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Saturday Morning Pig Toons, Yay!

The weekend, again?

Encore with the toons. For it is my fate.

It’s a loss to the world of bacon snacks and hot dogs as well.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your comic book moment of zen:

So wrong on every level.


Go ahead and click it…find out why so many Trekkies want me dead.

Saturday Morning Quick Comics! YAY!

No time.  I’ve got no time!.


Not so much a webcomic blog as a complusive disorder.


I’ve got no time!  I’m too busy.  There’s no spare minutes to be typing this!

I’m sorry, I would have put more effort into the complexity of the script and the sophistication of the artwork, but I’m currently working two jobs to pay the mortgage I owe to the bank.   PLUS I just heard the American dollar is being devalued, and that means this Canadian has to find more work!  I wish I could stay and talk, but I’ve got to go.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your comic book advertising moment of zen:


For last week’s bun toon, an amusing bit of blasphemy about Halloween, click the image below!

See you soon, with more of the Blog Funny, as soon as I get a spare minute.  Busy, busy, busy.


Saturday Morning Gumshoe Cartoons. YAY!

Live from my computer, it's SATURDAY MORNING!

I’ve been watching too much Turner Classic Movies lately, and now, I can only cartoon in black and white.   Go figure, huh.  Probably all account of some dame.

All right doll faces, that’s it for today.   My dogs are barkin’ so it’s time to hit the road.  Don’t take any wooden nickels, sweetheart.  I’ll wait for you, kid.

(and in case you missed the clues, here’s last week’s Bun Toons HERE)


Here now, your comic book moment of zen:

Bun Toon Animal Facts.

Gaze upon this, ye mighty, and despair

I was at a party for the school I teach at last night, welcoming the new students to the new location, celebrating the fit-to-print project from last year’s group, and letting them watch their teacher get drunk and show off the wife’s tattoo.   So Bun Toon is late, and I am bad man.  But better latent than never, my pastor always told me.

Off we go into…

Every word of this was meticulously researched by our crack staff.  Get me a lie detector, I’ll prove it to you doubters.


Here now, your comic book moment of zen

Hulk vs. the Buddha. Saturday Comics YAY!

Ha! You thought you'd gotten rid of me! No such luck.

It’s the fight of the Century.  The fight of the Millennium.  The fight of the Saturday Afternoon.   You might want to wear protective eye-gear, as the forces about to be unleashed are awesome in their power.  Behold!

I should note that the phrase “Boot to the head” is used with permission.  Well, not with permission, actually, but I do know The Frantics, and I’m sure they’d give me permission, were I polite enough to have asked.

I was considering doing Mohammad vs. Wonder Woman next week, but my mother says I’d probably be killed. Best to stay cowardly.

Last Week’s makin’-fun-of-health-care toon is HERE.  And Superman vs. Jesus is HERE.  And don’t forget to check out all the wonderful Holmes Incorporated goodness by heading to the THIS page and starting from there.

(**And Batman vs. The Beast of the Leviathan is HERE)

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your comic book moment of zen.

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Saturday Morning Harvey Pekar Tribute Part 2: In Comic Form

Saturday comes round and I get to fire another shot of brain waves and line drawings directly into the heart of the internet.

I'm just not quittin'

As everyone knows by now, the great Harvey Pekar passed away this week.  I think the proper send-off is a comic story.  That was Harvey’s way.

Glad to have known you, Harvey.  Extra glad to have worked with you.

Such a flattering portrait I did for his 70th birthday.

Ty the Guy OUT!

For last week’s BUN TOON, another exciting adventure in the life of EVERETT MANN: FREELANCE PROTAGONIST: go HERE.

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It’s Saturday, and you know what that means?  You can get drunk before noon and your boss can’t complain.  Unless you work Saturdays, and you’re not a wine taster or something like that.  Regardless, Saturday mornings ALSO means it’s time for FREE WEBCOMICS from Ty the Guy.

Through rain and sleet and snow, nothing shall stay me from my appointed rounds!



Now this:

I forgot to list the latest comic with my work in it last week.

AGE OF HEROES #2:  It’s out, and I’ve only got one single page story in it, written by my pal DAN (the man) SLOTT.  But if I don’t promote it, who will?  Other than the million dollar promotion machine at Marvel, I mean.

I drew a teeny bit of this. On sale now.

That’s it for today.  I’ll see you soon, perhaps tomorrow.  In the meantime, I’m off to see that TOY STORY thing.  I hear the dancing puppets are funny, and I’ll let you know how it turns out.


Last Week’s Bun Toon is HERE.  The first appearance of the now-world-famous EVERTT MANN: FREELANCE PROTAGONIST, as well as THE EXISTENTIAL PRIVATE EYE.  Why aren’t you clicking yet?

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Saturday Morning arrives, and like a trusted companion, the Bun Toons is always here! Reliable, honest, hardworking, and totally free, you lucky sons of guns.

Loyalty and Trust. Like a bank or a government, right?

Today, the legend of the Canine in the Large Chapeau….the Woof Woof with the Immense Cap….the Puppy with the Giant Fedora…it’s…

When tragedy strikes, pray you’re told of the news by a really cute cartoon pooch with a sombrero like a pie plate.

And now, this:

Hey!  By the time you’re reading this,  I’ll be at the South Convention Centre building in Toronto, helping to celebrate FAN APPRECIATION weekend.  That means that I’ll be shaking hands, doing sketches, and telling stories about the comics industry that would easily get me sued.

