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Happy New Year! Best of Bun Toons for 2010 FINAL!

Hey Folks  – I hope you’re all getting over your hangover and enjoying the bright vistas of the future.  This is the year we all get flying cars, I saw it in a magazine.   But before we step off into our new horizon, it’s one last look back on the best of the year for Bun Toons.    When this toon first went up, we had twenty thousand readers in just two days.   People like fat guys getting jiggy with scientist chicks, what can I say?

Put your mouse overtop and push it, it will get bigger….that’s what she said.


Here now, another Bun Toon with Batman in it…because Batman is popular, and I’m a shameless whore.

This was the FIRST of the Bun Toons officially launched back in March.  It’s been a fun first year (eight months actually) of web-comic-ing, and I ain’t going anywhere in 2011.

By that I mean I shall continue to do Bun Toons, not that my life has come to a standstill this year.    Sheesh!  Stop making fun of me.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your end of the year, out-of-date- comic book moment of zen: