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Mr. Jaffee demonstrating how a Reuben Award can be weaponized.

Yesterday was the official 90th birthday of one of the great, great cartoonists of the 20th (and 21st) century.  Mr. Fold-in, Mr. Snappy-Answers-to-Stupid-Questions, and Mr. Inventions-We-Need is still at work, still supplying art for Mad Magazine  every issue, after more than fifty years of doing so.  And like the genius he is, they’re still as beautiful as they’ve always been.

I always like Jaffee’s self portrait.  It’s as iconic as as Alfred E. himself.

Al Jaffee's SECOND fold-in ever shows the level of inventive clever required for each one of these...

The usual gang of idiots is celebrating the birthday of the master with a collection of amazing cards, gifts and b-day wishes for the Sensei today (at least it was today, the last I heard about it).  Though I can’t be there to see it happen,   I’ve contributed a card to this meshuga.  You guys will get to see it eventually, but I’m saving it to show off here until AFTER the party for the Master of Madness has finished off, and Mr. Jaffee has his fun.

In the meantime, here’s a Jaffee fact most of you don’t know:  He started his career at Marvel, editing and drawing MILLIE THE MODEL, PATSY WALKER and others in the “girl’s line” of Timely back in the 40s.

Al Jaffee edits and draws! Doesn't this character end up in the Avengers as a demon powered cat-lady?

Personally, I first encounter the genius of Jaffee with a Snappy Answer to a Stupid Question feature in a Mad from the late 60s.  The book pictured below is a treasure from my childhood that I have held onto since I was about ten years old…

I filled in every blank balloon in this book when I was young, marking the first time Al Jaffee and I worked together.

So happy 90th birthday, Al.  There’s no exaggeration in saying you are one of the bedrock DNA influences on my career, and I’ll never get over the idea that I sometimes get to contribute to the  magazine you helped make a household word and a national treasure.  I sincerely hope I’ll be seeing you in the pages of  Mad Magazine as long they still let us print it on trees.  It wouldn’t be the same without you.

With genuine love,

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Al Jaffee comic book moment:

I'm not sure what's going on here with those guys on the right, but if you fold in this cover, Patsy is kissing the guy in the orange blazer...is this where it all began...?

Go West, Young Man

Just found out!  Sketched this as FAST AS I COULD!

And just so folks don’t think I’m trapped in a forever-Batman past, here’s a much more recent photo of the birthday boy.

Though, it’s clear he’s had work done.  You can see erase marks around the eyes.

Ty the Guy

Saturday Doctor Funnies and INKING BOY!

It’s the weekend.  I know this because I own a calendar, and because Jon Stewart wasn’t on last night.

Admit it. The first Saturday I don't have a new webtoon up, you'll be mad at me.

As a bacon eating Canuck,  it’s fun to sit outside the States and see what they’re up to.  And though we get all our health care for free up here, no questions asked, I can still see…

It’s funny because it’s preposterously reductive.

Now, besides being the weekend, it’s ALSO my eldest son’s birthday.  Kellam Templeton-Smith is an actual ADULT nowadays, which is a bizarre thought.  But with his adulthood came some impressive talents, and now that I have your attention, I thought I’d show off my boy’s skill as a comic book inker.  (And if any editors are here and want to hire the lad, I doubt he’d object!)  These are inked over blue-line reproductions of the pencils, given to my boy by various pencilers here and there.  Enjoy the range of the inking skill…(proud papa cannot shut up.)

First up:  Kellam inks over Ed McGuinness pencils – in the Batcave.

And now, Kellam over top of Joe Madureira

and Kellam over some pages of Witchblade pencils.  (Can’t recall the penciler’s name because I have a brain like a sieve).

I wish I was this skilled with a brush when I was 22!

Happy Birthday Kellam.  See you for dinner later tonight!


Here now, your COMIC BOOK moment of ZEN (I think I actually drew some of this comic!)

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