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Animation by Ty

We (he and I) have done posts before about animated projects Ty has been involved with (goodbye, months of our lives gone to Dexter Early Cuts!), but yesterday’s post made me think I should just quickly gather ’em all in one place.  So, here, with no fanfare whatsoever…


Zellers Law of Toyland commercials

featuring Joker

featuring Penguin

featuring Catwoman

featuring Riddler

(Ty did storyboards, layouts, full-animation for all the parts that repeat for each commercial and then, reveals for the Joker and the Penguin (coming out from the cash register.  He was less-involved in the latter two)



Jerry Seinfeld and Superman for American Express commercials

“Hindsight is 20/20”

“A uniform used to mean something”

There’s a third one I have to hunt down…

(Ty did the still images that transform into the live action…if you have an eye for it, you’ll recognize his lettering for the titles)



Dexter Early Cuts, “Cindy Landon” webisodes for Showtime

Dexter Early Cuts, “Cindy Landon”

(Ty did all the drawings–not for the credits–and the colouring for those drawings.  With an assist from Yours Truly. Animation was done by KTV Media.)

And Ty says this re-mix of the Batman commericals amused the hell out of him, so he asked me to put it up for ya (we’re still busy arguing about where it should go in this sequence…as I’m the one at the keyboard, I currently am winning, but at any moment he could shove my chair out of the way–it’s on wheels–and take over).

Holy Perplexity, Batman



How amusing to see what the internet can dredge up from its depths.

Many years back, I worked on a series of animated Batman commercials, pushing the Toyland department of Zellers stores. ( Zellers is a Canadian version of K-Mart or Target, just a small step up from a Walmart.) I did storyboards, layout, background art and key animation for about 60% of these ads (more or less all the repeating parts, and all the villain “reveals” [except Riddler] are my work, and most of each commercial repeats quite a bit).  You can see how fond I was of Brian Bolland in the slavish imitation of his designs and style I followed.

This Zellers Batman gig, by the way, eventually led to my working on Batman: The Animated Series for about two weeks (where I drew nothing and wrote nothing), and eventually to my gig drawing and writing the tie-in comic (The Batman Adventures).  But that’s a story for another day.

As we only had video tapes to copy things onto back then, my copies are essentially destroyed–so degraded I can’t play them anymore, and I’ve wished I had playable copies for years.  But someone had copies and has uploaded ’em to YouTube.  Here’s a link to them , and here’s a link to an article over on Topless Robot that alerted me that these things were out there.

What blows my mind is that there’s remixes and dance versions of these things.  BWAH HAH HA HA HA HA HA!

It’s getting weird when the internet has better copies of your youth than you do.

Ty the Guy

Someone says something nice about…

Ty, the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop, and the classes.  The classes have started (‘cept Sam Agro’s Storyboarding workshop which starts tomorrow afternoon)…but I still thought I’d link to it, so you know that it’s not just my idea that these classes are great things…and that Ty is an amazing teacher.  See–I can’t even make a joke, so you know it’s true.

Click here to read “do you wanna learn some comic book skills…” over at


New Gig…

I don’t know if it was some sort of magical, mystical force swirling around the universe, but somehow with Ty doing so many entries about his work for Mad Magazine…the editor called on the first day of Ty’s planned “vacation” and offered him a job.  A really funny job which made Ty laugh a lot, so…he said yes.  Actually, I don’t think he knows how to say “no” when it comes to Mad Magazine (we don’t talk about the ’90s so don’t go there).

So, he’s just finished off the final dialogue version of his script for his Simpson’s story and that’s gone out…he’s designing a logo for Johnny Canuck, he’s working on his top-secret project involving some guy and a bucket, he’s still a father and a husband, he’s now working on a Mad assignment…but he’s still bubbling with ideas for a little original something for Art Land.  We even went to the art store to get him a new sketchbook which will only be for art for Art Land.

Stay tuned…re-runs for now, but new programming in the future.


(unpublished version of the art with Ty’s lettering. Printed version had alternate lettering)

Stay Tuned…

When Ty finished drawing bloody body parts for Dexter: The Early Cuts, he had to return to drawing yellow people for Bongo…but now that’s all done.  He’s thinking of taking a few days off before he launches into his next set of projects.  So, that means some new pages for me to put up once he scans them.  And–he was thinking aloud about what he could do for entries in Art Land…something about some NEW stuff…


Inking by The Guy and some other Guys…!

Over at Toronto Cartoonists Workshop, Walter Dickinson has posted some examples of inking by the four instructors for Comic Book Inking: 4 Perspectives.  Take a look and see some work by Ty Templeton, J. Bone, Pat Davidson and Ramon Perez posted as No Tracing Allowed Here.  (goofed the link here earlier–sorry, people! But it works now…kts).


Ahhh…(Ty’s blushing)

Rob Pincombe says nice things about Ty over on his blog, Comiccanuck….  Figured I’d post this quick while Ty’s out so he can’t stop me–he hates people saying nice things about him.


This is The End

…of the five part interview of Ty, by Michel Fiffe. Ty discusses Howard the Duck, Mr. Comics and Hoverboy. Check it out over at The Comics Journal.

Ad for Revolution on the Planet of the Apes, from Mr. Comics


Gumby Scandal Haunts Templeton

It has recently come to this journalist’s attention that, in an obit for Art Clokey, the writer mentioned Ty Templeton‘s portrayal of Gumby on Canadian Television in the 1980s, second only to Eddie Murphy’s SNL portrayal in fame and infamy. This scandal, which Templeton had hoped was long-forgotten, came about when he portrayed Gumby on CityTV on a number of episodes of Late, Great Movies.  Pretending to be Gumby walking through a book, Templeton remembers, “The host, Bob Segarini asked me what book I was next planning to walk through next, and I answered, “The Joy of Sex and Portnoy’s Complaint.” Within 24 hours, Clokey Productions called our show and said I was never to play Gumby again.”

Templeton points out that, unlike Eddie Murphy‘s unofficial portrayal, he was an officially-sanctioned Gumby performer.  The costume had been supplied by Clokey Productions to promote Gumby.  (The show had to supply Pokey, the horse.) Templeton is unclear as to why there was a promotional push for Gumby at this time, but it might have been linked to the comic book.

The obituary for Art Clokey (and reference to the shameful Templeton Gumby Scandal) can be found on

This journalist shudders to think of the repercussions if any actual video footage of the offending incident were to be found and put on the internet where any innocent member of the Gumby-loving public could encounter it.

a bit of this, a bit of that…

A quick word from The Joe Shuster Awards site about Ty…