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Report from the Front Lines

Jill Nagel, of Comic Book Daily, wrote a quick article, “I Braved the Toronto Cartoonist (sic) Workshop, about sitting in on a couple weeks of Ty’s Comic Book Bootcamp, and the Comic Book Inking workshop.  Read what she has to say…and why she’s enrolled in the new session of bootcamp being offered by the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop.


Upcoming Appearances

Besides teaching two weeks of Comic Book Inking: 4 Perspectives, and the full eight weeks of Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Bootcamp Part 2, and Writing for Comics: Finding Inspiration on a Schedule (all through the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop), Ty has been booked for two upcoming conventions.

Check it out on his Appearances page.

Inking by The Guy and some other Guys…!

Over at Toronto Cartoonists Workshop, Walter Dickinson has posted some examples of inking by the four instructors for Comic Book Inking: 4 Perspectives.  Take a look and see some work by Ty Templeton, J. Bone, Pat Davidson and Ramon Perez posted as No Tracing Allowed Here.  (goofed the link here earlier–sorry, people! But it works now…kts).