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It’s BUNNY Day! YAY!


I’m never happy that people EAT bunnies today, but as long as they’re chocolate, I can allow it.

Because I am ALSO a rabbit, I have the inside skinny, and dutifully report it back to you.

Happy Holiday.

easter secrets small

I’ve been struggling against Big Key Chain since I was a child and received a mini-whistle that did not function as advertised.  Fight the power.

Ty the Guy OUT!

It’s not my first time mentioning the gladiatorial rabbit fights…

mascot vs easter

It’s not my first time giving away Easter Bunny Secrets, either.


I’m going to mention that THIS particular Easter marks a different sort of resurrection around my house.  It’s the second anniversary of my triple-death and triple-recovery from a heart attack.  That awful night, I had dined on Kentucky Fried Chicken for what might have turned out to be my last meal…


Oddly enough, this is the MOST requested meal for the condemned on their last night on Death Row.  Seriously.

Since a terrible diet and sedentary lifestyle was ultimately what did me in, I now exercise five days a week and eat KFC only ONE day a year.

Can you guess which day?

While you guys will be eating some sort of holiday feast, I’ll be chowing down on the worst of the worst junk food in a giant “screw you” to the heart attack.  Tomorrow I’m back to celery and peppers.  Tonight, I dine like someone trapped in a bus depot!


For April First’s Bun Toon, click the yellow bunny above.

Happy Bunny Weekend Bun Toons! YAY!

It's a special time for rabbits.

It’s a special time for rabbits.

On turkey day, folks eat turkeys, but on Bunny Day, folks eat jelly beans, chocolate and roast lamb.  Looks like the rabbit population knows how to work the game.

easter 2015

The part I didn’t make up:  The illegal “K” sound in the 18th Century.  It’s one of those parts of history you just don’t expect…



evil spider bunny


glenn link

Glenn is releasing a NEW album of songs in a couple of months, and once again, I’m playing and singing my way into the backgrounds of most of the tracks.  Frankly, I’m not sure how most people release an album without my keyboards and vocals on it, but thankfully Glenn doesn’t make that mistake.

This time out, Mr. Reid is hoping to make a video to promote the new collection of songs, and he needs our help to get it kickstartered.

The song is a fun, country-fied peppy ballad called “THE SHELTER OF YOUR SMILE”, and as long as you’re not young enough to know what dubstep was, you might like it!

You get to hear the song, and watch a BAD video, asking to help make a GOOD one.

You get to hear the song, and watch a BAD video, asking to help make a GOOD one.


evil bunny story—————————————————————————————————-

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Third, But Not Least Bun Toons!

top five logo 3

Half way through the Top Five,  and our entry at the middle spot was my least favourite Bun Toon to draw, ever.

debra jane shelly

This was one of the most read Bun Toons of the year, so it goes in the countdown, but I’d really rather it had never been drawn.


Another of the year’s most read Bun Toons  (in a virtual tie for third place so I’m putting it here as a balance) is one of my all time favourite Bun Toons.

CONTEXT:  Alan Moore had done a lovely interview towards the beginning of the year in which he had described his opinion of Grant Morrison as one of mild disdain for the sycophantic attention Grant had paid him for decades.

Too much like another famous cartoon relationship in my mind, to pass up this entry…

krazy kats


Onto my failures.

It seems that holiday themed Bun Toons simply don’t work (as yesterday’s low scoring Santa Story proved).  If I do a nice comic savaging a fellow professional for his opinion, there’s a line-up around the block to read it, but something I draw that pays tribute to a special day in the  year is culled from the honour rolls like bread mould at the back of a rye.

I often do an Easter themed Bun Toon on Easter Bunny Day, and I sometimes do a marijuana themed Bun Toon on 4-20….and when Easter fell on 4-20 this year, I thought this was funny…

easter bun toon spelling corrected

Clearly, one has not properly done Stoner Humour if it doesn’t piss off the North Korean Government or the people that imprisoned Tommy Chong, the American Government.  I have to work on angering the fascists more directly and use less bunnies.

More holiday-themed Bun Toons will be showing up on this top and bottom list…coming up tomorrow!

You’ll have to wait to find out if it was a hit or a miss.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Four Twenty Easter Bun Toons….Woah!

Are you seeing talking bunnies?  I'm seeing talking bunnies....

Are you seeing talking bunnies? I’m seeing talking bunnies….

Well, it’s rabbit day, here on Planet Earth, and naturally a cause for celebration around the cartoon hutch.

