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Still Crazy After All These Years Bun Toons! YAY!

This has nothing to do with Paul Simon, sorry.

This has nothing to do with Paul Simon, sorry.

Continuing from last week’s Bun Toon about the day I saw a UFO.


click to enlarge if it’s too hard to read…

There is no way to describe how utterly WEIRD it was when I first saw this thing…to quote Douglas Adams,  “…it hung in the sky in exactly the way that bricks don’t.”   As I said, it was like a really lousy special effect.  As though I was seeing something badly glued onto a photo of the sky, rather than something in the natural world.  That’s why I had to ask other people if they saw it too…it didn’t seem real.

More to the story next week…it gets odder.

Ty the Guy OUT!

This painted cover comes close to recreating my experience, only there was only one of them, and they weren't red, and it didn't fire anything, and it didn't glow.  And I was with my family.

This painted cover comes close to recreating my experience, only there was just one of the objects, and it wasn’t red, and it didn’t fire anything at me, and it didn’t glow. And I was with my family and I didn’t have my car until later, and it wasn’t on a lonely road or anything like that.  Otherwise, it’s uncanny.


If you’re in the TORONTO area, I will be at a Release Party for the first collection of BATMAN ’66 issues, today…. Saturday April 5 at The Comic Book Lounge + Gallery,  from 7-11pm.


na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN!

The volume reprints my first issue with Penguin and Mister Freeze, as well as a bunch of other swell stories.  We encourage cosplayers and Bat-fans tonight, but please, there is a sixties or Batman theme, no naked John Carters or Conans, thank you.

Come get yer copy signed by one of the artists, and maybe he'll talk to you.

Come get yer copy signed by one of the artists, and maybe he’ll talk to you.



In case you didn’t see the first part of the UFO story…this is the set-up

A link to the Bun Toon library of hundreds of other stories, most of which will not mention UFOs.

A link to the Bun Toon library of hundreds of other stories, most of which will not mention UFOs.

Na na na na…Batman and Ty Templeton!


The hardcover Batman ’66 Volume 1 is out TODAY at your Local Comic Book Store!! The Penguin issue I did is in there (written by Jeff Parker). (I think the Bookworm one, written by Tom Peyer will be in Volume 2 which I think comes out next month?) This was some of the most fun I’ve had working in comics (right up until my current gig, drawing a six issue Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet mini, written by Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman, with covers by the one and only Alex Ross).


I will be at a Release Party for the book THIS Saturday April 5 at The Comic Book Lounge + Gallery, 7-11pm. There will be copies of the book available and copies of the two issues I’ve done so far (#2 and #6).


I’ll have some of my artwork with me, some prints, and sharpened pencils and fresh markers so I can do sketches and sign books.


This is a party–so cosplayers are absolutely welcome! Pull out your Catwoman or Joker costume and join us!

The Comic Book Lounge + Gallery

587A College Street West 

Second Floor, Toronto

Saturday April 5 2014, 7 – 11 pm

(from The Lounge’s FB event page) “Put on your go-go boots and get ready to “Batusi” back to the Swingin’ 60s as DC Comics reimagines the classic Batman TV show! In this hardcover collecting issues #1-5 of the hit series, The Dynamic Duo takes on The Riddler, Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, The Mad Hatter, The Joker, and more of the world’s most colorful Bat-villains!

Please join us for a special bat-party at a special bat-time at the Comic Book Lounge (and our neighbours the Temple of Toys) with the one and only Ty Templeton!

On display will be original artwork from Batman ’66 #2 and #6. Ty Templeton will have his Batman ’66 print available and artwork is for sale!

Feel free to come dressed as your favourite hero or villain! Come and do the Batusi — we’ll have someone there who can teach you how! Neil Hefti’s swinging jazz on the stereo, and some Batman ’66 on the small screen!

Libations will be available for purchase. A tall glass of milk helps build strong bones and teeth in case you need to catch the Bat-rope in your teeth!”


Comic Book Marathon Bun Toons! YAY!

First we toon.  Then we talk.

And thus, Canadian Splendor is born.  



Right now, in Toronto, my wife Keiren is at the COMIC BOOK LOUNGE AND GALLERY (387a College Street, at Clinton) presiding over yet another wildly popular COMIC BOOK MARATHON, for dozens and dozens of local creators to show off their skills and stamina.

marathon logo

When the art and stories come in from this latest one, we’ll put some of it up here and at the school’s website and all over the darn ‘net, don’t worry.

But the last marathon was the first time my wife sat down and participated, rather than just running it.  She produced about ten or twelve scripts for short autobiographical comic stories, most accompanied with simple artwork.  There was no talking her into running the strips with her original art, but she was willing to let me finish up one and put it up here.

I started with the one you just read because it was the shortest, but I’m going to do a few more over the next few months, just you wait.  I loved them.  I didn’t change anything, I just inked her drawings with a bold line and some minor details. There’s one about a road trip Keiren took in high school with her best friend that I will be doing finishes over her layouts for in the next few weeks.  I couldn’t do it today because it’s five pages long and I didn’t have that much time…but it’s great!  Some are funny, some are poignant, some are really personal.

Who knew I was married to Canada’s Harvey Pekar?

I’m wondering what she’ll be creating and bring back with her today!  If you’re in Toronto, head over to College and Clinton, bring a pencil and a sandwich, and see what new majestic tale Kerien and the rest of the cartooning legions of the Big Smoke are spinning now.


Ty the Guy OUT!

Comic Book Marathon Bonus Moment:

comic book marathon

The first person to tell me Mad Magazine isn’t a comic book gets punched in the throat.


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For the Bun Toon archive, click the Bunny Toon

marathon logo

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