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X-Men Spoiler Bun Toons On The Road! YAY!

Through rain, or sleet, or a trip to Montreal…

It`s the Montreal Comic Convention this weekend, and I`m happy to be attending…but it takes me far away from my home computer, my scanner, and all my happy places.  Still…nothing will stop the Bun Toon, if I can help it…so I sketched this out on the kitchen table at my sister-in-law`s place, and drew it at postage stamp size to get it to fit on my brother-in-law`s teeny scanner.

I did my best.

I was glad that Johnny Storm un-died long enough to go to Charlie`s funeral.  And who knows who will un-die next…there are rumours.

NOTE:  I drew everyone`s costume wrong.  I had no comics to reference their correct colours.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Dead Professor X Moment:

It`s always bittersweet to remember the first time someone dies.


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