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THIS time it's going to be HUGE.

THIS time it’s going to be HUGE.

I’ve talked to the consultants, and everyone assures me it will be fine.

good man goes for broke

Every time they cut off an arm the sales go through the ROOF!  Except for Booster Gold, they reversed that one fairly quickly.  And except for Arsenal, that one didn’t last.  And Aquaman’s arm grew back, so they cut off the OTHER one, but that one’s back now.  And then there’s Lightning Lad (both a lost arm AND a female version of himself with his sister)…they fixed that one a long time ago.

Okay, maybe it only works when they cut off the arms of Marvel characters.  Winter Soldier and Cable do okay.

Ty the Guy OUT!


There is only one true king of the superheroes with a missing arm.

You know who I mean.

arm fall off boy 1

arm fall off boy 2

The Great Arm-Fall-Off-Boy.  Created by Gerry Jones, Curt Swan and Ty Templeton.

Maybe my greatest contribution to the world of comics.


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