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Ty Templeton’s Sketchbook! Yay!!

Ty had this idea that he was going to have lots of free time once he finished up his last assignment–ha! He forgot that it’s “that” month. He’d started drawing up a great Bun Toon for last Saturday but he had to finish work on the sketchbook he’s having printed up, so he posted a sequel to Son of Bun Toons instead (and there’s more! Taylor had a lot of comic book ideas in him at the time…these days, he’s much more about the video games).

But the good news is that Ty finished all the work he needed to do putting together pages for the sketchbook, and I finally finished all the work I needed to do prepping it for print.

And all for what? For this Friday December 9! Toronto Cartoonists Workshop is hosting a Faculty Art Show for its very own staff members. Ty will be there, with Leonard Kirk, Dave Ross, and Eric Kim. The guys will have artwork for show and sale, and will be answering questions about their upcoming classes.

587A College Street (at Clinton), 7-11pm. $4 suggested donation ($$ go to the Toronto Public Library), and a cash bar.

(I’ll be the woman at Ty’s table–stop by and say hello!)



Ty is up to his neck in deadlines so I’m here to let you know what classes are coming up for him…

Saturday December 3, Ty will be running a “FIGURE DRAWING FOR COMIC BOOK ARTISTS” Sneak Peek Workshop. This will be a one-day three hour class for $25/hst. This will be a Life Drawing class but with instruction/advice/divine intervention from Ty, and with a comic book slant .

(Also check out the SNEAK PEEK WORKSHOPS from some of my fellow instructors…THIS Saturday, November 26, TCW’s newest instructor Dave Ross will give you a taste of DESIGNING ENVIRONMENTS AND PROPS 

and on Saturday December 17, Mr. Leonard Kirk (New Mutants, Marvel Comics) will teaching DYNAMIC PAGE COMPOSITION.

All SNEAK PEEK WORKSHOPS are three hours, $25 + HST (hey, blame McGuinty not us!), at 587A College Street West (at Clinton). Reserve a spot online (you can just drop in, but if we don’t see online that people are interested in a course, there is a chance that it will be cancelled. Leonard has to travel in from St. Catherines to teach which is one heckuva drive. Ty has to come in from Mississauga and is at the mercy of the QEW/Gardiner conditions. The drive can take thirty minutes…or it can take ninety).

On Friday December 9, TCW will host a FACULTY ART SHOW with instructors Dave Ross, Leonard Kirk, Eric Kim and Ty Templeton. Each instructor will have some of his artwork on display, and each will have a table to show and sell art. Not sure what each will be bringing but Ty will have pages, prints and (if all goes well) sketchbooks. As with all TCW Industry Nights, it’s Pay What You Can at the door (with a suggested $4)–the money goes to charity (not completely sure for this event, but generally it goes to help with The Joe Shuster Awards). There will be a cash bar, and instructors/artists will be available to answer questions about their art and their courses.

AND…if you can imagine all the way ahead to January:

WRITING FOR COMICS Level 1:  students who have taken this course have begged (seriously–begged!) for a Part 2. To that end, Ty will teach Part 1 starting Monday January 16, 7-10 pm for seven weeks. Part 2 will be in the session immediately following. (I took this course with Ty just this past summer–the stories are completely true! Ty is an incredible teacher and it motivated me to start writing after a twenty year hiatus.)

INKING FOR COMICS, Tuesdays 7-10pm starting January 17, 2012. People know Ty as a penciller and a writer, and many know that he often inks his own work…but those who have been following him from the beginning know that he started at DC Comics as an inker (Neal Pozner once took me aside and BEGGED ME to convince Ty to return to inking–he was drawing Batman Adventures at the time–because he said, “He’s absolutely one of the best”). Ty loves inking (he often wishes aloud that he could “just spend a year inking comic books”) and wants to pass on his knowledge and skills.

pencilled by Mike Parobeck, inked by Ty Templeton

FIGURE DRAWING FOR THE COMIC BOOK ARTIST This is a completely new course beginning Wednesday January 18, 7-10pm. The course will feature a live model each week and will feature anatomy instruction as part of the session.


This Weekend…

Ty will be in Montreal, Canada to attend Montreal Comic Con. He hasn’t been to a comics convention there in fifteen years so he’s looking forward to it. Don’t know where he’ll be sitting and I don’t believe he’s doing any panels and such…but look around the room and you’ll eventually find him, signing, sketching and telling outrageous-yet-completely-true stories.

Ty Templeton has worked in the comics industry for more than twenty-five years, contributing scripts and art to BatmanSupermanSpider-ManMad MagazineThe SimpsonsThe National Lampoon, Harvey Pekar’s American Splendorthe AvengersJustice League and many others. He’s also been a comics publisher, editor, colorist, letterer, teacher, and a lifelong reader of these things. His greatest creations are his four kids, and a musical single he once put out (with Alan Moore as the “B” side), guest-starring members of the bands BAUHAUS and APRIL WINE.


FanExpo report: First day.

