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Unseen Spider-Man, and my LARGEST DRAWING EVER!!

A free sketch from a convention a few months back.

I’ve been a bad blogger this week, and haven’t posted anything since last  weekend.  It’s because I’ve been too busy MAKING comics to spend any time yakking about them for the last few days.  Finishing up my little Great Lakes Avengers  short story for an upcoming special and putting the final production together for the Holmes Inc. comic #2 (that went to the printers yesterday, and took WAY more time to get camera ready than anyone expected – follow this link to download #1 for free!) and starting my new semester of teaching at the Cartoonists Workshop, has taking me away from saying hello.  (Plus some secret Hoverboy stuff that will someday be revealed).

BUT, I came across a few unseen Spider-Man things while cleaning up the studio this week, and I got the itch to share ’em.

First up:  Some unseen Spider-Man Unlimited stuff!  YIKES!

This was promotional material from that not-well-remembered SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED animated series from a decade ago.  This was supposed to be a Wizard cover, but even Wizard couldn’t promote that series with a straight face and the art was shrunk down and used at postage stamp size on an interior page instead of the cover.

I still have the rejected cover sketches, and rather like one or two of the other ones.

I find it interesting that the 4th cover looks very much like the composition I used years later for my HERO 100 Spider-Man entry.

It’s not the same drawing, but the idea of crawling onto the ground from a wall is the same.  I probably did it subconsciously…

Here’s something else kind of cool I found when cleaning up a bit of the studio.  (If you wonder why I’m always “cleaning up” and finding things…I’m a hoarder, and my studio spaces are giant piles of photos, paper and mess).  It’s the largest piece of artwork I’ve ever been a part of…THREE STORIES HIGH!

The 10 year old boy making a face in front of the billboard is my son Kellam, who is now taller than I am.    There were a few of these giant billboards in different cities in Canada at the turn of the century, with only two in my town of Toronto.  Oddly enough, the building this one was attached to was literally next door to the building my studio was in, at the time, though  I couldn’t see it from my window as it was on the other side.   The Spider-Man figure was made of eight huge pieces of plastic, and I very much wanted to see if YTV was willing to let me have them after the promotion was finished, but my wife talked me out of it, saying “They’d end up in our garage taking up space for no reason.”

The art is grabbed from a much more crowded piece of art, originally done for a TV guide spot ad:

Over the years I’ve been in this biz, I’ve done far more Batman, Justice League, Avengers that Spider-Man, but because of that billboard, Spider-Man was always the BIGGEST project I ever worked on!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Spider-Man moment…a little one page story I did with Dan Slott last year:

I always like the colours for this story, one of four one-pagers Dan and I did for the mini-series, AGE OF HEROES

New Comics Wednesday

Check out your LCBS for the reprints of Amazing Spider-Man #655-659. My art is in ish #657. The covers are a tribute to my buddy Dan Slott; check it out!

Dan Slott gets his name writ large!

It's Big Time Danny Slott. I knew him back in the day...

I did a Spider-Man issue with my buddy Dan Slott (# 657) that came out about four or five weeks ago, and it did well enough to go into a second printing, which is nice.  And since the issues just before it and just after it ALSO did well enough to go into a second printing, the fine folks at Marvel have decided to create a set of alternative covers JUST to give Dan Slott a giant-ass tribute.

The original cover looked like this:

It's poignant-alicious.

and the new cover, part of a series, is going to look like THIS:

Click on the image to make it bigger.

…which I’m fairly sure is the physically LARGEST cover credit any writer has ever gotten in comics history.  So large, each cover only gets TWO letters of his name.  Our cover is brought to you by the letters “N” and “S”, and the number “657”, for those of you who miss Sesame Street.

I’m sure to pick up a set, and I’m encouraging you all to do the same thing.  Dan is such a quiet, shy fellow who rarely comes out of his shell, so this will give him that tiny moment of quiet satisfaction he so rarely gets, simply by doing his dream job, day after day.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Dan Slott / Ty Templeton slightly obscure Spider-Man moment:  A one-pager Dan and I did for the AGE OF HEROES mini-series last  year.

Is it just me, or are these GREAT colors on this page? (I didn't color this, I just drew it...)

If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.

Just as things were going swimingly, too.

I’m typing this on my wife’s laptop with one hand from an emergency room, where I’m waiting on X-rays to come back and see if I have, in fact, broken my wrist.  As regular readers of this blog know, I’ve been doing some Spider-Man work with Dan Slott lately, both the recent “Death of Johnny Storm” issue of Amazing (#657) …

Out in stores this week...

and the “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark” miniseries, that’s due to hit stores in a month (still beating the official opening for the theater show by two weeks!)

…and stupid me falls down a flight of cement stairs on the way into the FedEx center to drop off the latest batch of pages last night.  I can’t even blame snow or ice on my slipping, as we’ve been having a lovely March up here in Canada, and now that it’s over, it’s even nicer.

I’ve broken my thumb once before (back when I was a Superman inker), and was able to keep working by taping the brushes to my cast, but immobilizing my wrist may prove too difficult to do…so if it’s ACTUALLY broken, I may not be able to finish the last issue of STOTD on time, which would PISS ME OFF no end.   It’s been a frantic morning as boss-man Wacker has called more than my mom today…I’ll keep you guys updated, but I’m hoping desperately I get to finish this up.  I’m down to the last EIGHT DAMN PAGES, but they’re due in two weeks, so…who knows.

