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Free Comic Book Artist Day! YAY!

get out of jail freeThank GOD I had this card with me.  It turns out, this card not only gets you out of jail, it gets the charges dropped, a written apology to your whole family, and you get to pick out two items from the evidence lock-up, provided you do it on the first of April.

A couple of people were angry at me for pretending to be a police-abusing, animal-hugging,  hippie convict yesterday, (for about ten minutes, that included people I’m married to), but I pretended with animal-hugging, hippie convict love.  No one was hurt except a fictional officer of the law, so I hope you’ll find space in your blood pump to forgive this merrie prankster his annual Spring reverie.

Pictured:  Me, yesterday.  Only with more giggling.

This is me yesterday. Only with more giggling.

It’s nice to know I could raise a couple of grand in a heartbeat if I ever need to, but I’m hanging onto the Kirby and Watchmen pages, and my various Batman #1 covers for the time being, thank you very much (we got a few offers!).  There’s no ACTUAL looming emergencies at the moment, so I’ll be keeping  the whole lot in a box in my bedroom, where a flood or fire could easily destroy them all at once.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here’s yer BONUS April Jesting Apres-Blog.

00 new mascot color

That shot of the Bunny reeling in da fish, hook, line and sinker, comes from last year’s April post, which involved me winning a half a million dollars in a lawsuit.