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Once again, I become a preposterously minor character in a vague spin-off of a legendary franchise!

Third in a series.

Last night, we had a meeting for the Toronto Cartoonist Workshop group — the talented bunch of creators who are writing and drawing the Sensational Holmes Incorporated second issue that I’m editing.  (I’ll start to show off some of the fantastic images from the new stories soon!) and after the meeting, one of our crafty and skilled writers (Mighty Mike Marano) got to chatting with me, and I mentioned that I’d appeared as an actor in some old Canadian TV shows about twenty years ago, and I foolishly told him the name of one of them:  Katts and Dog.

Dog and Katts. Note: I am neither of these actors

And so Mike promptly got to looking for it on Youtube, and found a clip or two online, because Youtube is a level of hell where all your past mistakes are in streaming form.

Before we go to the clip,  talk show rules require I set it up….  I play an annoying rookie cop – an academy classmate of the main character, Katts.  The role required sighing, snorting, barking and behaving like a dick whenever the camera was on.  My dialog included the memorable line, “Woof Woof, punk, I’m a dick.”.  It’s where the Emmy I keep in my “sun room”  comes from.

Seconds before a sigh. Soon, I'll be barking. Note: I'm the one on the right.

After you watch this clip, I’ll explain why this is even remotely interesting…

Okay…so I’m looking for a link to where you can buy the DVD set, or the IMDB page for this show or something, as is nettiquette correctness dictates, and found out that the only DVD sets of this old show available or in French.  And in French, the series has a different name:

Rin Tin Tin Junior!?!?   Being in Katts and Dog, I could care less about, but I was in a Rin Tin Tin TV show!  That’s cool, even accidentally!  I remember meeting the dog, but we didn’t do anything on screen together.  I think his name was RUDY.   But ignore that I’m terrible in the part, and that I never worked on screen with the dog, or that his name wasn’t originally Rin Tin Tin….I worked with a Hollywood legend’s fifteenth generation, French-Canadian heir…. Rin Tin Tin JUNIOR!!

It seems the series was set in San Fransisco or Paris. Or both. Perhaps it involved a magic transporting genie-dog who flew between cities. I've never seen the show.

Apparently, in either the French of the English version of the series, I had a two second moment in the starting montage of one of the seasons.  Which means, when it was on the air, I would have friends tell me they saw me on TV all the time, even though I wasn’t actually on the show, but I got whopping residual checks for like, fifty bucks every year or so for a while.  The instant fame caused me to seek drugs and whores, but Dr. Drew cleaned me up.

By season three, the dog adopted an orphan, and a drunken Katts was arresting street car tracks. I had long ago left the series, by this disappointing season, unaware for years that I'd even been on it.

First I was made a subway station  in Gotham City, then a minor character in Planet of the Apes, and now, again… in the deepest corners of the most obscure records of Hollywood history, I am an astoundingly unimportant footnote in the legend of Rin Tin Tin!

Oh the life I lead.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Rin Tin Tin Comic Book Moment:

What kind of a heartless monster would trick a dog and a child?

The Batman-Singing Pug

It’s been a little hot up here in Canada-land, which I think is the only excuse for this…  Normally, Ty’s not a big one for “funny” YouTube videos but I played him The Pug who yells “Batman” and he smiled.  Then, I played him the mash-up (of course, there’s a mash-up) by Bex Schwartz and he laughed ’til he had tears streaming down his face.  Then, while dazed by all the laughing, he said, “You’ve got to link to those in Art Land!”

So, here ya go…funny videos on the interwebs, recommended by Ty the Guy.

The Pug who yells “Batman”



and The Mashup “Batman Pug Theme Song”






Ty talks…

Mr. Dickinson, over at Toronto Cartoonists Workshop, is at it again–he’s posted video of Ty explaining the origin of comics (“Comics Rock! with Ty Templeton”). Check it out…and check out the classes starting in February.  Classes are starting to fill up:  February is no longer so far away as it was when Walter first announced these classes, so book now.


Sketching by Ty

Walter Dickinson has been at it again! Now he’s posted vids of Ty doing sketches at FanExpo August 2009, on the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop site.


Talent is…

Walter Dickinson, of the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop, has posted video of Ty giving his famous (infamous?) speech about the myth of talent.   Watch it and be inspired to learn, learn, learn.  And practice.

Seinfeld and Superman

A couple of years back, Ty was asked to pencil and ink some drawings of Superman and Jerry Seinfeld for a series of commericals, and some billboards.  The commericals started and ended on still frames of Ty’s drawings (okay, one is a not-so-exciting shot of a car loaded down with suitcases which Jerry and Superman were allegedly driving in).  He still has the art somewhere…

But, I went trawling through YouTube and found the commercials…

Hoverboy Friday Fun

Rick Green talks Hoverboy

Ty Templeton talks Hoverboy Museum (with a guest appearance by son Taylor)

Hoverboy Away!