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52 New Bun Toons Titles ALL AT ONCE! YAY!

Because I'm ahead of the cutting edge.

By now, comic fans have heard that DC is canceling their line of comics for a month, and then relaunching their entire catalog with 52 all-new first issues of all-new re-boots of all their all-new series, in one all-new month, and ALL of them are going online the very same day.  Some people have called this a stroke of marketing genius, but all those people currently work for DC.  For the rest of us, it looks like a heck of a gamble…one that’s sure to bankrupt the fans if they buy every #1 issue, and one that’s sure to bankrupt the comic stores if the fans don’t.   One thing you CAN say about the idea, is that it’s got people talking.  And since I’m no idiot (I have a doctor’s note to prove it too!) I’m stealing the idea myself.  Starting next month, the weekly Bun Toon is spinning off into 52 weekly Bun Toons.  And they’re all available online the same day, too!

In case you’re wondering what that many new first issues looks like coming at you at once, it looks like this:

Remember, if you don’t subscribe to all 52 of these new webcomics, you’ll be destroying the comics industry, you selfish bastards.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your bonus new DC moment:

...because nothing says "modern" like an Victorian high collar.


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