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Heroes of the North: Acadia. YAY!

So much of the stuff I work on, I’m not really allowed to show off on the blog, as publishers tend to want to wait, and do that stuff themselves.  That’s why I can’t show you pages from the upcoming Bill Finger book I illustrated, or pages from an upcoming issue of The Simpsons I’m in the middle of, or pages from the Great Lakes Avengers story I have in an upcoming FEAR ITSELF special.

But I DO get to show off a pin-up/poster/cover I just did for HEROES OF THE NORTH, one of the most impressive multi-media super-hero projects (from fellow bacon-eating Canucks) that I’ve ever seen.  They’re a comic book series, they’re a web TV show, they’re a set of cool figurines, they’re a dessert topping AND a floor cleaner, and you can enjoy all the joyous fun HERE at http://www.heroesofthenorth.com/.

The project includes a score of creators, characters and stories, spanning decades of Canadian super-hero history.  I’ve contributed a few things for them over the last year or so, including this image of ACADIA,  their invisible  Maritime agent, currently assigned to protect Montreal.

Like everything else in life, if you click it, it will get bigger and you can see the linework.

And because readers have suggested it’s fun to see where an image starts off, here’s the thumbnail of the original little sketch – matchbox sized, just something on a scrap piece of paper, looking just for gestures, movement, etc.

From there, I drew the same gesture on a piece of typewriter paper (about 7×10 inches) to try to add a little anatomy and bits of the costume.

I make sure I never work the small sketch too much, because I’m not looking for a final image, just something that’s more refined than the original scribble.  From there, it’s scanned and blown up to 11 x 17 inches, and traced onto a piece of board, with details and anatomy tweaked as I lightbox it.  If I had put too much detail in this intermediate sketch, I’d be tracing the final image, rather than drawing it, and it would lose energy.  The final pencils should be where the artist finds the drawing, not during the small sketch.

Go visit the Heroes of the North.  They deserve a moment or two of your attention, the work they’ve done is amazing.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your HEROES OF THE NORTH Bonus Moment:

Here’s Acadia in her full gear, about to go on camera for an episode of the live action webshow.