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Taking my Chances Bun Toons YAY!

Not gone yet...But I keep trying!

Not dead so far…But I keep trying!

Whom among us has not made this same terrible mistake?

the annual tradition websizeExcuse me for a minute, I have a weird feeling in my tummy.

Of course, by giving you this comic strip for free, like Kyle Baker has recently done, I’m devaluing comics for everyone else.  I’m very sorry about that, but I’m a right bastard and cannot help it.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS eating-the-inedible Comic Book Moment:

eddie bull comic

This is real, an edible comic book.  I’ve never actually seen one or I’d have gobbled it up before the last page.  Of course, if you DO find someone eating the wrong kind of magazine, the USDA has a handy comic book to teach kids how to spot the tummy troubles of tainted food…

usda comic book

Yup, that’s real too.   I can’t wait to see the stomach pumping “Splash page”.


To read last week's Bun Toon about Dan Slott, but nothing about food, click above.

To read last week’s Bun Toon about Dan Slott, (but nothing about food) click above.

for every bun toon ever, click the tasty, tasty rabbit.

for every bun toon ever, click the tasty, tasty rabbit.