It’s also 4-20:  A holiday celebrated by a sizable portion of my reading public, so I can’t ignore them either.


easter bun toon spelling corrected


See!  Nothing but peace and harmony on the Stoner Easter Holiday.  Imagine it turning out that well if everyone was drunk.

Ty the Guy OUT!

For your bonus moment today, it’s ALSO George Takei’s birthday.  I’m wondering what side of the split holiday he comes down on?

Clearly it's Easter.  Here George is shown trying to make the symbol for Easter Rabbit with his hands.

Clearly it’s Easter. Here George is shown trying to make the symbol for the Holiday Rabbit with his hands.




A link to the Bun Toon library of hundreds of other stories, most of which will not mention marijuana or Easter...

A link to the Bun Toon library of hundreds of other stories, most of which will not mention marijuana or Easter…

Big Big Countdown Bun Toons YAY!

top five 2013 logo big


The year draws to a close, and I close out my drawings for 2013 with my annual list of what worked, what didn’t and what tickled my bunny bone for the year.  You get a replay of the five MOST popular Bun Toons of the last twelve months (chosen by most unique page hits) and the five that absolutely dropped into the ether with no attention whatsoever.  We get a range of readership here at Bun Toon Central, with some posts being seen by as few as a dozen people, and some being seen by as many four of five dozen people.

Coming in at the what’s-below-bronze position of #5 on the big, big hit parade of 2013 was a Bun Toon done in the style of Dr. Seuss’ immortal classic, ONE FISH TWO FISH RED FISH BLUE FISH.  The style suggested itself as a way to make a simple point even simpler, and since I was dealing with the complex issue surrounding Orson Scott Card’s writing an issue of Superman, Card’s particularly offensive positions on gay rights, and the possibility of a boycott of DC comics as a form of protest, I proved there’s no better way to start public discourse than to simplify it to the point of nonsense.

one fish websize

Obviously the BUN TOON worked, because there was no boycott of DC comics over this issue.  It probably helped that Chris Sprouse, the artist originally hired to draw the Superman comic Card was going to write, backed out at the last minute saying he didn’t want to be part of this controversy, and could he please go back to just drawing pictures, and then DC cancelled the issue as an afterthought.

I’ll score that as a win all around.


I returned to the ORSON SCOTT CARD controversy when the film ENDER’S GAME opened in theatres, with THIS screed about over-simplification:


There, now that I’ve given a reasonable, balanced opinion about the man and his body of work, you can understand the details better.


Holiday themed Bun Toons were the big losers this year, as you’ll see as we go along.  After the great COLUMBUS DAY disasters of previous years (and the ARBOUR DAY debacle of ’05) , you’d think I’d learn to keep away from the subject of grand important holidays, but I can’t help but punch organized days-off in the groin.  It’s who I am.

This year, Easter (or BUNNY DAY as we call it around here) was a Bun Toon ignored by one and all.  Lucky you, you get a chance to ignore it all over again.  A bit of a warning, there’s some NSFW nudity coming up, but it’s subtle, you have to STARE at it for a while to see it, and then you feel all icky for staring.

easter websize

Hah!  I made you look at a woman’s European styled under-area, all in the name of making fun of Easter!  HAH!

See you back here tomorrow for more successful Bun Toon fun featuring the comic industry’s leading lady, and another piece of crap no one liked featuring a true story from my youth.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Of course, as is tradition, we wish STAN (the man) LEE a happy 91st Birthday!  Stan always has his birthday the same day we start the Bun Toon countdown because you know Stan, he’s trying to horn in on my action.  Sheesh!  You get the movie cameos big guy, stop trying to hog the Bun Toons!

Easter Bun Toons! YAY!

Now it can be told!

Now it can be told!

It’s BUNNY DAY!  It’s BUNNY DAY!  The day rabbits RULE!

This holiday season, I’m finally answering the question that has dogged this annual springtime egg festival for centuries:  Why is Easter represented by a RABBIT?  Weeks and months of dedicated research has revealed the surprising…

easter websize



Do you think it was a CO-INCIDENCE that the Supreme Court was taking up the issue this week?  The Bunny is a close friend of Justice Sotomayor, and she pulled a few strings to get this sorted out for her fuzzy LGTBQ pal.

I’m off to spend the evening protesting the local Maybelline Cosmetics plant out here in Mississauga with the local PETA folks from my home town…join me if you’re out this way.  We could use the warm bodies.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Now, your BONUS Easter Comic Book Moments:

Because on Earth, eggs are normally hidden by rabbits, not by parents.

