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When Santas Attack! The Top 7 Homicidal Santa Comics

Christmas is a time for giving, for sharing, and for running for your lives from a St. Nick gone mad.

We start our Christmas week countdown, here at Art Land, with the Top Seven  homicidal Santas on a killing spree.  Beware, kids…SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN!


We start slow.  This Santa is armed and likely dangerous, and I’m worried that I can’t see his eyes…but at least he’s not opened fire…YET.  The only one he’s currently harming is himself with that cancer stick.  BAD Santa.  BAD.


My favorite part of this is that Santa has clearly decapitated Sonic and his pals, and the only expression Sonic can manage is one of mild annoyance.  That’s rolling with the punches, no?


NOW, we’re talking.  Santa is tired of simply LOOKING menacing, and he’s started the hand to hand combat.  If ever there was a reason to go all “EMO” for the holidays, it’s that Santa broke your goddamn jaw.


Punching Robin with the bag of presents:  Not bad.  Shooting at Batgirl:  Excellent.  Trying to escape a snowmobile on a three man bobsled without skis:  That takes a level of insanity that works for me.  Go crazy Santa, GO!


Wearing all those tight fitting clothes UNDER a Santa suit would be hot and itchy, so who can blame Kingpin for opening fire?  And when you consider this happened in DALLAS…?  It’s a wonder Mr. Fisk didn’t die of heat stroke before he had a chance to shoot someone.


It’s not like the elves know how to build armor piercing bullets, so I don’t see what this homicidal Santa is trying to achieve, unless he’s attempting suicide by super-hero.  If Iron Man has dipped into the spiked egg nog (as is his wont) then this could end very badly.


By far, the best homicidal Santa cover of all time.  Dig that crazy expression on the dude driving the motorized sleigh, fellow babies.  And he’s not just running down pedestrians…he’s running down INJURED pedestrians.  That’s a killer Santa I can respect.  Don’t give ’em a chance, Kris Kringle.  Once they’re dead, the voices in your head will finally stop!

That’s it for today.  Join us tomorrow for the TOP SEVEN MONSTER SANTAS, it’s sure to give you kids the same nightmares that today’s list gave you.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Christmas Comic moment of Zen:

Isn't the Phantom Strange the spirit of the Roman guard who killed Christ? I seem to remember that from Secret Origins...Nice artwork on this cover, though...