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Christmas Bunnies #4

Ty finished his work and got it out the door…but now he’s got the list of “could you add a drawing of this? could you change this?” and he’s too busy for sleep, food or rock’n’roll.  So, it’s still little ol’ me, going through his files…

(I’m thinking of saying something slanderous about someone…maybe his mother, just to freak him out and get him to come running to the computer.  Wait–is it slander or libel on the internet?*)

Hey–I remember this one!  I flatted this for Ty, and when he finished it, he used it as a colouring lesson for me…imagine how much I retained in the midst of the Christmas rush (what with the many children and cats running around).


*Ty says, “Libel.”  But it’s the internet…it’s not really published, right?  Wouldn’t it be slander?  Oh, wait–there was that lawsuit with the model