE NORTH and click “PLAY” to watch a newly shot webisode of the golden age character, or click HERE and click on the download comics button, to read an all new retelling of his origin adventure!  Or HERE for a facebook gallery of modern versions of the characters (I’ve got one in there, very bum-centric!)

That’s it.  Back to typing script and inking little figures in backgrounds.  Ah, the life of Riley!


Here now, your comic book moment of zen.

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Holy COW! One Hundred Thousand?!?

Rich Chocolately Goodness

I’ve been VERY bad about blogging the last week or so.  It’s entirely because I’ve been VERY busy, drawing some covers, writing some scripts and working on some interior pages…the last two weeks, everything I owe publishers is late, and I’m working 15 hour days, which means, dear, dear readers I’ve had to slack off on this VERY fun, but VERY unpaid blog.  Don’t worry, that will all settle out in a few days, with luck.

But in the meantime, I’m beyond thrilled to announce that it seems the blog is working.  I started sporadically blogging after the start in Septeber, and with more regularity and intention in January, and started the Saturday Webcomic in March, and you guys seem to have shown up to read ’em.  Two days ago I discovered that this blog passed the one hundred thousand mark in readers, and that tickles the hell out of me.

Now, obviously, I’m aware it’s not 100,000 individual readers, I know the difference between a visit and a unique visitor.  Our UNIQUE numbers are down in the twenty thousand range, which means folks are coming back after they’ve been here once or twice.

So thanks for showing up.  Sorry it’s been a little sparse the last few days.  I’ll be back to regular blogging by the start of next week, and on Saturday, you ALWAYS  get the webcomic, even if I have to stay awake for 48 hours in a row.

And since I’m here, and since I’m the only one who has a copy of this cover with THIS logo, I’m showing off one of the many projects that are taking me away from this blog.

Hands up if you know who Johnny Canuck is...

It’s been announced on Moonstone Books at this point, but not around here, so I gets to announce.  The ALL-NEW Johnny Canuck comic book is coming out this November.   Moonstone is reviving the CANADIAN super-heroes from the Golden Age, and I’m writing and editing the project and another fellow Canadian (DAVID J. CUTLER) is drawing it.   David is a graduate of some of the comic book courses I teach, and WOW, are you going to be impressed with his work when you see it this fall!  He’s going to be BIG!  Big, I tell you!  (I’d like to pretend I taught him everything he knows, but he was already disturbingly skilled when I met him…)

For those who don’t live in Canada and aren’t in the know, we had our own comic industry in the forties, during the war paper shortages, featuring such characters as Johnny Canuck, Nelvana, Freelance and others.  The art and writing in the “Canadian Whites” (so named because there was no interior colours, just black and white) was fairly spectacular, and the characters created are uniformly entertaining, and as a proud Canadian, I’m delighted to be involved in bringing ’em back to a modern audience.

Moonstone’s Joe Gentile has been very supportive of the project, but was concerned that American audiences will have never heard of Johnny Canuck and his pals, and asked me to change the logo and name of the series to work for a buyer who never heard of the Canadian Whites.  I utterly see his point, but this patriotic Canadian is so in love with the Johnny Canuck character that I can’t help but show off THIS version of the cover (painted by the amazing Jason Edmiston) with the original logo.

I’ll show off the new logo and title tomorrow, along with a REALLY fun story of the gig I got last week that may well be the happiest job offer I have ever received….(how’s THAT for a teaser?!?)

Again, thanks for showing up and making the hit counter rock 100,000 hits in the last few months.  It’s very gratifying to know you like me as LEAST as much as Sally Field.  (Wow, is that a dated reference!)

Ty the Guy

UPDATE: in the Comments, Scott Dutton has been kind enough to direct us to his site where he’s giving some Canadian Whites away for FREE! FREE I tell you!


Just a lightning quick post today…

I just finished a pinup I was asked to do for the exciting Heroes of the North web series featuring back-bacon eating superheroes in the frozen lands of maple syrup, French Inuit casinos, year round hockey and free health care.   This is of Pacifica…a speedster  like the Flash (only with a rounder bum, and says “eh” when she talks, unless she’s French, then she says things Americans can’t understand, so you don’t need to know).

Check out their way-cool website, Heroes of the North (which has a fun trailer to watch, I dare you not to be entertained!), and their frankly fabulous  Facebook page, which includes many of their other swinging superheroes!  MON DIEU!

Ain’t photoshop blur tool grand?  I haven’t been this proud of myself since I skull clubbed a G-20 rioter yesterday.

And while you’re here, scroll a bit down this page for the Saturday Comics, I’m fairly proud of this week’s entry, as well.

Ty Le Guy

Clearly proud to a fault.

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