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Dragon Lady Bun Toons! Not so Yay!

We are gathered here to pay our respects...

After more than 33 years of operation, the DRAGON LADY COMICS SHOP is closing its doors in two weeks.  If you’re not from the Toronto area, and aren’t much into the comics scene, then  I suppose the closing of a local comics shop isn’t going to mean much to you.   But I’ve lived my life in Toronto, and started my career here, so the memories are flooding in.  The Dragon Lady wasn’t the biggest shop in the city, it wasn’t the first, or the best known.  But it was my local comic shop for a good chunk of those years so I get to be mewly and sentimental.

So, darn it all.


Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Dragon Lady Comics Moment:  I meet Harvey Pekar in a Bun Toon originally published a year or so ago.   Here it is again!

This appeared originally the week after Harvey died.


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