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The More-or-Less Official Ty Templeton Cover Gallery

In a recent issue, Ty made a joke about something being his seventh best cover ever. Which led us to speculating as to what the first six would be. To that end, I started looking up his covers and thought…what the hell, I’ll post them for others to decide and vote.

check out the start of my labours at

The More-or-Less Official Ty Templeton Cover Gallery

Follow-up: And already Ty has spotted errors and the lack of certain covers…this is definitely a work in progress. Probably an ongoing work in progress. But I’ve been enjoying it…certain covers I look at and I remember the reference photos we took. Times like me trying to drape backwards over a chair while stretching out my arms to look like I”m falling in space while Ty stands on a chair and a stool above me trying to get the right perspective. And I realize which covers are still in our house (hint:  anything with the number “1”).

Off to work, work, work.