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Dexter Early Cuts, 3 episodes

It’s been pointed out that although I’ve linked to Ty’s episode of the webisodes many times, I haven’t included the links for the other two.  Nor have I ever put the name correctly!  It’s Showtime’s Dexter Early Cuts, not “The Early Cuts” as I’ve been so insistently typing. So, herewith…

Behind the Scenes: Dexter Early Cuts

Dexter  Early Cuts, “Alex Timmons” (art by Kyle Baker, written by Lauren Gussis)

Dexter  Early Cuts, “Gene Marshall” (art by Andres Vera Martinez, written by Lauren Gussis)

Dexter Early Cuts, “Cindy Landon” (art by Ty Templeton, written by Lauren Gussis)