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Animation by Ty

We (he and I) have done posts before about animated projects Ty has been involved with (goodbye, months of our lives gone to Dexter Early Cuts!), but yesterday’s post made me think I should just quickly gather ’em all in one place.  So, here, with no fanfare whatsoever…


Zellers Law of Toyland commercials

featuring Joker

featuring Penguin

featuring Catwoman

featuring Riddler

(Ty did storyboards, layouts, full-animation for all the parts that repeat for each commercial and then, reveals for the Joker and the Penguin (coming out from the cash register.  He was less-involved in the latter two)



Jerry Seinfeld and Superman for American Express commercials

“Hindsight is 20/20”

“A uniform used to mean something”

There’s a third one I have to hunt down…

(Ty did the still images that transform into the live action…if you have an eye for it, you’ll recognize his lettering for the titles)



Dexter Early Cuts, “Cindy Landon” webisodes for Showtime

Dexter Early Cuts, “Cindy Landon”

(Ty did all the drawings–not for the credits–and the colouring for those drawings.  With an assist from Yours Truly. Animation was done by KTV Media.)

And Ty says this re-mix of the Batman commericals amused the hell out of him, so he asked me to put it up for ya (we’re still busy arguing about where it should go in this sequence…as I’m the one at the keyboard, I currently am winning, but at any moment he could shove my chair out of the way–it’s on wheels–and take over).

Holy Perplexity, Batman


Dexter Early Cuts, 3 episodes

It’s been pointed out that although I’ve linked to Ty’s episode of the webisodes many times, I haven’t included the links for the other two.  Nor have I ever put the name correctly!  It’s Showtime’s Dexter Early Cuts, not “The Early Cuts” as I’ve been so insistently typing. So, herewith…

Behind the Scenes: Dexter Early Cuts

Dexter  Early Cuts, “Alex Timmons” (art by Kyle Baker, written by Lauren Gussis)

Dexter  Early Cuts, “Gene Marshall” (art by Andres Vera Martinez, written by Lauren Gussis)

Dexter Early Cuts, “Cindy Landon” (art by Ty Templeton, written by Lauren Gussis)