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Unsolicited Advice Bun Toons! YAY!

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Hey.  You.  You’re living your life wrong, trust me.

Okay–the world can be an awful place.

The American President is a loon, there’s danger around every corner, and Gord Downie passed away this week, sending all of Canada into a collective tailspin.

But I have the solution.

half and half

Ever since I was a kid, I always figured– “…so long as you’ve got a glass, you’ve got a seat at the table…who cares how much you have left?  The glass is less than full because you drank some already–go drink the rest while you’re still here.”

Once the glass is gone, then you can complain.

Until then…


Ty the Guy OUT!

half spidey

Some see my copy of Amazing Spider-Man #14 as torn in half.

I see TWO copies of Amazing Spider-Man #14 that are both half-there. I’m thinking of doing this to ALL my comics…

link to last one

To read last week’s BUN TOON, somehow NOT about TRUMP, but including this image…CLICK THE HORN PLAYING MINSTREL ABOVE (it might have something to do with nude ladies, though, do CAREFUL!)


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Bun Toons is Still Here?!? YAY!



retail revised

Sigh, I can’t believe we’re still dealing with this nonsense in 2017.

If the “diversity” books weren’t selling, Marvel would stop publishing them.  If the “replace the main superhero with another character inside the suit” gag wasn’t working, Marvel would stop doing it.

If these books not selling in YOUR comic store, consider the problem isn’t the characters.  Because they’re doing very well online, where the customer doesn’t have to go into your friendly shop.

Let’s talk about Red Hulk, or Rulk to his friends.

red hulk.jpg

His identity was hidden for almost a year, and all we knew was that he wasn’t Bruce Banner.  Sales were through the roof.  If the “human” version of Red Hulk had turned out to be Hispanic or Asian, would the sales have gone down?  I hope not.  But even with a “white guy” under the red skin, the sales petered out after a while anyway.  After a last gasp membership in the Thunderbolts a couple of years ago, the Red Hulk no longer has his own title, and can only be found in the (struggling for sales) USAvengers.*

That’s how this gag works.  Marvel has been doing it for decades.

bucky cap

Before Cap was a “black guy”, he the ghostly return of a dead sidekick for a couple of years.  Besides, the “Black Cap” of today is on sale next to the “Nazi Cap” so everyone has a Cap to purchase in 2017.


Did this count as diversity?  Doc Ock was OLD when he replaced Peter Parker as Spider-Man.  ALSO:  I think his heritage is East European.  That used to be considered “ethnic”.

*edited to correct Red Hulk’s current status.

Sorry I haven’t been around to Bun Toon for a number of weeks.  I’ve been committed to drawing a new Bun Toon every weekend I’ve been home, and have continued to do that since this all began…


I’ve been at a comic convention four out of the last six weeks, and the last three weeks in a row.  That makes it seem like I’ve given up on my little bunny adventures, but I absolutely have not.  I’m still drawing one every weekend I’m at home…I’m just home a little less nowadays.

I’m here for at least another couple of weeks before I head out to Los Angeles in late October, and I promise you, each and every weekend I’m in Toronto, there shall be a bunny on your computer being a smartass.

Thanks for sticking around.

Here’s the link to the last Bun Toon…lo, three weeks ago now.

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Owning Up To It Bun Toons! YAY!



Last week in Toronto, the Koffler Centre of the Arts hosted the great Art Spiegelman for a talk about what the %@&*! happened with comics…

what the influenceYour humble lagomorph blogger was asked to contribute a thought or two in comic form about the influence Art had on my Art.

bun toon for spiegelman 2

It’s all about the gnawing teeth.  That’s what makes for a great toon avatar.

Ty the Guy OUT!


In the world of mice and rats there is only MOUSE RAT


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For last week’s snide, fan-baiting Bun Toon, click here.

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