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Bun Toons goes to the Birds! YAY!

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I’m thankful that rabbits are so easy to draw.

american thanks

’nuff said.

Ty the Guy OUT!

little lulu

As someone who’s always been a colleague of Lulu (if not a dues-paying friend), it’s nice to see her bring a gun to a hatchet fight.  That’s the spirit.

friends of lulu

Some friends of Lulu brought a bomb.

julie link

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So Sorry To Disappoint Bun Toons! Woah!


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I’m in the middle of the most crazy deadline pressures of my adult life this last week as I wrap up Batman-Green Hornet and gear up for a quick, but fun visit with Spider-Man.   I’m so, so, so close to the bone with the deadlines that any waking moment not devoted to drawing Adam West and the gang is immoral and cruel to my editor (and colourist and letterer), so I’m afraid I have to run some RE-RUN TOONS this weekend.  (Only the second time I’ve done this in over four years of Bun Tooning! I’m NOT a failure.  I’m NOT!)

Since it’s Batman (and eventually Spider-Man) that are knocking my calendar days around, I figure it’s only fair to re-run some Bun Toons that feature ’em.

batman at noon


spiderman of the prairies websize

 Ty the Guy OUT! 

Bonus Comics on a Deadline Moment featuring my two favourite cartoonists:





Good Man Sept 2014

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For the Bun Toon archive (where you could go find your own re-run toons) click here.


Free Comic Book Day Bun Toons! YAY!

It's Comic Book Day!  Like Easter and Christmas and Losing your Virginity all at once!  Only with comics!

It’s Comic Book Day! Like Easter and Christmas and Losing your Virginity all at once! Only with comics!

I have arisen this morning and left my home within minutes…no time for an original Bun Toon (the rules are very strict…I gots to do ’em the morning I get up, folks and folkesses!) But….since it is…

free comic book day banner

…there is a feast of FREE COMICS here on the Bun Toon, for you to enjoy.

We’ll start with the Rules:

free comic book day bun toon


Okay, sure, that was a free cartoon on my website, but what about a free Ty Templeton Spider-Man comic book at my local store?

We have you covered there as well…


Apparently, if you pick up the new Rocket Racoon Free Comic Book from Marvel, it includes a back-up story by me and Joe Caramagna from the Ultimate Spider-Man Adventures series.   That’s the first page of a rollicking space adventure up there, and you can have the rest of the story FREE at any participating comic store!

Wait!  You want more free?  Here’s a complete Spider-Man story by Ty Templeton and Dan Slott!

spidey new york bigger file

Yeah, that’s from about three years ago, but if I posted anything more recent without permission, Marvel would vaporize my backside.

If you’re in the Toronto/Brampton area, come and watch me give out free comics in person at:


Stadium Comics at Shoppers World Brampton (Hwy 7 and Hwy 10, more or less)  

With all the traffic problems in Toronto, it’s probably an easier drive that anywhere downtown.  Come and see me…anyone under ten years old gets a free sketch!  Adults must pay through the nose and call me Lord Highmaster.



When I was eleven years old, I saw the movie THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE with my mom, and felt very grown up to have seen a film with swearing in it.  A couple of days later, I saw this issue of Mad Magazine and had enough money on me to buy it.

mad 161

At eleven, I was already waaay into comic books, and drawing, and I couldn’t get over the idea that a comic book had a painted cover that looked sort of like Norman Rockwell had painted it.  But…oh my…the interior artwork…

I copied every artist in this book over and over again.  Tried to paint that cover with acrylics and draw like George Woodbridge and Mort Drucker and Dave Berg and Paul Coker Jr. and Bob Clarke and Angelo Torres and Al Jaffee and everyone involved in this issue.  I couldn’t believe the level of artistic skill on display in a comic book that made me laugh like a monkey when I was eleven.

So I got the next issue and the next…and immediately I was a subscriber.  It was the first magazine I ever subscribed to.  The first issue that came in the mail had THIS cover:

mad 166

In this age of the internet, it’s hard to understand the level of subversion involved in this cover.  I understand it was banned in a number of stores and even a few American states wouldn’t let it be displayed within their borders.   Take that, developing taste in pop culture!

Mad Magazine rather quickly became a cornerstone of my personality.  At the age of 20, when it first occurred to me I might actually have the skills to make a living in this biz, I sent samples of my work out to Playboy, the New Yorker and Mad Magazine (it never crossed my mind to work on Super-heroes at the time, I was a gag cartoonist…)

All three magazines rejected my work (as they should have, the work was terrible), but the rejection from Mad Magazine was a treasure to me, because it was signed by Al Feldstein, editor.  It was like an autograph, and the rejection hung over my desk for years, somewhat proudly.