I was having a good week, too.

Ty the possibly broken Guy.

UPDATE:  It turns out that the wrist was perfectly fine, and that there is no Spider-Man musical comic book, and I’m not working on one if there is, and that you should never believe what you read on April 1st.  Ain’t I a stinker?

New Comics Day

Amazing Spider-Man #657! Available today!


Spider-Man, Dan Slott and Ty Templeton! Together again!

I’ve got a bunch of pages in next week’s Spider-Man issue (Amazing Spider-Man #657) written by Mr. Slott and penciled/inked by your humble blogger.  They’re a bit of a sequel to the original Spider-Man/Human Torch miniseries the two of us did a couple of years ago, as it is, once again, a flashback sequence drawn in a silver-age type of style.  There’s previews up at CBR, so it’s okay to show off a couple of the pages here that are up at CBR.

Dig those olde tyme costumes and colours, gang!  ‘Tis 1975 all over again!  Except of course for those of you too young for that…then it’s merely an Essentials Comic with colour.

Look for the issue next Wednesday at your local shops.  And while you’re there, MAKE them order a NORTHERN GUARD #3 from Moonstone.  I don’t want Spider-Man to think I only love him.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Look for this cover by Marcos Martin…sad but yummy.

More Exciting New Comics …by the Guy

I’ll get back to promoting HOLMES INC. a little later, but right now, I’ll promote some of my other, why-I-am-always-busy releases.

…Wednesday, August 18 look for Marvel’s Age of Heroes #4, with the last of the one-pagers I drew over a Dan Slott script.  It’s not the first time I’ve ever drawn Steve Rogers (my favorite Marvel Character) but it’s the first time I’ve drawn him in the new Spiffy Super Soldier outfit, which they DON’T use on the cover…sigh.

So, run out to your local and buy fifty copies, and Marvel will assume the sales jump is because of my one-pager and promote me to E.I.C.

Wait!  There’s more!   Moonstone has put online the cover for Northern Guard (starring Johnny Canuck) number #2, drawn by Jason Edmiston.  Interiors by tomorrow’s superstar, David J. Cutler, and scripted by your humble correspondent.  (Also lettered and coloured by your humble correspondent’s main squeeze girl!)   The cover is so pretty, I burst into tears when I first saw it, so get out your hankies, ’cause here it comes!

Ain’t Jason the Find of the Century?  Well, the century is fairly young yet, but he’s in the running! (and just to remind you of the goodness that is Jason, here’s the cover for Northern Guard #1).

I’ll be showing off the cover and another story from HOLMES INC. tomorrow…who says this isn’t the Templeton Age of Comics?

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Comic Book Moment of Zen

Squirrel Girl

I really shouldn’t do this, as in theory I’m supposed to object to “scans daily” on principle (as it infringes copyrights like crazy) but I’m too amused by the nearly forty forum comments about my recent Squirrel Girl page with Dan Slott, not to provide a link.

So if you follow this link, DO NOT LOOK at the illegally scanned page, just read the comments.  You have to BUY the comic and enjoy it, and then read these comments.

And remember, if you cross S-Girl, she will f*** your s*** up.

Ty the Guy OUT!

New Comics Day

If you’re in your local comic shop today (for those of you not currently heading towards the San Diego Comic Con, you lucky lucky overheated dogs), look for Age of Heroes #3. It’s the third of the one-pagers drawn and inked by Ty Templeton, written by Dan Slott. Cover by one of our fellow Canadians (and all-round nice guy), the immensely talented Yanick Paquette.

Could it be? YES! It's Squirrel Girl--a favourite character for both Dan and Ty.

Here’s a quick little sum-up from Marvel.


(yep, it’s all me at the moment…Artist-Boy is still sleeping. I think he stayed up all night watching Batman-Singing Pug over and over again.  I am not completely kidding.  And–“Teddy Almond Turtle”? Seriously? Who names their dog that? Even an incredibly cute, obviously talented dog?)

Saturday Morning Comics! Woo Hoo!

On this delightful holiday weekend, my thoughts naturally turn to fireworks, barbecue ribs, and love.

Long Weekend Saturdays! And your faithful servant is still here!

NOTE:  Click on the comic image below and it will open up larger in a new window (for those with squinty eyesight who have trouble reading,  like me!)


I’ve lived life, I’ve seen things, and learned much.  And now, it is time to share this wisdom with the world, so that you too, might learn….

And if you liked this webcomic, there’s plenty more!  Try this one from last week, or this one from a couple of weeks ago.  Heck, here’s a whole bunch to read at once!  We’re here every Saturday, and the cake and pie is on us.

That’s it for today.  Go enjoy the weekend, and remember that today is DAN SLOTT’S BIRTHDAY, so send your cards and letters early to avoid the rush.

TOMORROW:  Funny stuff about America, and that sort of thing.


This week was about sex.  Last week I focused on DEATH.  Do you DARE read last week’s BUN TOON?!?!

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