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Culture Shock Bun Toons! YAY!

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You’d be shocked at how little culture I have…

rabbit transit websize

I don’t care.  I’m going to look at things anyway.  Might even listen for sounds.  But clearly eating and drinking are right out.

I can’t wait to meet all the comic fans in India and learn about their creators and comics when I get to the Indian Comic Convention…and that’s on top of learning about their culture and country in general.  This is my first time over the Equator and my first time East of Europe.  It’s like there’s an entire planet out there outside of Canada and Europe.  Who knew?

That means I won’t be here for the Bun Toon next week…it will be a re-run…a good one, but a re-run nevertheless.  See you back here in two weeks, with probably lots of stories to tell of the trip.

Ty the Guy OUT of the country.



Of course, I already know a thing or two about the sub-continent…after all I DID read Spider-Man India when it came out a few years ago…

Of course, there are local Indian comics, and I’ve been assured these are some of the more popular ones:


These are the “Fighting Toads”, a set of characters who are clearly NOT based on martial artist turtles or shredding rats in any way, because that would be a lawsuit, right? I’m going to look into this.


Super Commando Dhruva is sort of the Batman of India (so I’m told), even though he looks a bit more like Nightwing. Anything Batman-like is my jam, so I’m hoping to get one or two issues of this book.


This is Nagraj…kind of the Superman of India. His super-powers are impressive, and highly snake related. This is probably the closest to an image of the character I can put up on the Bun Toon without freaking out my snake-phobic wife. Sorry hon.


more fun link

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I’m at a Convention in Kitchener, Ontario

But I shall be at my post tomorrow

But I shall be at my post tomorrow

I woke up at 7.30 am, and was out of the house by 8.30, so there’s simply no time this morning to Toon.

See you tomorrow, for a SUN TOON.  I suspect it might be melancholy and wistful.

Live long and prosper.

Ty the Guy.


FINAL ART strip form—————————————————————————————————

Living On The Edge Bun Toons! YAY!

Making Webcomics and saving lives since 2009

Making Webcomics and saving lives since 2010

Sometimes life presents you with a moment of greatness, and there is no choice but to step up and do the right thing.  Today’s Bun Toon is a shocking but true story of one such moment…and how your humble bunny blogger acted.

Try not to admire me too much.


Okay, part of that isn’t true.

I warned Claremont about the bus.  It’s not my fault he ignored me.

There were many other moments ALMOST as wonderful last weekend, and I think I’ve lost my wife to George Perez.  If only the convention organizers hadn’t misspelled my name on my table (they spelled it “H-E-R-B  T-R-I-M-P-E”) the weekend would have been perfect.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Besides working together to create a moment of shame and remorse at my interview panel, Claremont and Grell have teamed up one other time.

giant size xmen forever

If I didn’t think it would ruin someone else’s special moment, I’d go pick this issue up!

Oh, and now that I know that my fellow Quantum and Woody artist, Tom Fowler, reads this webcomic, I`m going to drop his name, just to tickle his ego.


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For last week’s unusual Bun Toon, click on the Rabbit Eared Neil Gaiman above

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For the Bun Toon Archive, which almost never mentions Neil Gaiman, click the correct logo above

Bun Toons FanExpo Re-Runs! What?

You can’t blame me, I’m not even here.

Every year, around this time, I’m a guest at Toronto’s HUGE FanExpo Comic Convention.  It takes up four days this time around, and it’s simply not possible for me to do a timely Bun Toon on Saturday Morning, because I’m already out of the house and at the convention by the time you’ve read this.   Were it not for the con, I’d be doing something about Lance Armstrong, or Mitt Romney, or perhaps making fun of Moonstone Comics.

But even when there’s a will, sometimes there is absolutely no way, and so, dear Bun Tooners, I’m afraid it’s time for the annual PARADE OF CONVENTION RE-RUNS.

At least it’s not the same set of re-runs as last year.  In a way, that’s all-new re-runs.  So yay, for that.


At the convention yesterday, I had someone come up to me and say, VERBATIM, what the Kevin Fan said to me in this strip.  The fellow was trying to amuse me by Cosplaying the Kevin Fan, but I have to admit, I didn’t know he was referencing this strip (which is two years old at this point), and I thought it was happening all over again.  When I said “you’re not the first person to compare me to Kevin Maguire, and thanks for punching my ego gonads”.  Then he told me he was re-enacting this strip, and all was well.