Al Feldstein:  Subversive Master

Al Feldstein: Grinning mischievously after rejecting me, the callous bastard.

We lost Al Feldstein this week at the age of 88.  I never got a chance to meet him in person, but he absolutely changed my life when I was eleven, and kicked me in the pants when I was 20.  He retired when I was about 25, so I never worked for him…but…

This was the first issue of Mad Magazine to include my work.

This was the first issue of Mad Magazine to include my art.

I finally got to his magazine.  Thank you Al Feldstein, for ruining my life with your sense of humour and subversion, and forcing me to become one of the Gang of Idiots.  It’s all your fault!  I could have been a plumber!


Not another one!

R.I.P. Efram Zimbalist Jr.

This silver haired devil had the coolest name in show biz.

This silver haired devil had the coolest name in show biz.

A television staple throughout my childhood on FBI and a number of other shows, I always dug this guy’s off-beat name and too-handsome-for-the-room mustache.

But the world of Batman knew and loved him as the voice of ALFRED PENNYWORTH, butler to the cave.

"anything else you need cleaned up, Master Bruce...?"

“anything else you need cleaned up, Master Bruce…?”

Thanks for all the memories, Efram.

Ty the Guy OUT!


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Bandwagon Bun Toons!

Can I hop on?  I'll follow the trend...

Can I hop on the trend?

Okay.  So the MAN OF STEEL movie is making serious bank.  Obviously, there’s a public out there hungry for a cynical, terrifying Superman.

No one’s stupid enough to ignore that audience.  So…

websizeOf course, we need David S. Goyer and a production company to make the money off these ideas…but there’s gold in there, Jerry!  GOLD!

And I think I want that Family Circus panel as a T-Shirt.

By the way, just so there’s no confusion.  I actually liked the MAN OF STEEL movie…

Ty the Guy OUT!

DC Comics is already ahead of the trend of the parent company.  This is from a recent World’s Finest, apparently.

Next: Aquaman drowns Wonder Woman.

Next: Aquaman drowns Wonder Woman.  COOL.

Optimism and honour in our heroes is SO 20th Century.



treasure map link

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Daughter and Daughter-in-law Toons! Yayy!!

This is normally where there would be a witty comment from Ty that makes people laugh and laugh.

I had all sorts of things I was going to say to sound just like Ty–but I forgot what they were. I’m tired, I’m busy, I have deadlines–it takes sleep and time to be funny! Can’t do it.

So here’s the part where I say something mildly salacious and just a wee bit naughty…here’s the part where I realise I’m about to introduce the idea that today’s Toons are done by the daughter, Katherine Templeton-Smith, and the daughter-in-law, Jessica Costley, so I have to get out of that faint whiff of blue.

Phew! Past that!

So, Ty’s too busy signing and sketching and generally telling hilarious stories (I’m guessing, since I’m stuck here in Toronto and he’s swaggering around Calgary having just a great time!) and he couldn’t get a Bun Toon ready for today. He begged each of the children to do a Toon for him…the daughter, who is the youngest child, and pretty determined to show that she can outdo anything her brothers do, had it almost completed before he left yesterday morning. As her father’s daughter, she distills for you the essence of an Archie Comic.

written and pencilled by Katherine Templeton-Smith

Our daughter-in-law Jessica was the other person to get her “assignment” completed. Jessica distills for you the essence of living with a son of Ty:

It’s funny because it’s completely TRUE!! (Which reminds me, guys–there’s still several more boxes of Kellam’s stuff by the front door).

Tomorrow, will be the boys’ turn to show off their Toons. I chose not to post them today because…well, because they’re not done, actually. Like all good freelancers, they’re trying to ‘push’ their deadlines.

Not-Ty the Guy OUT!!

Now here’s where Ty says something funny and introduces his

Bonus Girl-Accomplishment Moment!!

Don’t have a cartoon for this but, hey Ty–After taking part in the Fibonacci Contest, your daughter is representing her school for the Math Olympics!! Yayyy!! (If you’re at Calgary Expo, and you read this–can you tell Ty, because he probably won’t have a chance to read this for a day or two?)

And from our daughter-in-law Jessica Costley who is a baker, an Avengers’ birthday cake she did a year or so ago:


I know this will be a shock to you--but Ty can be JUST as opinionated as all the other guys. Here, he tells you what HE thinks.

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Titanic Bun Toons. YAY?

Children and Bunnies FIRST! We're the cute ones!

