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A Very Brief Moment of Silence Bun Toons! YAY!

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Out of respect for the dead, let’s give it a minute, maybe a minute and a half.

Just in case there’s someone out there not reading the current run of CIVIL WAR II: there might be some gigantic spoilers coming up in today’s Bun Toon.

So avert your eyes and turn away.  Everyone else, read about…

marvel heaven

I give Marvel a year or less to bring Hulk back, they might even do it before Civil War is finished.  War Machine and Black Goliath might be settling in for a few rounds of bridge, though, especially since we now have an All-New Wasp, and an All-New Female Iron Man to worry about for a while as third generation versions of founding Avengers.

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It’s hardly the first time someone has killed off the Hulk.  Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno did it back in the Eighties.


I maintain that this film is best enjoyed in VHS format, with the tracking bar malfunctioning.

death vhx

It’s as exciting as that image suggests it is.  In the gripping film, Hulk is killed by falling from a helicopter, about a hundred a thirty feet.  No need for Hawkeye.


Of course, they kill off versions of Iron Man all the time.

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Four More Panels! YAY!

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Because five panels is exhausting.

There’s fightin’ a brewin’ in the world of comics, and you can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys without a scorecard.  As always, the six foot rabbit in the room is the only one willing to help out.  So here’s…

civil war four panels

I’m likely to actually go and see this Civil War movie tomorrow, and I’ll let everyone know how it went when I get back, but until then, I’m fairly sure my judgement is a safe bet.

Ty the Guy OUT!

civil war comic

If you’re one of the millions of fans who never read the original series the movie is based on:  It was a fight between factions of the Marvel Universe, some of whom saw the covers as half full, where others saw the covers half empty.


It took until the Black Giant Man was killed before everyone agreed that the covers were simply half finished, and we all went back to work drawing the bottom of things again.  Of course, drawing bottoms is what launched Frank Cho’s career.


If you’re interested in the comic story that STARTED all the fighting between factions of the mythical world, look no further than here:

hulk v buddha

For some reason, my Hulk v The Buddha comic strip was all over facebook last week, and I thought I’d repost it here so folks could at least know where Civil War started.  (The Buddha was an original Avenger before Ant-Man, back in the fifties, with 3-D Man and Venus, look it up).

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Funny Ha-Ha, or Funny Peculiar Bun Toons!

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Hint:  It’s not funny ha-ha this time.

orange is the new black eye websize

It’s really not funny any more.  We’re only a few weeks away from someone getting seriously hurt or killed at one of these Trump meet-ups.  I’m reminded so much of the lyrics of Elvis Costello’s “Night Rally”, which includes the words “…you think they’re so dumb, you think they’re so funny, wait until they get you running in their Night Rallies”.

Spooky true.

Godwin’s Law is suspended for the duration.

Ty the Guy OUT!

I’ve been shouting this stuff for a few years on this Bun Toon.  No one is going to catch me saying “I’m shocked this is happening!  I never saw it coming!”

This is part of a Bun Toon from April of 2011…

april 30 2011

Nostradamus Ty.

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Scolding Polemic Bun Toons! YAY!

Sometimes, I feel more like a good scolding than a good laugh.

Sometimes, I feel more like a good scolding than a good laugh.

If you don’t know what this is about, go to a news site that doesn’t have the word “Fox” on it.

fun with flags websize revised

It astounds me that there’s something called a “controversy” about removing the reprehensible symbol from the South Carolina statehouse in the wake of a terrorist shooting of an historical black church in Charleston.


Because some racist pigs PRETEND they don’t know exactly what that shitstain of a flag actually means.

But I’m through with being polite about it.  If you wear that odious symbol around me, I’m going to treat you like the human garbage I have no choice but to assume you are.  I will no longer witness this inhuman symbol without comment.

print and burn your own!

Ty the Guy OUT!


Lots of comics have used the confederate battle standard…

I'm not sure how ironically this is being used.  When I see the dark skinned snake guy, I'm not so sure....

I assure you, the provocative image and identity of the dark skinned villainous character, is actually key part of this satirical series.  All is not as it seems on the cover…(See our comments section below!)

DC certainly hasn’t shied away from it…

When I was a kid, I used to buy HAUNTED TANK for the fantastic artwork by Russ Heath.  As I got older, the images started to be harder to swallow.  DC eventually dealt with this....to their credit.

When I was a kid, I used to buy HAUNTED TANK for the fantastic artwork by Russ Heath. As I got older, the confederate images started to be harder to swallow. DC eventually dealt with this….much to their credit.

And my favourite Western hero, Jonah Hex, actually served in the Confederate Army!

Until he deserted in disgust, feeling no man should be a slave.  It put a price on his head, and allowed me to love the character....

…until he deserted in disgust, feeling no man should fight to keep another man enslaved. It put a price on Jonah’s head, and allowed me to love the character….


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For last week’s utterly non-political Bun Toon, click here.

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For the Bun Toon Archive, click here.