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The End of the World Rapture Bun Toons! YAY!

This might be our last time together...

According to some pretty responsible sources in the media, today might be the last day of the world, and all the devout, religious people get to go bodily to heaven later this evening.  Sounds like a party, I hope there’s not much looting when it’s just us heathens left behind.

Yes Cap and Thing aren’t in their current outfits.   Don’t write me.   I hope to see you next week, with a bun toon for those left behind on Earth after the Rapture.  I hope the internet survives the end of days, as I have emails to catch up on.

Ty the Guy OUT!

UPDATE:  The world did NOT end on Saturday, citizens.  Go about  your day, and please, frequent your local malls and businesses. 

Here now, your BONUS Rapture Comic Book Moment:

You all knew there HAD to be Rapture Comic Books, right?


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Star Trek Bun Toons, YAY!

Ah, hardly up by noon, but this one took a couple of minutes, and so it’s only Saturday morning by Hawaii time.  That still counts, right?

Today I boldly toon where no bunny has gone before.

Here it is.  All summed up.  You needn’t look further.   I’ve been investigating Star Trek for decades,  I own all the episodes, all the series, the  movies and cartoons, and even wrote a STAR Trek TOS OGN for IDW that nearly won a JSA,  and I’ve got it all down to a science.    Now, I present to you…

Beam me up Mr. Kyle, I’m afraid there’s nothing more to be said.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Star Trek Comic Book Moment of Zen:

Yes, it’s real.


The SECRET ORIGIN of GOOD-MAN! Real Quick Comics!

If it’s Saturday, I must continue to sell my soul to this blog!

For the internet, it is my master.

There’s so little time this weekend, I’m still working away at my latest issue of Bongo Comics “the Simpsons”, as well as catching up from some other things I’ll happily show you when editors allow me to. (Cool Marvel and Cool Mad Magazine things is all I can say…).

And now, since one or two people actually demanded it:  The return of Good-Man!

That story took almost twenty minutes.  I promise I won’t spend so much time on the next one!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Real Quick Comic Book moment of zen:


Saturday Morning Science Comics! Yay!

What am I doing up this early?  I must be working on something…

Wait...I don't get paid for these webcomics?

And now, because I’m all about tolerance and understanding…

NEXT WEEK:  Chemical bonding fixes a run in the doctor’s stockings.  As for me, it’s back to the salt mines, drawing for pay, instead of love.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your cross-dressing comic book moment of zen:

More about the comics’ first transvestite hero HERE.


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Saturday Morning Quick Comics! YAY!

No time.  I’ve got no time!.


Not so much a webcomic blog as a complusive disorder.


I’ve got no time!  I’m too busy.  There’s no spare minutes to be typing this!

I’m sorry, I would have put more effort into the complexity of the script and the sophistication of the artwork, but I’m currently working two jobs to pay the mortgage I owe to the bank.   PLUS I just heard the American dollar is being devalued, and that means this Canadian has to find more work!  I wish I could stay and talk, but I’ve got to go.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your comic book advertising moment of zen:


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See you soon, with more of the Blog Funny, as soon as I get a spare minute.  Busy, busy, busy.


Like you needed me to remind you.

Superman vs. Jesus vs. Hallowe’en Toons! Yay!

It’s Saturday, and time for me to blaspheme again.  This time, it’s SEASONAL!

I've given you bun toons. Now you owe me candy.

Please, no letters or emails, I’m illiterate anyway.

Enjoy your trick or treating, folks.  And try to remember, if you really want to gain weight this weekend, forget candy and head straight for a KFC Double Down, your doctor will be glad you did.


Here now, your Bun Toons moment of Zen:


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Saturday Lying Toons

Even when my computer fails, I'll find a way.

I swear to god, this was ready HOURS ago, but my #@)(*#$)(* $#@ computer has shut itself down for the day, and no amount of screaming obscenities at it has cured it of the problem.  So, I’m loading this from my wife’s computer, and now that it’s HOURS late, no one is here to read it.  Ironically, I’m telling the truth about this…but these people…

There’s no greater opening line than “I’m not a racist, but…” to know you’re about to hear some weak, racist crap coming from the moron pie-hole of the piece of garbage talking.    Not that I’m talking about any specific commentator on Fox News….

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Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your comic book moment of zen:

Saturday Morning Taxi Toons! Yay!




The morning of Saturday is upon us, and time for another bun toon.  This one was inspired by a terribly bad cab ride, a conversation with my friend Sam Agro, and a bit of an old SNL sketch.  Put ’em together and you make toon soup.   I’m actually happy with how this one turned out, and hey, look!  I lettered it by hand, just because I can still do that!

Dedicated to the Sketch Treadwells of this world.  May you all be stiffed with a Kat Krispies coupon.

See you soon for another Hi-larious top ten list, and more bun toons next week.  Ain’t the internet fun?  Speaking of fun…


Here now, your comic book moment of zen.



You'll never stop me from cartooning. Don't make me cut you.


-First off.  We must wish happy thoughts to Yoko, and the missing walrus.

Who knew John did a bunny self portrait?  It shows his range.

Anyway…It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada…time to visit the mom’s house and eat turkey while the kids put permanent marks in their grandmother’s furniture.  While I was over at the mom’s house a couple of weeks ago, I was handed a box of old drawings and cartoons from the start of my career…including some submissions to humour magazines drawng in my early twenties.  In honour of turkey and visiting home, I present a couple of them on my bunny blog.

All this goes to prove that young cartoonists should not PUN so much.  It’s a disease when you’re that age.  See you next week with an ALL NEW Bun Toon that has never been in my mother’s house.


Here now, your comic book moment of zen:



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