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In a move that shocked both the world of publishing, and the world of child rearing, power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have adopted a copy of Mad Magazine #503 as their seventeenth child. “I’ve never been happier” a visibly glowing Angelina has told insiders.   “Months ago,  Brad and I agreed to start adopting from the print and publishing world, and we wanted to start with an American magazine, just to show everyone we’re not so addicted to things from foreign countries, though a copy of Paris Match was very nearly our first choice.”

Ty Templeton, a cartoonist whose work appears in this now-famous issue said “Good for them.  I’ve always liked Brad and Angie, and now I feel like family.  I’m wondering if I have breastfeeding rights or something.”

For those who cannot afford to adopt a copy of MAD #503 (called by some critics “the funniest magazine printed in March of 2010”), you can BUY one at newsstands, comic shops,  grocery stores, and hotel gift kiosks all over the world RIGHT NOW!  And, if you’re too cheap to afford the six bucks a copy will cost you, it’s available to steal from your dentist’s office in about eight weeks.

We have provided a handy guide to what the cover looks like, immediately above.  You may tear out this copy and bring it with you when you go shopping, to ensure accuracy in purchasing your own copy.

Go now, you have been tasked.  Do not give up until you have found one.

Ty the Guy


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