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On the Other Hand Bun Toons! YAY!


Wait, I’m a rabbit…it’s on the other PAW.

I’ve been out of town, running from convention to convention, and spent some time in them United States of America.  While I was there I caught a bit of US Cable TV.  What a treat.


If it weren’t for the fate of the free world, life and death and all that, the American News is funny as hell.  Well, it’s not funny if you’re relying on it for news.


Ty the Guy OUT!

batman xmas rain sketch web

Today is BATMAN Day, according to all the best calendars.

batman eaten

Holy Bloated Feeling of Fullness, Batman!

It’s just a little thing, but on this Batman Day, I can hint at the idea that I’m officially visiting Gotham City for a quick little project coming up soon.  More details when I’m allowed to share ’em, but it’s nice to be back in a corner of the comics universe I consider home.  See you in Crime Alley!

00 small file spock mccoy (1)

Don’t forget to visit our Kickstarter page for “OH THE PLACES YOU’LL BOLDLY GO”, my fun Trek meets Seuss project with the legendary DAVID GERROLD. Still a few days left!!


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This Just In Bun Toons! YAY!

All the news that gives you fits.

All the news that gives you fits.

I’m fairly sure this is verbatim.  I was taking notes quickly as it aired…


I have to admit, I didn’t see the  news clip when it originally aired, because, like most reasonably intelligent and educated adults, I don’t watch cable TV news in exactly that way that I don’t consult squirrel entrails.

But after a couple of days of CNN being offended at the idea that people were offended by their reporting, I fired up the youtube and watched the clip like god intended and was astounded at how much of the dialogue of this comic strip I DIDN’T make up.  What was going through their minds?

When the bar drunk throws up on your shoes again, the solution is to stop going near him.   Why would ANYONE watch cable TV news?

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Cable News Pundit Comic Book Bonus:

oreily comic

rush comic

stewart comic

It seems like everyone in cable gets a comic book, but the honour has so far eluded CNN.

I wonder if that stings?


For last week's Bun Toon (actually illustrated, instead of using lazy screen caps) click BEEPY the Oily Pelican!

For last week’s Bun Toon (actually illustrated, instead of using lazy screen caps) click BEEPY the Oily Pelican!

For the Bun Toon Archives, click the fresh, clean bunny above

For the Bun Toon Archives, click the fresh, clean bunny above

Trending Bun Toons! YAY!

Because bunnies always have their fingers on the pulse.

Today, the return of one of my many hugely popular recurring characters, because I go where the enormous crowds are.   Torn from today’s headlines and entertainment phenoms.  I give you…

As a savvy follower of media, let me report to you that the Zombie Apocalypse is official.  If cable news is following the story, it MUST be true.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, you BONUS Zombie Comic Book Moments:

The first appearance of Marvel’s popular Zombie, Simon Garth. The birth of the meme.

The peak of the meme. Now a major motion picture starring Natalie Portman.

A parody too far. Where memes go to die. Gaze upon it, ye mighty, and tremble.


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Saturday Afternoon Comics! YAY!

It’s still morning in Hawaii, and Alaska.  Hell, it’s just after noon in San Diego, and that’s where everyone in comics is right now, so NYAH!  No one’s online who might read this anyway.

Ripped from today's headlines.

Ah…how can you not love the pageantry of American Cable News?

I’m back to work on other stuff….much coming up to show you and announce in the coming days, but give a guy a moment to get some of it done, willya?

Ty the Guy OUT!

For more of my cartoonish nonsense, here’s LAST WEEK’S BUN TOON.  A tribute to the late Harvey Pekar.

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