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Rob Granito tries to lie his way into money…AGAIN!

I know I said I wouldn’t go back to this garbage heap another time…but he tasks me…. He tasks me… and I shall have him! I’ll chase him ’round the moons of Nibia and ’round the Antares Maelstrom and ’round Perdition’s flames before I give him up!

By now we all know the piece of human litter who stuck to our collective shoe last month:  Rob Granito: thief, impostor, pathological liar.

Pictured, the work of John Delaney, Tim Sale, and Rob Granitos parents.

Wait until you read this email that was sent around to a number of Comics blogs (Duy Tano of The Comics Cube alerted us on Facebook)  last night from Granito…your jaw will unhinge.  (Oh, and I’m mentioned by name!  I’m famous!  I’m famous!)

Dear Comics News, Blogs, and Journalists:

March 2011 was a month that the comics industry, and comics fandom, was not expecting! A month where suddenly comics websites became ‘TMZ-like’, and scandal and tabloid excitement erupted. This was due to the controversial Rob Granito.

We ask you to consider looking past personal feelings and judgement to consider the following:

-A Facebook Group about Robert Granito had over  3,000 members in less than a week

-Websites such as comicsalliance, Wired, and many others made Rob Granito a major headline

-An entire convention panel is due to Rob Granito, called ‘How Should An Artist React To Being Granito’d’?

So, regardless of personal judgement you must admit that Rob Granito creates controversy- and controversy attracts attention. Rob Granito gets attention. Rob Granito gets people talking.

The Blog owner at All Things Geeky even explained how he had thousands of visitors to his site when he had never experienced that before. Rob Granito has gotten more attention and caused more talking amongst his detractors and his fans than any other comics professional!

Now is YOUR chance to take advantage of this red-hot story. As Charlie Sheen has proven in the mainstream media, controversy sells. It has been proven, and suggested by the convention fans blog that Rob Granito is the Charlie Sheen of Comics. And just like Charlie Sheen caused MAJOR headlines with his controversial 20/20 interview, now YOU can get Rob Granito to sit for an interview for your site or blog!

Rob Granito will live up to his image as the bad boy of comics, who admits he has made some mistakes (but who hasn’t?) but also points out that comics fandom at large does not know the WHOLE story. Find out how Rob Granito began as an artist. Discover what his experience was with the legendary Dave Stevens. Find out what REALLY went down with Mark Waid. Learn how Rob feels about the comics professionals who have derided his name in the past few weeks like Ty Templeton Jamar Igle, Al Rio, and more!

We assure you Rob Granito will live up to his interview commitments. We guarantee candid, explanatory revelations. Rob Granito proved he shook up the world in March 2011! Now watch him light up the Spring comics schedule. “I will keep going to conventions”, he says. Also, why did BleedingCool decide to break the Rob Granito story out of nowhere? Why was it pursued with such a fever? “There is more there that you dont know about”, says Rob.

ALL WEBSITES:  the following is a list of Rob’ interview fees

-e-mail interview (20 questions ONLY)   $150.00   PayPal
-30 minute phone interview   $200.00  PayPal
-1 Hour Phone or Skype interview   $250.00 PayPal

Thank you for your time. We look forward to working with you.
Alison c/o
Robert Granito Art Services


Forget asking for money to do interviews, or claiming that Rob’s internet aliases and sock puppets are “fans” –  forget not mentioning the  facebook page with so many members is called “Rob Granito is a Fraud” – forget all that – he repeatedly offers guarantees of being candid and living up to commitments and talking about what really happened.  THAT’s what I love most.  These wacky kids’ only notoriety comes from being proven liars and frauds, but this time, when there’s money involved…this time they’ll tell the truth.

By far, the best photograph. The one where dumbass smears paint on the face, but not on the hands!

Two quick last notes:

1)If you’d like to know how Rob really feels about the way Al Rio,” Jamar Igle” and myself are treating him online, I’ll save you the hundred bucks.  He doesn’t like it, and he thinks we’re big bullies.

2)  The primary reason I posted this blog is because of something emailed to Duy Tano’s COMICS CUBE website last night.

“Please don’t do another newsstory or headline about Rob Granito on your website then without consulting us.”

In light of Granito’s heartfelt plea to not do another headline about the Granito family shame unless we consult with them first, I feel it’s my duty to post another headline about Rob Granito without consulting them.

He can go to hell.

Ty the Guy.

I know I shouldn’t Granito…but…

My friend, Eden Bachelder sent me this delightful image by email last night, and it so cracked me up, I just had to share.

She chose my favorite Rob Granito “look-I-can-prove-I-painted-that” image as her basis for my portrait, too.  This is the one with paint smudges all over his face, but not on his hands (or the brush, for that matter), and the collection of children’s poster paints to the side, the brand of choice for pro illustrators everywhere.

I know the ROB GRANITO scandal is over, and I know I shouldn’t have brought it up again…but…the way Eden incorporated the look on my face as I glare back at Rob for his naughty shenanigans, it’s like a Norman Rockwell treasure.

We’ll consider this my April Fool’s Day Joke, I just couldn’t wait.

Ty the Guy

Just so you know, Eden’s does some delightful “legitomite” artwork when not creating insider meta jokes for your entertainment, and you should check out her website at


Frazetta vs. Al Gore, from beyond the grave! Batman vs. Talk Show Hosts!

Should Chief Dubbins be embarrassed about that?