I’ll also be presenting an award at THE JOE SHUSTER AWARDS ceremony, and (most likely) losing an award in the category I’m nominated for (best script, for my STAR TREK GRAPHIC NOVEL, Star Trek:  Mission’s End).  I’ll be crossing my fingers, and my toes, AND the Rubicon, but it won’t work.  Tomorrow, come back here for the special “I didn’t win and the whole thing is silly anyway…who needs #$)(#@$)( awards?!” rant .    Tell you what…win or not, I’ll have a special NEVER BEFORE SEEN STAR TREK artwork blog post that you’ll enjoy.  ‘Specially the Trekkies!

That’s it for today.  Keep on breathing fellow babies, and try not to spill anything all over the Gulf of Mexico, or you’ll go straight to hell.

Ty The Guy

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Saturday Morning Cartoons

Glue yourselves into your atomic fun chairs, fellow babies.  It’s before noon on a Saturday…

Ah, this time I KNEW it was the weekend.  Saw it coming for days.  And today is a fun treat for fans of Space Cows, Hoverboy, and more free webcomics than you could heave a dead raccoon at.

First off:  SPACE COWS!

Oh, I forgot to mention this to Stavros.  I’m giving Hoverboy the Space Cows one last time as we finish up our month-long Hoverboy contest.

And what IS the Hoverboy Contest?

LAST TIME!!  We’re looking for YOUR Hoverboy Memories.  Head over to the HOVERBOY FANPAGE on Facebook, or  enter here at ART LAND on BUN TOONS day.

What we need is the name of your FAVORITE Hoverboy Villain…one that we’ve never seen before online, and tomorrow we’ll be picking the winning entry.


A stunningly accurate reproduction of the cover featuring your “remembered” villain.  The reproduction will be by Ty The Guy Templeton, and will be so accurate, you’ll SWEAR it was the original.  Head over to for more Hoverboy fun, and over HERE to join the Hoverboy Fanpage.

Okay…and just a couple more SPACE COWS before we move on.  They’re an addiction, like raisin cookies, heroin or beating the step-kids.

It's eerie, just like it's supposed to be.

And now, the ONLY new Hoverboy story in the last thirty years, and never before seen online!  FULL AND COMPLETE in this blog!

Take yourself back to those heady days…when Gasoline cost a lot more than it did a few years before, but at least it wasn’t filling up the Gulf of Mexico –  When a white man was still able to be president, just not a particularly competent one – and when people could watch Lost, secure in the knowledge that it would all wrap up in a satisfying, and not at all, sucky sucky way.

Set the way-back machine to Bush Era Super-heroes, with…







It’s funny because it’s ghastly and frightening.

Remember to head to the FACEBOOK FAN PAGE, or hit the COMMENTS BUTTON at the end of the post to give us your HOVERBOY memories before tomorrow night.  The more the merrier, and the original art ain’t gonna give itself away.  Our next Hoverboy contest is just going to be these cheap crappy decoder rings from the 1940s!  Wait, seriously?!?


Ty the Guy

Hoverboy |

Ty Templeton |

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Saturday Morning Cartoons

WHO is responsible for the calendar, as I’m certain Saturday wasn’t due for at least three or four more days….?  But it’s here, and so is BUN TOONS, as regular as a bran-filled man in his mid-thirties.

I thought folks might enjoy a gentle gag about the Catholic Church that doesn't mention the criminal cover-up-of-rapists angle. Which I've just blown by mentioning in this caption...whoops.

NOW:  A  special HOVERBOY version of BUN TOONS this week.

All the beloved SPACE COWS  of THE LAST ROUND-UP will return next week, with more Bovine SF adventures. But now, we’re continuing with HOVERBOY WEEK with a NEVER BEFORE SEEN ONLINE COMPLETE HOVERBOY STORY. (All in service of the HOVERBOY “WIN SOME ORIGINAL ART BY TY” contest…go HERE and HERE for contest details)

FIRST:  Here’s the latest HOVERBOY vs. NAZI ROBOTS strips.


Unlike other superheroes of the second world war, Hoverboy spent the duration fighting only on the American homefront.  It might have been because co-creator C.L. “Charlie” Nutt had been classified 4-F-C (a rare designation that meant UNFIT FOR MILITARY SERVICE because of BIOLOGICAL COWARDICE), but the reason most often given in interviews with Nutt was that “…Johnny Stay-At-Home goldbricks deserved a super-hero, too!  We can’t all serve our country or our God, and folks like to look up to someone who’s not serving, just like them!”

This premiere issue of YELLOW PERIL MYSTERY FUNNIES featured five stories, all of which focus on a theme of distrusting people of Asian descent, a subject which was acceptable during the war years, when the phrase “Yellow Peril” (coined by beloved Pre-Nazi Kaiser Wilhelm II, reknowned racist and inventor of the concept of “World War”) was actively promoted by the Hearst Papers.

The “Yellow Peril” title was Hoverboy’s best selling comic in 1942, and the series remained quite popular until the 1950s, a fact often covered up by modern comic historians who like to gloss over the overt racism of the times.  This issue in particular is extremely rare to find intact, as most copies, when discovered, are instantly burned by people with a conscience.

ONE LAST NOTE:  The final line of the story “Night of the Terror” is something we considered editing out, but to serve historical accuracy, we decided to leave it in…with the caveat that it offends us more than it does you, believe me.



Wow.  Just awful, but that was America in 1942, fighting what is now considered the “Last Good War” by the “Greatest Generation”….there’s a reason why it’s called “White-washing” history to pretend this stuff didn’t happen.


And one last image of SPACE COWS, as I cannot resist their allure:

Admit it…the concept is hypnotic to behold.

See you next week, with the TRIUMPHANT RETURN OF STAVROS AND LANA, and other stuff I find funny.


Hoverboy |

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