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The NEW GLENN REID CD is done! And so is the Addams Family!

Some fun housecleaning today.

Glenn Reid. The Eveready Bunny of Canadian Pop Country

First off, the latest Glenn Reid cd is done!  It’s dropping, as the kids say, in a couple of weeks.  YAY!  In fact, I was the hold-up, as this should have been out by now, but I am the slightly computer-incompetent package designer

Sorry girls, he's married.

for the project (as well as Glenn’s lightning-fingered keyboard player in his band, I’m still a self-centered bastard in this blog, and that’s why you’re reading this).  See, I’m a long time Photoshop guy, and the printers wanted everything in Illustrator files, which I know next to nothing about.  As a result, I sent the wrong files, with the wrong settings to the wrong ftp, like five times over the space of two weeks, and it’s remarkable that Glenn is still speaking to me, considering what I’ve put him through.

As I say to the ladies, want to see my whole package?

Above, at the top of the blog, is the cover and if you click on the little image to the left, you can see the final package, as sent off to the printers.  Glenn likes the whole thing, and that pleases me.  The cover DOES get across who he is as a performer and as a character, which is “ the Rocky of Canuck Country”.  You cannot make him fall down.  After decades of stomping the floorboards of every bar or hall that had a microphone, and writing mountains of great songs along the way, he’s recently become a survivor of cancer AND the Canadian Music Industry, to produce another terrific collection of fun Saturday Night shitkickers and Slow Dance Ballads.  And like the iconic tortured artist he isn’t, really, Glenn is beloved overseas, but ignored at home.  His latest single SING LIKE JOHNNY CASH is climbing the charts in Europe, where Disneyland’s motto is “Come, and Watch ze Suffering of ze Mouse”. Western Culture 1.0 has embraced our Glenn like Jerry Lewis and runny cheese, but all you highly sophisticated websurfers can listen to all the tracks for free on Glenn’s website, and download ‘em for your ipod-pad-phone-bluetooth-eyewear as an mp3 before the old fashioned version is available in….wait for it….RECORD STORES….hah hahhaaa.  (And you get to perk up your ears every time you hear a piano or organ…it’s Ten-Fingers Templeton).

Oh, wait, the version in record stores will be the only version with my cover art on it.  There’s a back cover, and an inside fold out, and the disc itself has my art on it…wait…record stores…come back!  Come back, record stores, I didn’t mean it!

This is what CDs looked like before mp3 players.

Nah, the 21st Century is still better than the last couple.  Those other centuries SUCKED.

Now this…

Ty was right. Ty is always right. We have spoken.

Yesterday I ranted about the new Addams Family Musical, and today, the New York Times ranted about it, with their review picking apart all the things that were wrong with it that I expected.  And I only saw a five minute sample on Letterman.

Now I feel bad.  As I said, there is a friend involved in this production, and a review this bad might help close it early.  I never like seeing stuff based on cartoons and comics do poorly, as it dampens the chances of the next one being tried… so I wasn’t really hoping for a review this bad.

Nathan Lane and company, lining up for the exits before the audience does.

Read for yourself.  They’re gleefully savage about it over at what used to be the highly respected New York Times.

Later today, after a few hours of actually drawing something I am SO behind schedule on, (with at least TWO Avengers in it, so it’s fun)…HOVERBOY RETURNS!  And don’t forget Weekend Webcomics.

Ty the Guy.

I can't believe I have the audacity to continue to plug this new Simpsons book, in stores now.