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Today at your Local Comics Store, the latest issue (#16) of Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Adventures with a cover by me. I’m pretty pleased with how this cover turned out:


And online, you can get a copy of Batman 66 #4–I did the interior art for this issue, scripted by Jeff Parker. I actually did a happy dance when I first saw the colours for this, done by Wes Hartman. (Print version goes on sale in a month)

batman 66 emperor penguin pg 09

Race out to your Local Comics Store or your local computer and get your copy today!

Ty the Guy OUT!!


The NEW Silver Snail!! The Old Ty Templeton!

It’s been an incredibly busy couple of months what with starting up my COMIC BOOK BOOTCAMP, attending FanExpo Canada 2012, Montreal Comic Con, all while still working on Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Adventures ( as well as other projects, currently too secret to discuss!!) This week is particularly packed with events–(Including an open house at my new school/Comic Book Embassy this Saturday!  392 Spadina Ave. in Toronto! I’ll discuss this more in depth tomorrow) but I still made time to be at the opening of the brand new Yonge Street location of Silver Snail Comics.

Checking out the Spidey hanging over the front stairs

The Silver Snail is one of the planet’s best comic stores (and JUST awarded the Shuster Award for Best Comic Store in Canada, 2012, so there’s proof) and the store and I have a personal history.  When it first opened in Toronto at its original Queen Street location in 1976, I was its first customer through their doors on opening day at the age of 14 (buying some back issues of Captain America-Clear Memory Ty), and so with the new change of ownership and change of location, I was honoured to be asked back to do the same thing…

Checking out the new comics rack

So, yesterday morning, I packed my kids in the car…and let Keiren drive so we could all nap as it was only 7am. We arrived at 329 Yonge Street as the store opened for the FIRST DAY at 8am. Because of the café located at the front of the store, proud new owner, George Zotti and his partner, have chosen to open at 8am each day, and remain open until 10pm.  Yup, you heard that right…until TEN PM!

With an actual glass bottle of Coke in hand from the café, I got to walk around and check out the impressively huge new space. My kids got to browse as well, eventually sitting in the kids’ area, a table and chairs set in front of the rack full of kid-friendly comics (including my latest issues of Ultimate Spidey!)

So, the family got to be the official first customers of the new location (although technically, it was my daughter as she actually paid so she could take quick posession of her Archie Comics digest) and my son, former Silver Snail employee, Kellam was the second official customer.

The first stack of comics sold at the new Silver Snail!  I chat with new owner George Zotti about gray hair, baldness and the lost dreams of my youth.

Dreams fulfilled…I have my morning Coca Cola, and all is well.

My daughter Kate, showing off the Archie comic that was on the top of the stack, making THIS digest from Riverdale the first OFFICIAL comic book rung up at the new store!  ARCHIE RULES!!

No, you can’t buy this kick ass Batman Jacket at the store…my wife made it from an old bed spread from back when I was the Snail’s original customer.  Once again, mixing the old with the new.  (I’m the old…)

So…you’re all too late to be there first, but PLEASE come and be there second, or at least part of a ten thousand way tie for second.  The new Silver Snail rocks out, and is great danger of becoming a Toronto Yonge Street landmark for decades to come.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS New Silver Snail Moment:

A nice close up shot of the New Silver Snail’s New Mascot, Venom/Spidey!  He hangs over the entrance stairway, either protecting or threatening the customers…As long as he can save Gwen if she ever falls down the stairs, or off a bridge or something, I’m good…

Plugging my new comics! All-Ages Spidey! All Ages Simpsons Comics!

ALL IN STORES THIS WEEK!  Simpsons!  Simpsons!  Spider-Man!  It’s the BUNNY AGE OF COMICS!!

First:  The wait has been long but Ultimate Spidey Adventures is finally here!

Available for sale today or tomorrow, depending on your store. The first issue of Ultimate Spider-Man Adventures #1 with a ten-page story plotted by Dan Slott and scripted, pencilled and inked by me.

