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Monday Marvel March Madness Merchandise

Spider-Man Human Torch “I’m with Stupid”

Issue 3, page 21, pencils by Ty Templeton, inks by Tom Palmer


Ty decided to fill up the shelves in the Art Store a bit today…and found some more of his Spidey/Human Torch pages (from I’m with Stupid). Each issue was drawn in a different style to represent a different era of Spidey (something a lot of reviewers didn’t quite figure out…even after two or three issues!  Every comment about how “old-fashioned the art looks” triggered some bombast around these parts!)

Ty and writer Dan Slott still muse about the possibility of a second mini (if Dan could fit it in–Marvel is keeping him a busy, busy writer-boy). Right now, they’re working on a little something together…but for now, here’s some more from one of their previous projects.

A couple of today’s pages (the one at the top of the page, for starters) were inked by one of Ty’s inking heroes–Tom Palmer. Ty was thrilled to hear that Tom was doing ’em–more thrilled when he saw the final pages. I’m sure he’ll have something to say about that when he posts later today.


Spider-Man Human Torch, “I’m with Stupid”

Issue 5, page 19, pencils by Ty Templeton, inks by Drew Geraci

New Pages are…

found in the index, under Batman Adventures, on the (Ms. Obvious here!) Batman Adventures McDonald’s Promo Art page. Ty asked me to post the pages, but hasn’t decided on prices just yet; I’ll post those later.



Clearing out the overstuffed original art bin of pieces that might accidentally be topical again.  Here’s a house ad that ran in Eclipse books during their tenth anniversary year…besides featuring a host of characters you don’t remember, or will ever hear of again, there up top is Marvel Comics newest corporate asset super-hero, MARVELMAN!  (Or Miracleman as he was known in his anything-to-avoid-a-lawsuit days back when I drew him for this assignment.)    Working for Eclipse in those days was an interesting experience…I spent ten issues inking a brand-spanking new penciler named Lee Weeks (Whatever happened to him?  I hope he’s still in the biz, and doing well)…as well as inking the first published story for Erik Larsen, and a few others.  PLUS: it was my first regular paycheck as a comix creator, and around the time I seriously thought about doing this for a living.  It was WAAAY better than lifting boxes.

Ty the G.   Back to drawing my Mad pages so Mr. Viviano don’t get actually mad.

New Pages!

Ty took some time out from watching Groundhog Day and drawing Mad cartoons, to scan some pages for the Art Store.  I’m going to spend some time uploading them…they should be available for perusal later today-ish.

Powdered Toast Man Special #1, 1994 p.43, pencils and inks by Ty Templeton (the first time Ty worked with Dan Slott)


New Pages

Added a couple more Booster Gold’s until Ty scans more of his piles.  Go back to where it began…(after the stuff he did before that!).

New Pages…

Receiving payment for recent work revived Ty’s will to live, and he found the strength to crawl to his computer and scan some pages…I will try and find equal strength in order to click keys and set up a page with them on (’cause I have a vague memory of hearing that they are WildCats pages).