For a couple of minutes there, I was going to sob like a school-girl, though.


Here’s a convention memory BUN TOON from JUST a few weeks ago.  If you’ve already read it, you may skip down to the BONUS moment and be done with me. If not, it features Jack “KING” Kirby, and is a fun memory for me.


If you’re in Toronto, come on down to the FanExpo and say “hi” to me and the missus.  We’d love to see you, and I’ll draw you a Bun Toon fresh right in front of you…but it won’t make it to the internet without a scanner and a computer.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Re-Run Convention Moment:

This story took place after a store appearance with Jean (Moebius) Giraud, in Toronto.  That’s like a convention, only with less security guards telling you that you can’t get back to your car that way.

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San Diego Comic Con Memories Bun Toons Yay!

What? Who are you? Where am I? Hello…?

I’m not at San Diego this weekend, even though the rest of the planet seems to be.  Instead, I’ve taken to my bed in Toronto, recovering from some fairly work-intensive weeks with a bout of nasty exhaustion.  (Sorry there wasn’t a BUN TOON yesterday, the flesh is weak.)

But the MIND never stops at Bun Toons Central.  So I’ve let you into the creaky memory storage unit today.  Remember, you cannot open any boxes, and you cannot touch any items.  Whoever has the most money in their pockets can surely own it.  Yuuuup!

I hope those that made it to the West Coast are having a good time.  You’re in my thoughts when I’m not sleeping the day away…because those sleepy thoughts are always about bowling in the nude.


Here now, your BONUS Comic Con moment:

Time to play ARMCHAIR KIRBY! Votes will be tabulated with the latest software and reported back in a timely manner.


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Omni-Man Convention Comics Bun Toons, YAY!

And just like a convention, I'm giving out the free sketch!

I have a special BUN TOONS for you this week:  one I drew at a convention a few months back.  I’ll not name con-organizer names, but it was a fairly slow one, with not that many people in artist alley, and plenty of time for all us pencil jockeys to pass the hours doing something other than talking to fans.   It all started when someone asked if I could sketch Omni-Man and I told them I needed reference, so they headed out to find me some…and never came back.    Now, I knew Omni-Man looked sort of like this:

Winner of the coveted "worst father in the history of comics" award.

But I couldn’t really recall the details of his outfit at the time, so I started sketching the silly story below while I waited for the fan that never returned…

My son, Kellam, is the world’s greatest INVINCIBLE fan, so I’m aware of the character, and knew I was mucking about with someone dressed far more like the Silver Age Captain Marvel, so no letters please…I thought it might be fun to share where my brain goes when I have a pencil, a sketchbook, and nothing to do.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Omni-Man comic book moment:

I have no idea who this guy is...

And now your bonus, bonus Omni Comics Moment:

Does anyone remember this magazine but me? Am I that old and geeky?


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Appreciating the fans…

and acknowledging the pros:

Tomorrow is the Fan Appreciation Event in Toronto, Canada. Cheap admission (if you buy product at local comic stores you can get free admission on Sunday. If you pay for admission on Sunday, you get a ten dollar voucher for local comic stores!), lots of pros, lots of product, lots of workshops, talks, etc. If you’re in the area, come check out Ty at…actually, I have no idea where he’ll be sitting. He’ll just wander around the building until he finds his name somewhere–so, heck, you can do the same!

While you’re wandering, there are many others to check out including some of Ty’s students and colleagues (David Cutler, artist of the upcoming not-completely-named Canadian Whites project Ty is writing); Gibson Quarter, artist for Wasted’s War on Drugs with Alan GrantFutureQuake’s Extinction Hunter; Greg Dunford, writer/creator of Cyberpunk Comics’ Hard Drive and Richard Pace, artist for The Pitt and so much more).

Then, on Saturday night, come out and join the crowd for The Joe Shuster Comic Book Creator Awards (Ty’s up for best writer). As it says on the site,

“The 6th Annual Awards Ceremony starts at 8pm on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 at the Innis Town Hall (University of Toronto, 2 Sussex Avenue) with returning Master of Ceremonies Jonathan Llyr”