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King of the Jungle Bun Toons! YAY!!

Hear my roar...

I am bunny,  hear me roar.

Unless you’ve been under a rock this week, you know the subject matter.

Away we go.

Cecil websize

Those images of the Trump Boys posing with the recently killed carcasses of large African animals are EASILY found online with a simple google search.  I’m not putting them up here as they’re fairly upsetting to look at.

But damn, how come the Trump lads are still allowed to be dentists?  Sometimes the world makes no sense.

Send in possible names to: Name the Dead Leopard and Elephant, c/o TRUMP TOWERS, New York NY, USA, 10012.   Or in the comments section below.  Working together we can make the name TRUMP as hated as that tooth doctor guy.

Ty the Guy OUT!


Cecil the lion was a star in comic books long before his ghost became an internet star.


Here he is, posing with Tarzan back in the day.

Marvel Tarzan 001-00fc

Again Cecil, posing with Tarzan.


And here he is, posing with Tarzan.


Click the link to find out!

Click the link to find out!

Click here for the needs-to-be-updated Bun Toons archives!

Click here for the needs-to-be-updated Bun Toons archives!

Sharp Political Satire Bun Toons! YAY!

The bunny-phoenix, I arise-- from last week's Easter Toon demise.

It’s well over a year before the USA has another national election, but your exciting neighbors to the North are having one right now!   I can explain it all in just a few minutes with…

We don’t have a Tea Party, but we have religious lunatics and policy wonk dullards, just like you guys!  And this election IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE EVER!! Or so, I’m told.

At least North Americans everywhere agree that Trump is a goon.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now,  your bonus Canadian Political Comic Book by Chester Brown:

Americans: If you've never heard of Louis Riel, it's okay. He's one of ours.


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