AND a ten-page story written by the Men of Action and pencilled and inked by Nuno Plati.  So much goodness in one comic book!

In an interview with Comic Book Resources  (AXEL-IN-CHARGE: Guest-Starring the “Amazing” Dan Slott), interviewer Kiel Phegley asked Dan:

“Dan, when I saw you’d be contributing a story to “Ultimate Spider-Man” with Ty Templeton, who you worked with on “Batman Adventures” to great acclaim, I was surprised and excited. What can you say about the challenge of coming on to a newly built Spidey world and making work for longtime fans and kids?”

Dan’s answer was perfect–pretty much what I would say:

“We love this stuff. Ty and I are the best of friends, and if you look at “Spider-Man/Human Torch” you can see how much we love working together. That was an all-ages book to me. I think if you sit down and look at some of the biggest movies of all time, you’ll see that they’re “G-Rated” movies that everyone could sit down and watch. Adults can watch them and go, “Wow, that’s a great story.” That’s our goal, here. We don’t want this to be a young readers book. We want it to be an all-ages book — an everyone book. This is a book you can give to anyone, and they’ll go, “That was a really great ride.” That’s how Ty is wired too.”

Aww…Dan likes me.

Here’s a sneak peek…but no letters or colours until you run out and buy one at your local comic store…


Simpsons Comics 189 went on sale just five days ago…it’s my latest romp in Springfield, written and drawn by myself, and featuring everyone’s favourite cartoon baby on Fox TV.  (Suck on it, Stewie fans).  I don’t get to write a lot of stories about Maggie and this was a joyous issue to play with.

SIMPSONS CONFIDENTIAL goes on sale this Wednesday as well!  It collects a bunch of different Simpsons issues from a couple of years ago, including one of my favorites:  The Return of X’Tappa’lata’kettle. (I’m sure I misspelled that, and I wrote the darn story!)  It’s set inside the giant Olmec head in the basement…you DID know the head was hollow and people lived inside it, right?  I think the collection also features a Bartman story that I did with Chuck Dixon, so there’s more Simpsons comics by Ty out this week than seems sensible.

Pick up the Simpsons issue, AND the Simpsons collection today, and the Spider-Man comic tomorrow, but GO BUY THESE COMICS!!!  I need groceries!

(And for those of you who would like a closer look at my pencilled and inked pages, I’ll be bringing all of ’em (along with Harvey Pekar pages, Spidey-Torch pages, and other goodies)  with me to Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this coming weekend! I’ll be there Friday to Sunday.)

AND there’s more!!  it’s not published yet, but I’m part of a Kickstarter comic book project…my buddy, Dana Moreshead (I used to work for him all the time when he headed up Creative Services at Marvel Comics) has written a comic book about Bacon. Yes, Bacon! Last year, Dana asked me if I draw him a little anthropomorphic Bacon, and I made a joke that it should be a comic book. Little did I know that Dana had plans–plans for a 44 page graphic novel that will

take readers on a king-sized comic book adventure power-packed with action, conspiracy and intrigue starring the pork Kwai Chang Caine, Bacon!

Turns out though that I’m not Dana’s only artist friend! Dana has set up his Kickstarter so that every dollar pledged gives you the opportunity to VOTE for the eventual artist of The Mouth-Watering Adventures of Bacon!! Vote for me, or the incredible Phil Winslade or the amazing Scott Koblish! Just vote for somebody! Read all about BACON!! on it’s Kickstarter page.

Ty the Guy Out!


Plug Comics?!? Where do I find these things?

New Comics Wednesday

Check out your LCBS for the reprints of Amazing Spider-Man #655-659. My art is in ish #657. The covers are a tribute to my buddy Dan Slott; check it out!

And there’s more!

A surprise for all of us–actually didn’t know that this was coming out today. It’s a hardcover version of Strange Tales II and includes Harvey Pekar Meets The Thing, written by Harvey Pekar, art by Ty Templeton, lettered by Keiren Smith. Head for your Local Comic Book Store and get your copy today!


