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Wide Awake Bun Toons! YAY!

new mentor-hat

It’s like electricity is shooting through my brain.

Almost a true story.

Emotionally true, anyway.

imagine my surprise websize

I cannot stress enough how little regard I have for the any of the previous attempts to recapture the magic of Star Wars.  Though I consider Empire a decent enough film, it’s hardly in the same league as the sublimely wonderful original picture.  Somehow, J. J. Abrams loved the franchise enough to give us a sequel you can bite into.  It’s flawed, it’s a little bit TOO much of an homage to the original, and there are some plot holes that the Millennium Falcon can fly through, but who cares?

Finally we have a Star Wars that’s FUN, exciting, FUNNY, clever, well-acted, and I am even willing to buy into the mythology of it all, this time around.   Shows you what a missed opportunity the last four or five films have been.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Many moons ago, when the trailer first came out, I sensed a tingling in the force…here’s the Bun Toon from that week.

bunny force awakens

Hee hee.

Not disappointed.

star wars pitches

About ten years ago, I did a graphic novel for Vertigo Comics called “BIGG TIME”.  It was a satire of the entertainment industry and the whole need for fame in the American psyche…and on page 71, a character showed up wearing a T-Shirt with a special message…


If you can’t read the shirt is says “I’m Still Waiting for Star Wars Episode Seven”.


Last week link


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Ty cannot come to the Bun Toon today

Sorry folks, we‘re at Wizard World Chicago this weekend so Ty has no time to Bun Toon. See ya back here next week.

Here are a few of the pre-con commissions Ty brought with him:

Harley shoots ty templetoncatwoman batgirl ty templeton

yoda ty templeton

harley joker pie ty templeton



Mark Twain, Ty Templeton and…


Two names you probably didn’t expect to see together! I’ve been asked by Alternate History Comics to be a part of their next project, Mark Twain’s Niagara The Graphic Novel. I’m joining in on an enviable list of artists illustrating Mark Shainblum’s adaptation (with a scene by Fearless Fred Kennedy):  Adam Gorham(TMNT/Ghostbusters, X-Files, Dead Drop, Teuton), Fred Pashe (SpiritWolf), award-winning fine artist and illustrator menton3 (MONOCYTE, The Fly: Outbreak, The X-Files), AASC Canadian Publishing Award & People’s Choice Award nominee Andy Stanleigh (Titan: An Alternate History, Hobson’s Gate), Joe Shuster Award winner and Canadian Comic Book Hall of Fame illustrator Claude St. Aubin (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern), award-winning artist and film-maker Nicholas Burns (Arctic Comics, Bride of Chucky, True North), internationally renowned concept artist Haiwei Hou (Two Brothers, Ochek), internationally acclaimed award-winning artist Jeffrey Veregge (G.I. Joe, Transformers, Judge Dredd), the brilliant Katherine Piro (The Chaste Maid), Shane Kirshenblatt (Dorothy Gale: Journey to Oz, The Bleeding Tree), Ben Shannon (Ayanisach, Superior Iron Man), Mike Rooth (Savage Sword, Captain Canuck, WidowsWake), Keith Grachow (Concrete Martians, Saltwater), superstar Ken Lashley (Batman, Superman, X-Men, The Avengers). (all details from the Kickstarter post)

Instead of reading anything I can say about this project and still having to continue over to the Kickstarter to get all the details, you should just start there! Go now! Run! Click this link and read! We’ve got seven days left to get this project funded so don’t waste any time here with me–


Mark Twain’s Niagara The Graphic Novel

Ty the Guy OUT!

Sunday, SUNday, SUNDAY!!

But I shall be at my post tomorrow

But I shall be at my post tomorrow

Keiren here–when I was a kid growing up in a teeny tiny little village (so small that it couldn’t be called a town) of Cayuga, the only claim to fame we had was a teeny tiny little racetrack outside of town called the “Cayuga Speedway”. It was, in fact, a twenty minute drive away (possibly further–my dad always drove like he was on a racetrack. For many years, I thought 75 mph was the actual speed limit) and located near several other towns. But I guess none of them had a name that was as interesting. But for decades, any time I would tell people I was from Cayuga they would say, “Oh the Speedway!” because it was famous for it’s radio ads which would proclaim “Sunday SUNday SUNDAY, at Cayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuga Speedway!”

Which has nothing to do with Ty’s Bun Toons…’cept, “Sunday SUNday SUNDAY there wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllll be a NEW BUN TOOOOOOOOOOOON!”



Seriously? AGAIN??

If only the drugs were this good...

If only the drugs were this good…

After two weeks of deadline enforced Re-Runs, I woke up this morning feeling awful.  I even had to cancel a store appearance (sorry Kevin) I’d promised weeks ago.

But I’m somewhat up and about, and will do my best to Bun Toon as the day goes on, no doubt having a toon first thing tomorrow.

See you when I’m no longer stoned on the Tylenol 3s.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Simple and Easy Bun Toons! YAY!

I don't want to hurt anyone's brain...

I don’t want to hurt anyone’s brain…

GOODMAN websize

Based on a true story.

Ty the Guy OUT!

BONUS:  The not-at-all-secret origin of GOOD-MAN, written and drawn by a common street thief, down on his luck.goodman two web size colour


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Bun Toons! A very odd version of YAY!

bun toons alt 2014



small robin williams


I used to be the funniest person at the funeral.  You’ve never seen me be as funny as the day I did a forty minute stand-up routine about my first marriage breaking up.

Nowadays, comedy is a skill.

Ty The Guy.


One of the first BUN TOONS I did .



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Temporary Delay Bun Toons! No Yay at all

bun toon under construction


Thanks to some unexpected computer trouble and an internet that has been down most of the day, I won’t be able to get a Bun Toon up today. Stay tuned–it will go up tomorrow morning.

Ty the Guy OUT


What?!? No Bun Toon?!? It can’t be!?!

Hey there fellow weblanders.  So sorry about no Bun Toon today, but it is a physical impossibility…as I am in beautiful downtown Moncton, New Brunswick, attending the East Coast Comics Expo, and having a great time, along with Marco Rudy, Kate Leth, Gisele Legace, Sandy Carruthers, Steve McNiven, and many wonderful Moncton Art People from McKenzie College of Art and Design (shout out to my marathon school session peeps!)

I am happily drawing Batman 66 pages in my hotel room and posting from a borrowed Netbook, upon which I cannot type.

I shall join you for your regularly scheduled Bun Toon when I get back to the Big Smoke from out east, don’cha know?

Ty the Guy,

Standing on the corner, of Bonnaccord and Main

Walking with my woman and watching the CN train.

I wonder where that train’s a going, only one way on that track,

Some rivers, they run forward, but Moncton’s it runs back.

You put your car in neutral,

It rolls up the hill,

in Moncton.

(to be continued…)

Toon In Tomorrow

I cannot Bun Toon right now, because today I am doing something I’ve NEVER DONE BEFORE in my life, and it’s taking up my day.

Tomorrow, I’ll let you all know about it.

It’s something most of you…I dare say…all of your…have never done either.

Ty the Guy