Hectic.  Busy.  Exhausted.  And we’re only finished Thursday.

This FanExpo thing is getting bigger every time, and they’ve left the Earth’s orbit as of this year.  I didn’t get a moment to breathe, and for a Thusday, that’s a sign that this convention is rocking.  There were a thousand people to say hi to there that I don’t much get a chance to see, and for most of them, it was only a second I got as we were all swamped with fans.  I got maybe three seconds with Yannick Paquette, thirty seconds with Ken Steacy, forty five seconds with Salgood Sam, a few minutes with some of the guys from Heroes of the North, and a full five minutes with Richard Comely, creator of Captain Canuck.   I had a lovely SIX minutes with Playboy cartooning genius, Doug Sneyd, who I met last year, but it’s delightful to see him again.

This man introduced me to the art of cartooning, AND naked girls when I was a teenager. Beat THAT!

Many a former student was there, some of them in their own booths, pushing their own material, and this aging teacher couldn’t have been more proud.  I saw some of their portfolios that are being put together for a chance to meet Marvel and DC editors, and WOW!  these guys are all going to be MY boss someday.  I had the tremendous fun of leading many of the gang from Holmes Incorporated in their first big convention panel, talking about the process of creating comics, and we had easily a hundred some-odd people in attendance.  I hope I didn’t talk too much (I’m sure I did) but everyone on the panel had a ball taking questions and talking about the making of funny books.

Today, I’m hoping for a special treat:

Come to me, my child. I am your father...your FAAAATHER!

MARTIN LANDAU is a guest at THIS convention!  Long time readers of this blog might recall that Martin played my father, Charles Templeton, in a film about Billy Graham that came out a while back.  The film portrayed my father as, more or less, an agent of Satan, sent to Earth to tempt Billy into leaving god. (You can read the whole bizarre story HERE.)   So today, I’m hoping to get a moment with Mr. Landau, just to talk about the movie.  It’s pretty rare to see a blood relative portrayed by an Academy Award winning actor, and even more rare to get a chance to meet him….if I get a spare three minutes, that is.

Wish me luck.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Happy Birthday to my favorite comics professional! YAY!

This post is unforgiveably late in the day, but better late than never.

Script: Mike Marano. Art: Alex Greychuck. Letters: K.T. Smith. You think it was easy fitting all those word balloons on that page and not cover up a single figure?!?

Today is the birthday of my favorite comics pro: a letter and a colorist named K. T. Smith, who has done more for Canadian comics and cartoonists in the last few years than most of the trees in Quebec. (That’s not even counting her Marvel and DC credits!)

Script: James Cooper. Art: Daniel Wong. Letters: K.T. Smith

It’s one of the unknown truths that bad lettering can make a good comic look amateurish, and great lettering can make a second rate comic look professional.  And sometimes the letterer has one of the most crucial jobs on the page.  This is entertainment that has to be read, and if you can’t read it, you can’t be entertained by it.  Smith has pulled off some of the most impressive rescues I’ve seen, finding every single space possible for word balloons, and making crowded pages looks smooth and easy.  And it’s something NOT easy to do.

Script: George Olenick. Art: Sam Agro. Colours and Letters: K.T. Smith

Here’s a gig for a comic series called “BLUE REMOTE” where the editor asked her to make every page predominantly blue in the colour scheme (to remind you of the title, I suppose) and it comes across as natural, without calling attention to itself.  That’s not easy to do.

Art: Gibson Quarter. Colours: K.T. Smith

And when she’s allowed to pick the palette herself, I LOVE the colours she chooses.   Dig that polluted sky in Mega-City 1.

Script: Ty Templeton. Art: David J. Cutler. Colours and Letters: K.T. Smith

There’s a reason I’ve hired her for a couple of jobs myself.  Her bold choices remind me a little of the bright styles of old-school comics, while still making those subtle effects common in modern comic shine.

Script: Ty Templeton. Art: David J. Cutler. Colours and Letters: K.T. Smith

There’s more going on in these pages that the reader knows.  Any fool can put colours on the page with photoshop, but it takes skill to move the eye in the right direction, to keep from overwhelming the pencils with meaningless spots of contrast.  She’s good at the subtle stuff.

Art: Leonard Kirk. Colours: K. T. Smith

All right.  That’s enough gushing.  I just wanted to show off why I’m so fond of Smith’s work, and wish her a happy birthday.   I’d tell her myself, but she’s upstairs colouring and lettering a pile of pages for “HEROES OF THE NORTH” (the multi-media Canadian super-hero project I was blogging about on Tuesday) that are amongst the best pages she’s ever done.   I’d post them here, but it’s not my project, and I can’t exactly give out sneak peeks without the editor’s permission.  But I’ll let you know when it’s done, ’cause you guys will love it.

Happy Birthday, Keiren.  I’d have married you even if you WEREN’T a skilled professional, but it sure helps when I have deadlines.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Keiren Templeton-Smith moment:

Yeah, she’s THAT gorgeous, too.