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Christmas Bunny #2

A couple of years ago, Ty watched me struggling to wrap gifts for everyone, chopping up bits of paper to use as tags.  An hour later, he turned up with a design, and different colour choices for me to approve!  They’ve since become our standard gift tags…

Not bad for a Grinch.


Christmas Bunnies

Ty will tell anyone who will listen that he doesn’t get the point of Christmas and the only worthwhile holiday is Hallowe’en.

He discovered that fatherhood meant that Hallowe’en became more fun for him…

but that he had to pay attention to that Christmas thing whether he liked it or not.

Ty finds different levels of inspiration at Christmas time…he tries to do a bunny funny card every year, but it all depends on how the spirit moves him.  So, this week, I’ll try and post a bunny each day from past celebrations…(eventually, Ty will decide I’ve picked the wrong ones or I’m not being amusing and he’ll turn up to dispense witticisms!).