I’ve been assured by the news media (and my wife, who knows about these things) that today is the one hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  There’s a tourist ship over top the wreck as I post this, and memorials and observances going on around the world.   Clearly we still hate the ice berg and its family, and global warming is just the beginning of the payback we have planned.

My wife has a small but interesting collection of Titanic things –  A few books and documentaries about the event, a CD of the music playing on the voyage – that sort of thing.  But she also owns a copy of of the strangest piece of Titanic memorabilia ever created, just because she saw it before me at a comic convention last year.


It was made in 1962, on the FIFTIETH anniversary of the disaster, and according to the editorial page, it was written by Don Smith, supposedly a grand nephew of Captain Edward Smith, the original Captain of the ill-fated vessel.  It’s written without permission of his uncle’s estate, or the legal right to use “White Star” as a comics logo.

The story is bizarre, to say the least, involving time travel, and aliens shaped like ice-bergs.  There’s a second issue promised in the back, but The Grand Comics Database only lists this first issue on their site.   It’s astoundingly rare, apparently, as it was published when a good percentage of the Titanic survivors were still alive and a radio campaign to have the comic legally declared “an abomination” was waged across America in the survivor’s name.  My wife’s copy is in fairly good condition, comparatively, as most known copies show signs of burning.

I’m the one with the comic collection, but Keiren won’t give me the comic.  Something about it being “hers”.

But over the years, I’ve found a couple of treasures of Titanic Comics at conventions, and present my finds for you:

I’m pretty sure this is Italian.  The plot involves a woman in her underwear who seduces some guys and then shoots at people who are shooting at her, and she’s aboard the Titanic, by a stroke of bad luck for all this.  She survives on one of the lifeboats, and continues to shoot at someone, even while being rescued.  I think this is where the James Cameron found his movie plot.

This is a British Comic I found in Ireland.  It features a loveable sailor named Jonah, who is responsible for the deaths of many thousands of innocents over the years.  According to the story, he served aboard nearly every great sea disaster of the 20th Century, and managed to cause all of them by tripping over things.  So, in a nutshell, he’s a serial manslaughterer at sea, but funny.

I think I know why there aren’t that many Titanic based comic books.

Ty the Guy OUT!

There are some sane Titanic Comics out there, just to be fair and balanced.

And others, I’m sure.  I just prefer the weird ones.


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Under The Hoodie Bun Toons. No Yay, whatsoever.

Time to break someone's nose again.

If you’ve seen the news in the last few days, this needs no introduction.

Most of the business criminals who destroyed the economy were wearing a suit and tie just like Mr. Rivera.  I advise my kids not to wear a suit, or people might think they were an ACTUAL gangster.  The clothes make the man, Geraldo, but I sincerely hope no one shoots you because they feel threatened.

Ty The Guy OUT!

Here now, your Geraldo Rivera Comic Book Bonus:

As god is my witness, this comic tells the tale of a TV reporter opening Count Duckula's vault.


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Annoyed Ranting Bun Toons YAY!

I have a lawn, and you kids are getting OFF it!

Behold the crankiest of human beings known to science:  a middle aged fanboy with a complaint.

Actually, next week is Christmas, and we’ll be facing the empty promises involved with THAT.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Now your BONUS moment of comic books supporting the troops.

Soldiers passing out Superman comics which explain to the locals how to safely deal with land mines.


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Special Bonus Frank Miller Bun Toons Extra! YAY! YAY!

Because it's a Sunday, I spend eight minutes adjusting the logo!

I know I Bun Tooned yesterday on schedule and as expected.  And it was  darned funny too!   But later on in the afternoon, I read something Frank Miller said about the Occupy Wall Street bunch…

I didn’t even mention that SPIRIT movie.  I spared us all that.

If you need to be disappointed in the once-great Frank Miller, go HERE to read his spittle flinging rant against OWS.


Ty the Guy OUT!

Now, your BONUS Ty-Makes-Fun-of-Frank-Miller-Moment.

From some years ago, my contribution to one of Gail Simone’s old internet columns, “You’ll All Be Sorry!”


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Memorial Day Weekend Bun Toons, YAY!

Yes, I'm Canadian, but I know how to pander.

Ah, the long weekend…it’s that extra day off that allows you to fall even further behind on your work.   But before you settle back into a comfy chair, put a little effort in and read a web-comic, why don’tcha?

And when boobies win, don’t we ALL win, just a little?

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Memorial Day Weekend Bonus Comic Book Moment:

Suck on THAT level of patriotism, you Iwo Jima flag-raising-Marines!


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