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Batman: Under the Red Hood redux

There have been quite a few reviews from the press screening Ty hosted, last week, for Batman:  Under the Red Hood. And from those reviews, I’ve culled a few pictures of Ty and one of the sketch he did as the prize in a raffle the PR team held. So, herewith, pictures (I’m too tired for any funny talk)…

from FutureShopForums.ca‘s review

from Future Shop review

(from Future Shop review)

and from EyeCrave.net’s review

from EyeCrave.net

and…drum roll, please–


(from EyeCrave.net)



Ty won’t be doing a Hoverboy Friday entry today as he’s a busy guy–he’s off to host a press screening of “Batman Under the Red Hood” (for any press not lucky enough to be wandering around San Diego Comic Con at the moment). Check out the invite below (he was amused at “famous Canadian comic book artist”–clearly the publicist hasn’t seen “How to be Only Mildly Famous and Moderately Successful just like me).

So, ’til later…when Ty will post his views on the film and screening…

Keiren too sick and tired to be the slightest bit amusing.