New Comics Day

Amazing Spider-Man #657! Available today!



Yeah, yeah, this was originally written and published in November. November 23 2010 to be precise. But life happens…plans change, especially plans of publishers and printers. Both these books were delayed from their original release date, but it’s been confirmed that they will really truly be in stores tomorrow, Wednesday December 15 2010. So, read this re-post quickly…then off you go.


Every now and then, comics I wrote or drew get published, and I get to ask you to buy them.  I often forget to do this, but this week, I’ve got enough coming out in a row to pester you.


Shameless Plugging you with the Jason Edmiston Cover A

First up:  I’m fairly sure that Johnny Canuck’s big return to comics in the NORTHERN GUARD is this Wednesday or next Wednesday, if your local doesn’t get it tomorrow.  There’s some chewy good fun in this comic – a revival of some terrific Canadian Golden Age characters, and the first published work of a couple of good Canadian pals of mine.  (I just called my wife a “pal”.  I’m a dead man.)


Shameless Plugging you with the less-often-seen David J. Cutler’s alt cover B

Speaking of the lovely Keiren, it’s fun to see her credit on the Harvey Pekar meets the Thing story that’s coming out NEXT week.   She’s lettered a couple of the stories I did with Harvey Pekar, and keeping with the tradition, she gets her first Marvel credit.  And she did a terrific job!  I’m allowed to show off the first page, now that Marvel’s put it into promotion rotation.  This one’s in the stores in a week, I’m told.

If you have any fondness for Pekar, you’re going to love his take on the Thing.  This is, by far, my favorite Pekar story I ever got to do, sad as the events surrounding it were, and I’m going to blog about why it was so wonderful and bittersweet, right after it comes out next week…no spoilers here.

The cover looks like this, so you’ll know to get it when it’s out…


this series is so cool, you should be buying it, regardless.

And just to top off the sudden flood of Templeton product on the market in one fortnight, this came out in England last week –  check it-


Issue #14 of Murky Depths.

It’s a horror/sf writer’s magazine, with both prose and comics contained within.  Not a bad little offering and you can find much more about this publisher at  But you probably figured that out on your own.  I’ll bet you can order copies there.

For my part, I did thumbnail layouts and original edits on a terrific horror/adult story about a man who finds out the world is going to end, and wants to go out – ehem…with a bang.  It was written by Greg Dunford, and illustrated by Gibson Quarter and Eden Bachelder –  a group of friends who are all merry members of the Toronto Cartoonist Workshop usual suspects.

All right…the shameless plugging is done for today. Though it may come up again when my issue of Mad Magazine comes out next month, or my upcoming issues of the Simpsons.   Or…

Ty the Guy OUT!


Here now, your Shameless Plug Comic Book moment of zen:


Look at that outfit. The man is clearly shameless.


New Comics Day

If you’re in your local comic shop today (for those of you not currently heading towards the San Diego Comic Con, you lucky lucky overheated dogs), look for Age of Heroes #3. It’s the third of the one-pagers drawn and inked by Ty Templeton, written by Dan Slott. Cover by one of our fellow Canadians (and all-round nice guy), the immensely talented Yanick Paquette.

Could it be? YES! It's Squirrel Girl--a favourite character for both Dan and Ty.

Here’s a quick little sum-up from Marvel.


(yep, it’s all me at the moment…Artist-Boy is still sleeping. I think he stayed up all night watching Batman-Singing Pug over and over again.  I am not completely kidding.  And–“Teddy Almond Turtle”? Seriously? Who names their dog that? Even an incredibly cute, obviously talented dog?)

New Comics Day

So, it’s Wednesday…didja get your copy of Marvel Comics, Age of Heroes #1? Kurt Busiek, Dan Slott, Leonard Kirk–just to name a few…oh, yeah, and some guy named Ty Templeton drew a Dan Slott-written one-pager. If you don’t have it in your hands now, run, run, RUN! to your nearest comic store and get one NOW!

Why are you still here? RUN, damn it!