Lo, There Shall Come a Battle Bun Toons! YAY!

Titans are clashing!  Titans, I tell you!

Titans are clashing! Titans, I tell you!

So apparently there’s something about a new Secret Wars Marvel project, and something about ret-conning some Marvel history when it all shakes out.

Clay pigeons loaded…

Off we go.

marvel reboot

Anyone who recognizes themselves, please report to your nearest station and await further instructions.

Ty the Guy OUT!


Straw Men have been popular in comics for quite a while now…

straw men dark

I’ve not read this series, but that cover is rock solid.

straw men skullsThis is the only cover from this All American Comics NSFW series that I can put on this family friendly website.

straw man marvel

Even Marvel Comics is familiar with publishing straw men.


james bond link

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For the Bun Toons archives, click here

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All Canadian Bun Toons, Eh! YAY!

Throughout this entire blog entry, I will not mention hockey.  Except for that mention just now...

Throughout this entire blog entry, I will not mention hockey. Except for that mention just now…

You know, other countries have their good points.  You can visit Disneyland or the Great Barrier Reef, or Stonehenge when you’re abroad.

But home town Canada has its own rewards…

james bond eh

This is absolutely true, by the way.  We suddenly don’t have to pay anyone for the rights to Conan, James Bond, Tarzan,  and a whole bunch of great old pulp characters in our fine Dominion of Canada.   If only there were enough people in Canada to give us a film industry, I’d be kickstartering this idea tomorrow.

Ty the Guy OUT!


As long time readers of the Bun Toon might know, I once dipped my toe in the James Bond universe doing a couple of storyboards for the very short lived animated series James Bond Jr.

James Bond Jr #1 page 00I didn’t draw anything in this comic book, by the way, but there’s almost NO images of James Bond Jr. from the TV series online.  It’s THAT forgotten by history.

Such a proud moment in the career, that was.


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For last week’s Mohammed-Drawing moment of courage, click here for the Je Suis Charlie Bun Toon of last week. …Pour Mohammed-dessin le moment de courage, cliquez ici pour le Je Suis Charlie Bun Toon de la semaine dernière.

For the Bun Toon Archive, click here

For the Bun Toon Archive, click here

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Potentially Obtuse Bun Toons

bun toons logo big

We’re all enraged this week.

Let’s make the rage rational.

charlie hebdo

When I first heard of the Paris shootings, my first thought was horror, and my second thought was “…some Muslim cab driver is going to get knifed over this later in the week”.

My Third Thought:  I wanted to reprint every Charlie Hebdo cover that ever featured Mohammed on my blog, just to spit into the eye of those monstrous religious extremists that feel they can control OTHER PEOPLE’S free speech.

Fuck religious people who want to control you.  Fuck religion.

But some of those covers were clearly racist, and I realized that to feature those Charlie Hebdo covers again as a knee-jerk reaction would also be spitting in the eye of every other Muslim, just because of the action of a small group of psychotics that do not represent them or their religion.    And I cannot, in good conscience, punch back at every brown skinned middle eastern person of faith because I’m enraged.

I still drew Mohammed up there. It was part of the story so fuck fear.

And fuck labels that spread the blame to an entire culture.  No one deserves them.

Unless all you white protestants are all willing to apologize daily for Custer and the Klan and the Green River Killer.

Ty the Guy OUT


The “Charlie” in CHARLIE HEBDO is a reference (partly) to Charlie Brown.

Today, as the bonus moment:  My favourite Charlie Brown strip of all time.  It’s useful information to folks who believe this world was formed with a religious plan.


Let’s never forget, that the most religious member of the Peanuts gang (Linus) is the one who cannot let go of his security blanket.


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Happy New New Year Bun Toons! YAY!

top five logo 1

Happy New Year everybody (he said, knowing it isn’t)!  Wasn’t last night a blast (probably  not)?

It’s OFFICIALLY the first of the new year,  here at Bun Toon Central, and time for the Most and Least Popular Bun Toons of 2014 to be revealed.


Our champion of the year was read by far, far more folks than possibly any Bun Toon of all time.  There’s almost no way to tell.  Normally, I use the local webcounter here, and tally up all the links back to determine how many eyeballs landed on my humble bunny funnies, but this little viral monster ended up everywhere online, on everyone’s ELSE’S tumbler, on their website and eventually onto the printed page as a poster (available exclusively at Reno’s Wizard World Comic Convention last year!).  I can’t count up other people’s tumbler numbers, and couldn’t even guess at how many people lifted this Bun Toon whole cloth, so we’re just going to say “lots and lots” and leave it at that.

And it’s all for the love of Mr. Finger…

fingerless batman poster websize

That version above is actually the “cleaned up” version of the strip, which originally ran in a much cruder form, but it was hard to read, and I wasn’t proud of the pastiche style…

The original looked like this:


But who can read that lettering?

Best parts of crusading for Bill The Boy Wonder last year:  Creating awareness of his story, and getting to talk to his granddaughter Athena Finger.  The tide is starting to turn towards justice for Bill’s place in history:  If you go to Batman’s wiki page, it says co-created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger nowadays.  It’s only DC Comics that can’t admit it, but the part of fandom that isn’t controlled by an iron-clad legal document that keeps Finger from getting his due credit, is happy to embrace Batman’s other papa.

For last week's Bill Finger Google Doodle Campaign, click here

Finally.  Batman fans have been given the Finger.


Time for hilarious failure.

When they decided to kill off Wolverine, right after bringing Peter Parker back from the dead, slightly after the return of Jean Gray, but after the murder of Professor X, which was followed by the return of Nightcrawler…I started to think there was no choice…at least if I wanted my Bun Toons to catch on.

dead bunny websize version

That’s Ortiz, the Hispanic Pool Boy in the last panel, a beloved ethnic slur that showed up in the strip a few times over the summer.  He wasn’t popular either.

That strip up there was only the SECOND least read Bun Toon of the year…the honour of being dead LAST was earned the very next week when I decided to keep up with this silly Dead Bunny Saga…and NO ONE showed up to play along.

dead bunny part 2

The Pepsi drinking version of the Bunny (with the backwards signature on his shirt) hosted Bun Toons for the rest of the summer, but I quickly stopped making reference to his being an evil twin as no one seemed to notice or care.


Eventually, I simply put the signature on the shirt the right way ’round again in September, and the readership boycott drew to a close.

I thought it was a funny “take” on the industry’s fondness for slaughtering its heroes, but I’ve never been so wrong in my instincts before.

Which means, the epic, twenty-eight part “Return of the Bunny” will never see the light of day.  It’s a pity, because I would have brought back the Watcher, Gwen, Jor-El and Lara, and Jack Kirby in successive chapters.


See you NEXT week for the start of Bun Tooning 2015!  (No entry tomorrow, I don’t want to overstay my welcome with six Bun Toons in a row!)  What’s coming up will surprise you, because it will surprise me.  I never know what these little stories will be about until Saturday morning.

Ty the Guy OUT for 2014!