I’m certain this is an amusing co-incidence, but a friend of mine (Paul Truster) showed me this reproduction of a Johnny Comet daily strip from 1952, featuring the fantastic art of Frank Frazetta, and a four panel besmirching of Al Gore’s good name.

Sex scandal follows Al Gore wherever he goes...check out the Blue Garter Club!

In 1952, the Al Gore you and I know about, was barely four years old.  His days of rooming with Tommy Lee Jones, inspiring the novel LOVE STORY losing the election for President to an activist/ corrupt court, and winning academy awards and Nobel Prizes was far in his future.  But his father AL GORE SR. was a senator from Tennessee at the time, having spent decades as a well known congressman for the same state, and being an outspoken critic of segregation for years, he was known on a national stage.   It’s POSSIBLE this was an amusing nod to a senator Frank liked…or it could be a co-incidence.

Either way, it seems that the name AL GORE and SEX SCANDAL were linked together as far back as ’52.    Tipper may have gotten out just in time!

Of note, Al Gore wasn’t the only future celebrity menacing the heroes of comics back in the late Golden AgeDavid Letterman and Batman had a puzzling animosity for each other in the late Forties that has never been explained.

At some point Dave gave up pipes for cigars, breaking the speed limit, and allowing stalkers into his home.

I believe Miley Cyrus was originally a recurring villain in Marvel’s Sub-Mariner comic, as well.  Let me look up the issues and get back to you.


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First off–Nomination Shmomination.  I’m honoured, and hope all the other nominees are killed in a sudden, painless skiing accident at once.  Otherwise, should they survive, I’m good if Ian Boothby gets the Shuster.  He’s rock solid funny every month over at my secret home, BONGO comics, and may not have been properly acknowledged for that yet.

Ah, the whole KIRBY thing.  If you’ve lived under a rock for the last few days, you might have missed that Kirby’s family is suing MARVEL and DISNEY for the rights to many of the characters he created, or co-created, or was down the hall when someone else co-created them (in the case of the obviously-not-created-by-Kirby Spider-Man, for instance).  I’ve read some pretty passionate calls for the Kirbys to go sink their teeth into Marvel for what was done to Jack, and some equally passionate calls for the Kirbys to back off and accept that their dad sold that stuff to Martin Goodman decades ago, and that they’re just trying to reach into Disney’s very deep pockets.  I have to admit, I come down on the side of the family, simply because us creators have to stick together, and I’d hope someday my family can reap the millions and millions that will someday come our way from my dramatic re-design of the ROCKET RED costume, or the creation of a spin-off version of MODOK in Howard the Duck.  But I’m a sucker for anything that’s anti-corporate, EVEN IF IT’S THE CORPORATION THAT EMPLOYS ME FROM TIME TO TIME.

So, I’m very interested in hearing from the folks that drop by.  Pro-family or pro-Disney, let’s holler, as the kid’s say.

No, dude.  Not SUPERMAN should holler…oh, wait, this is more of that Unseen DC stuff, today with 25% more Jerry Seinfeld?  In honor of the truly horrific flogging that Jerry’s new show “The Marriage Ref” is getting all over the critic-o-sphere,  I’m posting some of the images of Superman that went into the production of the Jerry Seinfeld/Superman/American Express commercials of six or seven years ago!   And since we’re going for “Unseen” as a theme this month, I thought I’d start with some of the preliminary artwork, and dig out the finished (and printed!) versions later.  These were all meant to be “snapshots” of Jerry and his best pal SUPERMAN, hanging out at the ball game, doing laundry, walking their dogs together and male bonding in a totally heterosexual, dockers-wearing kind of a vibe.  Here are some of the REJECTED sketches I did.  They didn’t like the flying Krypto, and wanted him walking, they didn’t like the look on Superman’s face, so that got re-drawn something like eight times.  These are the Unseen comp versions.  There are five or six of these “snapshots” in total, here’s a few to chomp on for now!

Stay Tuned for more silly reasons to repost the Mad Cover as the days wear  on, and ALL NEW BUNNY FUNNIES this weekend, as the blog morphs into a webcomic.  Slowly, but very uncertainly.

Ty the Guy

Gumby Scandal Haunts Templeton

It has recently come to this journalist’s attention that, in an obit for Art Clokey, the writer mentioned Ty Templeton‘s portrayal of Gumby on Canadian Television in the 1980s, second only to Eddie Murphy’s SNL portrayal in fame and infamy. This scandal, which Templeton had hoped was long-forgotten, came about when he portrayed Gumby on CityTV on a number of episodes of Late, Great Movies.  Pretending to be Gumby walking through a book, Templeton remembers, “The host, Bob Segarini asked me what book I was next planning to walk through next, and I answered, “The Joy of Sex and Portnoy’s Complaint.” Within 24 hours, Clokey Productions called our show and said I was never to play Gumby again.”

Templeton points out that, unlike Eddie Murphy‘s unofficial portrayal, he was an officially-sanctioned Gumby performer.  The costume had been supplied by Clokey Productions to promote Gumby.  (The show had to supply Pokey, the horse.) Templeton is unclear as to why there was a promotional push for Gumby at this time, but it might have been linked to the comic book.

The obituary for Art Clokey (and reference to the shameful Templeton Gumby Scandal) can be found on

This journalist shudders to think of the repercussions if any actual video footage of the offending incident were to be found and put on the internet where any innocent member of the Gumby-loving public could encounter it.