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Books by Ty

Whilst cruising the ‘net, looking to see this and that, I tripped over some reviews of Bigg Time which led me to Amazon.com, a site I don’t normally go to (we’re Canadian–our big box book store which has crushed all the little guys is Chapters Indigo, which in itself is a combination of two big box bookstores.  And not so much bookstore as “anything we can sell to you store”.  I never thought I would be able to buy baby slippers, Christmas ornaments, and salt and pepper shakes at a bookstore).

Anyway, while there, I started poking around, setting up a bio page for Ty (waiting on confirmation that he is who I claim he is “from the publishers) and found a list of all of the books he had some hand in, which are currently on sale through Amazon.  Impressed me…and if you’re looking for something, might be a place to start (and I think, online bookstores are the only place to get a copy of theHow to Draw” books he did for DC/Walter Foster many, many years ago).

Books by Ty Templeton at Amazon.com