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Stay Tuned…

When Ty finished drawing bloody body parts for Dexter: The Early Cuts, he had to return to drawing yellow people for Bongo…but now that’s all done.  He’s thinking of taking a few days off before he launches into his next set of projects.  So, that means some new pages for me to put up once he scans them.  And–he was thinking aloud about what he could do for entries in Art Land…something about some NEW stuff…



Can’t say how excited I am about this, Hover-gang.  This stunning collectible (worth it’s weight in double unobtainium)  JUST arrived in the mail.  It was sent in to me by fellow Bucket Brother, Mr. Richard Fader of Ft. Lee, New Jersey, who said he found two copies of this coloring book in a local Goodwill store (the copy he kept is in MUCH better condition, natch, but who could blame him?).  Oddly enough, the copyright date on the coloring book is 1988, which ASTOUNDS me, as I had previously believed that no Hoverboy product came out after collapse of the “Fists and Buckets”  cereal in 1985.

(For years, I thought the cereal box to the left was the last Hover-based product available in America–this was after Hoverboy co-creator Bob Stark’s 12 victim shooting spree at the Northview Mall in1982, which understandably caused the public to turn away from the Battlin’ Bucket character.   Perhaps I was wrong…this is all detailed in an earlier ArtLand post here.)

The coloring book itself is filled with page after page of what it promises on the cover.  Images of demons and monsters fighting, with Hoverboy floating to the side, passively watching.  Clearly the Hoverboy figures are drawn by a different artist in every image.

Oh, and for those who’ve never been, the Hoverboy Museum is a treasure trove of this stuff.  Be sure to visit the comic rack and the many incarnations of Hoverboy on TV and the movies while you’re there.  Or use the hyperlinks above you savvy hackers.

Ty the Guy

New Old Art

Ty has been so pleased by the response to Michel Fiffe’s interview, and to seeing some of Ty’s old art, that he’s been going through his fifteen sketchbooks, and some of the stacks of older artwork.  He’s been asking me what I think he should scan–he’s got a Kelvin Mace cover which was never published, he’s got a bunch of short Stig’s Inferno stories he’s done…lots of one-off cartoons. He’s even mulling the possibility of an all-new all-original story featuring that blond guy who lives in the hot place…


A little Stig…

This has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas.  Well, maybe it could in that there are probably people who would love to get a Stig’s Inferno figure as a present! (Ty jokingly asked our son, who is one of the buyers for the Silver Snail, if he could order up a bunch of these).

Sent to Ty (and I’m assuming made by) Clayton Emery, I present to you:


Clayton says that he was made from a nude Luke Skywalker figure.


WildC.A.T.S. Adventures

From the dark and distant past, from the bowels of Ty’s studio…comes pages from WildC.A.T.S. Adventures. Yes, children, briefly–oh so briefly– in the mid90’s Ty,  that crazy Stig’s Inferno guy, was an artist at Image Comics.

The comic was to promote the cartoon from Nelvana Studios…the cartoon lasted thirteen episodes (we knew it was in trouble when not one of our 8 year old son’s friends had seen it or had an interest in it), and the comic book lasted ten issues.  Ty lasted four-ish.  Maybe it was three. This was back in the days when he could draw superheroes…but what he really wanted to do was write and be funny.

Check out the work…I don’t think the blood, sweat and tears show up on the pages, so they should be fairly hygienic.


Stig’s Inferno

Looking for Stig’s pages?  We got ’em.  Ty sorted through the few that survived a basement flooding,  and chose the ones he currently feels he can part with.  He had to pick out four to save for the children…this, more than anything, is definite proof that we will not be having more children.  The oldest is slightly luckier than his siblings–he actually has a Stig’s Inferno cover (#4), framed and hanging on his wall.  And an extra page.  It pays to be the eldest…

Stig Cover #4

Starting Scanning in 3, 2…

Ty is still sorting.  Okay, he took a break for some sleep.  But, it’s amazing what he’s been finding.  He always told me that he only had a dozen pages of Stig’s Inferno left after The Great Disaster (memory escapes me here…this was pre-me in his life, but I think it involved an overflowing washing machine too close to comic boxes and art portfolios).  I think he’s actually found closer to…two dozen at this point.  Some water damage (he threw out the worst)–but it’s pretty minor.  As Ty’s a crazed perfectionist, any level of damage is not acceptable to him…but our son, who works at Silver Snail Comics and occasionally prices comics and art for people, feels that the pages are not as damaged as his dad thinks.