Because on Earth, eggs are normally hidden by rabbits, not by parents.

Ah, I can’t leave it at just that…

easter kelly 101easter kelly 140If you’ve never gotten your hands on an old Walt Kelly Mother Goose Holiday Special, you’ve never seen the glory that all-ages comics can attain.  These things are some of the most beautifully illustrated comics of ANY era…


easter link

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For last week's Bun Toon about CNN looking like morons...click Candy Crowley

For last week’s Bun Toon about CNN looking like morons…click Candy Crowley


For the Bun Toons Archive, click the Year Round Bunny above

For the Bun Toons Archive, click the Year Round Bunny above

Not Yet Easter Sunday Bun Toons! YAY!

Not a re-run, but a preview

Not a re-run, but a preview

Tomorrow is BUNNY DAY in Mega City 1, and so the tradition is to put the Easter Toon up on Easter Sunday.  But Saturday is Bun Toon Day, and so we offer up the Easter Toons from yesteryear, to keep your Bun Toon Jones at bay for 24 hours.  See ya with the new one tomorrow, bright and early.

Here’s the Ghost of Easters Past.

websize bunny fight

All us rabbits bow to the master.  We consider Bugs to be our Branjelina, just by himself.

And last year, I revealed my secret BFF…

easter bunny confidential websize

See you tomorrow for a BRAND NEW Bunny Toon in celebration of our special day.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now your BONUS Animal Based Comic Book Moment:

animal rights comics

The “Badger” in the credits here is not a character, but Mark Badger, who, along with author Joyce Brabner (Harvey Pekar’s widow), do a regular comic book about animal rights…which includes an anti-vivisection message for lovers of bunnies!

Speaking of anti-vivisection and loving bunnies…I will be spending my Easter Sunday protesting a well known Canadian cosmetics company with a corporate headquarters in Mississauga (where I live), specifically BECAUSE it’s recently come out that they still use rabbits in their labs.  SHAME on them, and I’ll be shouting that for most of my day tomorrow.   I’ll bring back photos and post ’em on the blog next week!  We bunnies stick together!  PROTEST ROAD TRIP!

For last week's RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES Bun Toon, click Candy Crowley's giant head

For last week’s RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES Bun Toon, click Candy Crowley’s giant head

for the COMPLETE archive of past Bun Toons, click the star of Bunny Day above

for the COMPLETE archive of past Bun Toons, click the star of Bunny Day above

Easter Sunday Bun Toons! YAY!

For one day per year, Rabbits RULE!

Remember, when eating a chocolate bunny, start with the eyes, and scream “Stop LOOKING AT ME!”.  It livens up the holiday.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Easter Comic Book Moment:

This is what happens when the bunny DOESN'T sleep it off at my house.


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Bun Toons will be seen Tomorrow! (On Easter)

Hey everyone!  Since Easter Sunday is officially BUNNY DAY around the Western World,  I traditionally save my toon until tomorrow on this special holiday for us rabbits.  I’ve already seen it, it’s a funny one, but it belongs on Bunny Day, so patience, please.

In the meantime, here’s LAST YEAR’S  Easter Bun Toon, in case the lack of a Saturday comic strip is a hardship for some.

Ah, I was just kidding around.  The Easter Bunny and I are great friends.  We hang out together and stuff.

See you tomorrow.  Bring carrots and food colouring, kay?

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS bunny…

I'm late? Fashionably, I'm sure.

Bun Toon Countdown….#2!!

We’re back with the almost last look at the most and least popular Bun Toons of the year 2011!

The #2 most popular sparked quite a bit of controversy in out comments section, where Peter David, Kurt Busiek, Leonard Kirk and a host of others got “into it” with our regulars about the meaning, philosophy and specific point of my little Bunny Funny for the week.  Also: racism in America and the comics industry in general was discussed.

All because of some new kid playing Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe…

For a normal post, we might get five or ten comments on a Bun Toon.  This one got comments into the hundreds, and sometimes the conversation got nasty.

Our Unpopular Bun Toon entry got nasty on panel, with some grim dialogue about killing the Easter Bunny.  It was one of my personal favourites for the year actually,  but it didn’t get much of an audience when it went up on Easter Sunday.   Is the Easter Bunny a religious icon?  Is it sacrilege to mess with him now?

It’s equally possible the Easter Bunny/Comic Book Bonus moment is what frightened people off that day….

It sure scared the hell out of me.

See you tomorrow, with the final entry of 2011, the top rated Bun Toon of 2011, and one of my favourite failures.

Ty the Guy OUT!