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This has NOTHING to do with comics.

I’ve been meaning to mention this for days now, as it’s just too stupid to keep to ourselves.  In Toronto, where I live and slave away at drawing the  Simpsons Comics this month,  (and finishing Johnny Canuck’s NORTHERN GUARD, and waiting for art in an upcoming issue of Mad Magazine, and, of course Marvel’s AGE OF HEROES is still on sale…plugging boy TY), the local laws have become amusing.

Now, we Canadians long got over the gay marriage and socialized medicine stuff….that’s everyday life  around here.  But lately in Toronto, the two big legal stories concern the recent court order making prostitution legal, and the recent by-law making it illegal to park more than one car in your driveway.

Freedom comes in many shapes and sizes.

Ty the Guy OUT!

This post wasn’t about comics, so you get no moment of zen.  Sorry, but  rules must be followed if order is to be maintained.